welcome to the oc

Rob and I are now officially Orange County residents! Crazy. 😀

The move went pretty well — the movers arrived on time last Wednesday and man, they were FAST. We had about 30 moving boxes and 13 large pieces of furniture and they hauled everything out in a few hours. SO WORTH IT. All our stuff arrived intact on Super Bowl Sunday. Well, ok, one of my decorative Halloween plates broke in transit but whatever… at least they didn’t lose a box of my clothes or something. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!? I would have died. Anyway, we’ve been organizing and putting things away since Sunday but there’s still tons of boxes everywhere. All I can say is that we have WAY too much stuff.

I finished my third day of working from home and… I like it! I was a little worried that I’d be too tempted not to work and watch TV all day. Hee. Not the case, though. Who knew I could be such a disciplined person! 😀 Since Rob and I are both working from home now, we have our second bedroom set up as an office with our individual workstations. So even though we’re at home, we’ve tried to make a real distinction between the “office” and the “living” spaces. And it works!

I’m hoping we can get the apartment in some kind of working order by the weekend so we can go out and explore “The OC!” YES.