monday night tv

I wrote this entry LAST Monday. I just never finished it. And since I was home sick today (fever, so fun), I thought I would finally get it posted.

Monday night is, without a doubt, my favorite night of TV.

Gossip Girl. One Tree Hill. Chuck. Heroes.

Well, ok. Heroes really isn’t so great anymore but I still like to know what’s going on.

I’m an episode behind on GG and OTH but I’m all caught up with the other two so here I go with the comments (beware spoilers).

This show is so awesome (even more than Captain Awesome). I love that Sarah’s past is being explored, Casey’s starting to warm up to Chuck, and Chuck’s getting the chance to flex his spy muscles. And there’s also so many great moments in each episode that constantly remind me why this show rocks my socks. Some examples from the most recent episode, Chuck Versus the Cougars
— Casey as a DJ at the reunion. Oh, oh, AND he was dancing/clapping to MMMBop. OMG, that was fantastic.
— Chuck and Casey teaming up with Chuck as the bad cop (MAD DOG!!!) and Casey as the good cop.
— Sarah and Heather’s fight scene. In the shower no less. Total pandering to the male demo but I still thought it was classic. Playing Smack My Bitch Up during that scene was inspired. Hee.
— Actually, ALL the music on this show is perfectly chosen. I mean, they played Backstreet Boys and the Dawson’s Creek theme song during the reunion! Those are SO 1998! (I just realized this makes me a year older than Sarah. Huh.)
— Loved this quote by Chuck to Heather… “Of all the semi-tart Asian yogurt places in LA, you walked into this one…” I’m totally paraphrasing but that made me LOL.
— This didn’t happen in the last episode but I love the idea of Sarah as a yogurt store employee (at the Orange Orange!). Yogurt shops are so trendy right now; that was a perfect touch now that the Wienerlicious is no more.
The only change I want to make to the show is to incorporate the Buy More storylines into the main plot somehow. I like most of the Buy More characters (well, I like Lester, Jeff, and Anna — not Morgan so much) and want to see them in something other than the crazy “B-plots.” I don’t know how that would really be possible, though.

Each episode since the premiere has been disappointing. I was so hopeful! There’s just way too much going on and too many characters. Not to mention that I’m slowly becoming indifferent to characters I used to love (Claire, Hiro and Peter — I’m looking at you).
— Claire, once my favorite Hero, kinda sucks now. I can’t stand her bad attitude. Though I have to admit that in the last episode, she was pretty bad-ass.
— Hiro totally aggravates me with his terrible decisions and bad judgment. I know that he believes that he’s supposed to be the one “saving the world” but now he just comes off as self-centered. AND he killed Ando. That is unforgivable. F to Hiro. Although I did like when he called the new character “Mister African Isaac.” Cause it’s so true.
— I can’t stand Parkman and Daphne. And I want to like them so much (because I adore Greg Grunberg)! But Matt’s storyline is a total snoozefest and Daphne still bothers me. I think it might be the actress. She only has 1 expression and she does that weird thing with her lips when she speaks. Totally annoying.
— Was not really a fan of Adam’s but no more David Anders. 🙁
— I kinda like Sylar now. I thought the character overstayed his welcome past the first season but now that I sense a redemption arc, I’m on board.
— I’m loving Tracy and Nathan even though they’re being severely underutilized right now. They are such a great hero-couple.
— Bring back Elle!

There’s definitely more that needs to be fixed to bring the show back to the awesomeness of season 1 — the suggestions in this article from is a good start.