comic-con 2011: days 3 & 4

The last installment of my Comic-Con report. Woohoo.

Saturday, July 23

Ok, here we go! Downtown.

Before going to the convention center, we headed over to Nerd HQ to check out their gear. I ended up with this NERD t-shirt and I love it.

Went over to the exhibition hall for a bit and had another celebrity sighting! This time Eddie McClintock and Saul Rubinek from Warehouse 13. YAY.

There weren’t any TV panels we wanted to see so we decided to try our luck getting into Hall H. Normally this is the ballroom that features all the major studios and their upcoming tentpole movies so it’s typically packed with a line forever long. Not this year. I think we spent maybe 5 minutes in line AND the room was not crowded at all. Definitely a completely opposite situation from Ballroom 20 where TV panels were filled to capacity and many people were being turned away. I think it’s because the movies scheduled for this day weren’t very… errr, high profile.


The first movie up was The Immortals. It looks interesting, I guess, but the panel was totally forgettable. The only thing I clearly remember is that Kellan Lutz wasn’t taking any of the questions seriously. When describing his character (he plays Poseidon), he kept saying he’s the “god of wetness and moisture.” He said that multiple times during the panel. Weirdo.

Oh! I also remember thinking that Freida Pinto and Henry Cavill are gorgeous. πŸ™‚

Next up was Knights of Badassdom. I’d never heard of the movie but it featured lots of actors I was familiar with — namely Ryan Kwanten, Danny Pudi, Peter Dinklage and Summer Glau.

I thought the director was trying a little *too* hard to hype up the movie and actually talked over a few of the actors (ugh, annoying) but besides that, this panel was an unexpected treat. The movie is about Live Action Role Playing (aka LARPing) and features a supernatural twist. A couple of tidbits I remember —

— When describing his character, Peter Dinklage said “Howie’s the opposite of Tyrion. He’s miscalculating. His nickname is ‘Hung,’ for reasons you can guess.” HEH.
— During fan questions, someone asked the actors who they would dress up as for Comic-Con. Jimmi Simpson chose Master Chief from Halo, Ryan Kwanten picked either Han Solo or Astro Boy, Summer Glau selected She-Ra, which prompted Peter Dinklage to say, “Summer just took mine.” He’s pretty awesome on panels.

The final movie panel I attended was for Snow White and the Huntsman. They hadn’t started filming yet but they had some pictures of the costume design to show and this definitely looks like it’s going to demystify the story of Snow White. I mean, she’s wearing full armor! A few highlights —

Kristen Stewart was asked if she’s well-behaved or a prankster on set. She said “I’m very well-behaved. You better not mess with me because I take myself very seriously.” Then Charlize Theron piped in and said “You’ll be fine, Kristen. I’m an Oscar winner so we take work really seriously here.” BWAH. Charlize was surprisingly hilarious throughout the panel.
— One of the producers was talking about his choice of Charlize for the role of The Evil Queen and he said that she’s had experience playing imposing characters. She responded by saying, “So basically you just said you hired me because I’m a bitch.” LOL.
— A fan was asking Chris Hemsworth about the casting challenges for the Huntsman and mentioned other actors in consideration for the role including Viggo Mortenson and Tom Hardy. He said he took the role because “the teaser was impressive, the script was fantastic. I’m pretty simple. Either I like it or I don’t. This sounded like fun. Plus there was no one else left.” Awww.

The final panel we attended was for the new TV show Alcatraz where they aired the entire pilot and series stars Jorge Garcia and Parminder Nagra were on hand to answer a few questions afterwards. The pilot was… ok. It’s intriguing but I think it’s basically going to be a procedural.

Later that night, after dinner at Hooters (LOL) with friends, we all went back to Nerd HQ for drinks and video games. Fun night to close our time at the Con.

Sunday, July 24

After 4 days, we were TIRED. So we took one more spin around the exhibition hall for last minute purchases, then hit the road back to Orange County.

All the stuff we came back with. The free loot included books (Game of Thrones!), TV show t-shirts (Psych, True Blood, Covert Affairs), magazines, reusable bags, a Ringer stool. We also bought Nerd t-shirts, Mighty Muggs – Avengers and Spider-Man (Rob), Polly Pocket She-Ra (me), Domo & Bender figurines. Whew.

And that’s a wrap on Comic-Con 2011. Til 2012!

All the other pics are on the Flickr here. πŸ™‚