30 Day Meme: Day 15 – A Fanfic

Day 15 — A Fanfic

I don’t really read much fanfiction anymore. No time! When I do, though, it’s of the Dawson’s Creek variety. Particularly if it centers around Pacey and Joey. 😀

It’s been awhile but one of my favorite DC fanfic authors is Juliet. I especially enjoyed Shadows of Starlight I, which is her re-imagining of season 3. It takes the best plots and dialogue of the season (Pacey and Joey!, “I remember everything”), gets rid of the bad (Eve, AJ), and fills in with characters and storylines that make sense. It’s an awesome fic. The only problem I have with it is that for some reason, many apostrophes and quotation marks seem to be missing so it’s a little difficult to read. But it’s definitely worth it.

Now I’m all nostalgic — off to re-read some fics!