end of summer’s happy things

I can hardly believe we’re heading into Fall. I enjoy summer and warm weather but I love the back half of the year so much more. Bring it on!

So yes, this means it’s time for an end of summer Happy Things post…

1. Going to Knott’s Berry Farm last Saturday to celebrate a good friend’s birthday. I haven’t been there since high school so it was definitely an eye-opener to see what’s still around (Montezooma’s Revenge!) and what’s new (uhhh… pretty much everything else). Sadly, I felt every bit my age by the end of the day. LOL.

2. 4-day Labor Day weekend! AWESOME.

3. TV marathons. So far this summer, I’ve watched the first 2 seasons of True Blood and started season 3. AND I recently discovered that Mad Men is available to stream instantly on Netflix so that’s probably the next show I’ll try to catch up on.

4. The local dollar movie theatre. Well ok, it’s really a $2 theatre. I’ve missed quite a few summer blockbusters (Super 8, Bridesmaids, etc) so I’m looking forward to catching them here.

5. Last weekend Rob was in Las Vegas for a boys’ weekend and he came home with MACARONS for me. Probably one of my most favorite treats EVER. IAMSOSPOILED. Obligatory pic because they’re so YUM.

Bonus happy thing!

6. Watching old episodes of So You Think You Can Dance. Specifically seasons 2 and 3. I still love the show but I mourn the earlier seasons when there was more variety — in terms of dancers, genres, and choreography. The show has become WAY too contemporary-focused in recent years.

Annnndddd that’s all folks. Have a FAB weekend. 🙂