may update

It’s been awhile (again). Random blogging in list form because it’s easier…

1. Last Friday I stayed up until about 3:30am watching Royal Wedding coverage. Hee. I managed to stay awake long enough to watch all the arrivals – Princes William & Harry (*swoon*) & Kate (awww, she looked so beautiful). I ended up recording CNN’s coverage of the ceremony and carriage procession and watched it a few days later. LOVED IT. Total Royal fangirl here. I adored the pomp and circumstance of it all. And I especially loved catching the small glimpses into William & Kate’s relationship. From their whispers at the altar to their extra kiss on the balcony — they looked so happy and in love!

Anyway, maybe it’s just me but who else thinks it’s awesome that the British Monarchy has their own Flickr?

2. Spent the rest of the weekend in Palm Springs at my best friend Robyn’s bachelorette weekend. Had a wonderfully relaxing time in the sun reading.

3. I’ve been itching to watch a movie. I don’t really know why. I definitely want to see Thor in the theatre. Also intrigued by Fast & Furious Five, Scream 4, and Something Borrowed. Random, I know.

4. Rob was in Minneapolis last week at Target’s corporate office for work. And he came home with a mini shopping cart and a Bullseye collection. We’re not keeping them all, LOL.

5. Lakers 🙁

Happy Cinco de Mayo Everyone!