all for wordpress

Last Friday I had this BRIGHT idea to switch my current blogging platform from Movable Type to WordPress. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile now — I haven’t been very happy with MT (rebuilding the site after a layout change takes FOREVER) and wanted the functionality and ease of use that WP can offer.

So things started out well enough — I installed WordPress to a test site and I even managed to convert all my old entries. SCORE!

BUT THEN. This is when I could kick myself. I decided that none of the default WP themes would work for my site and I was too lazy to learn how to create a theme myself so I went tooling around the net for one that I liked. All of a sudden, pop-ups started coming out of nowhere and a freaking toolbar hijacked my browser. NOT COOL. I freaked out, screamed for Rob to help me, and he ran some anti-virus/spyware programs. ARGH. %$#@!*&%$

My laptop’s doing much better (thanks to the hubs) but this little episode has made me want a new laptop even more. Preferably a MacBook. Because it’s pretty (only kidding, kind of). I’ve had my Dell for 6 years now and it’s served me well but I think it’s about time… hmmm.

Anyway, I’m not sure when I’m going to officially switch my blog over to WP. I still haven’t found a theme I like… and I’m not about to go looking for one again. *sigh*