photo dump

Sometimes I randomly take pictures with my iPhone and never do anything with them. So… photo dump! I thought it would be a fun little glimpse into my life these past few weeks.

Now that we have a mortgage, Rob and I are trying to be better at cooking at home instead of buying take-out all the time. We attempted to make margherita pizza. It’s not pretty but it sure was YUMMY.

We also made some amazing (if I do say so myself) chocolate chip cookies. Thank you, Martha. This recipe is a must-try!

Around the house. In our office, we bought this awesome Expedit to house our toys and books. Can you spot Diesel? Hehe.

We’re getting our yard landscaped at the moment. The motorcourt in front of our house is lined with pavers.

Here’s the current state of our yard. They framed the area where the pavers are going to go and have started to lay the foundation for the rest.

And finally, this week’s flowers. Beautiful yellow mums from Trader Joe’s. Because everyone needs some sunshine in their life.