holidays on the brain

I haven’t been posting much lately. There’s nothing much going on with me that’s worth committing to the blog. But I’m sick this weekend (runny nose and sore throat, yay!) so here I am.

After my birthday passes, my brain automatically goes on holiday mode. I add my holiday playlist back to iTunes and become one of *those* people who squeals when they see holiday displays in stores. Rob can only roll his eyes and steer me away in silence before I start adding unnecessary items to our cart.

First up is Halloween. We rarely do anything and this year probably won’t be any different. BUT I wonder if we’ll have any trick-or-treaters! I hope so. I haven’t seen many kids in our neighborhood besides our neighbor’s kids across the street, though. Oh, well. I’m still super excited to buy a huge bowl full of candy just in case anyone rings our doorbell. At least we’ll have extra candy around for me to eat if no one does. Heh.

For Thanksgiving it looks like my family has nominated us to host this year. Umm… yay? I’m mostly excited not to go anywhere (what can I say, I’m lazy) but am starting to wonder what we’re going to eat. Hmm…

Then finally Christmas. My favorite. I’ve started sending out wishlist requests. I’m looking for personalized cards to order (possibly with a photo of Diesel, not sure yet). I’m contemplating the purchase of a faux Christmas tree (I love the smell of a real one but dread vacuuming up the needles). And I’m throwing around the idea of having friends over for a Christmas party. Could be fun!

So yeah, those are my holiday plans so far. What about you guys?

Just for kicks, I feel like sharing my absolute FAVORITE gif of the best Sesame Street character ever…

funny GIFs - For me? You shouldn't have

Look how happy Cookie Monster is! AWESOME.