I watched the series premiere of Glee and just as I suspected in my last entry… I LOVED IT. I’m so watching it next season!

What I loved:

– The dialogue. It was snappy and fun.
– Finn letting Kurt take off his Marc Jacobs jacket before the jocks threw him in the dumpster. Hahaha.
– The AMAZING cast. Matthew Morrison as Will/Mr. Schuester, Cory Monteith as Finn, Chris Colfer as Kurt, JANE LYNCH AS SUE. So great.
– But the standout is Lea Michele as Rachel. I love and hate her all at the same time. On paper, Rachel seems like a spoiled and entitled character but Lea embraces those flaws of the character and makes her sympathetic. Plus, her voice. WOW. It’s stunning.
– The ENTIRE audition sequence. ALL the songs that the characters chose were perfect. Mercedes and “Respect,” Kurt and “Mr. Cellophane” (and the hair flip!), Tina and “I Kissed a Girl” and THE CLASSIC, Rachel and “On My Own.”
– And of course, the ending musical number “Don’t Stop Believing.” I’m sure you’ve seen pieces of this musical number in the commercials. The full length version is made of so much win. YAY.

The only thing I’m not sure about is Will’s relationship with Emma (Jayma Mays’s character). I didn’t care for his wife at all (it’s amazing how Terri did absolutely nothing but I still found her utterly annoying) but it’s too uncomfortable to root for a married couple to break up. I kinda wish Emma didn’t have such an obvious crush on Will but knowing Ryan Murphy and his writing (see: Nip/Tuck and Popular), this tension will stick around.

I hope the show can build on the positive word of mouth it’s received (it’s a trending topic on Twitter AND “Don’t Stop Believing” is the #1 song on iTunes) and do really well when it officially launches in the fall.

The premiere is FREE on iTunes (probably for a limited time) so go download it now. I already did! Be warned though – the HD version is about 1.5 gb.

Off to watch it again. 🙂