cw premieres

Work has seriously been kicking my a*s and TV has been saving me.

I thought I’d go ahead and write up some quick thoughts on the CW premieres even though I’m already behind and haven’t seen the second episodes yet…

I DON’T KNOW. I guess it was… fine? The special effects (like the boat scenes) were terrible, though. I like all the actors involved so hopefully it loses its soap-y predictability in the next episodes. Because REALLY, I didn’t think it was such a surprise finding out Siobhan is still alive. Or that she was having an affair with her best friend Gemma’s husband. OR that the attacker that tried to kill Bridget was really after Siobhan. DUN DUN DUN. Anyway, Ioan Gruffudd was a highlight as I expected and maybe I’m crazy but I’m totally shipping his character Andrew with Bridget. They have great chemistry! And I know this is a drama but I hope the writers infuse *some* humor in the dialogue — I always thought Sarah Michelle Gellar did a great job with that on BtVS. Anyway, I’ll keep watching. Not much else on Tuesdays anyway.

The Secret Circle
Gawd, I’m such a typical CW viewer. I liked this a lot! Well, except for the main theme song. It totally freaks me out. Anyway, it’s basically a show about teen witches helmed by Kevin Williamson. I’m drawn like a moth to a flame. Heh. I have a soft spot for Britt Robertson from her role as Lux on the dearly departed Life Unexpected and I enjoyed her here too. The rest of the “secret circle” didn’t really impress me much. I found Diana & Adam pretty dull and Faye slightly rage-inducing. But that’s usually the case with pilots — there’s so much to set up that the characters don’t have much depth. It’ll be interesting to see if the show manages to keep the adults (yay Gale Harold) as entrenched in the story as they seem to be. They always start strong then fade into the background (ie. 90210, Gossip Girl).

The Vampire Diaries
Good season opener. I’m not a huge fan of Klaus and his quest for an army of hybrids so I wish Stefan wasn’t saddled with him. Actually, I wasn’t sold on anything involving the 3 leads (Elena, Stefan, Damon). Not even Stefan killing Andie. Or Stefan’s tearful phone call with Elena (who I love but really found kinda annoying in this episode). However, I totally adored Caroline & Tyler! They were funny and awkward, frustratingly adorable, then scorching hot. I love them so. But ACK! WTH Mrs. Lockwood! Finally, I’m so glad Jeremy has his own storyline — AND that it will apparently involve Matt. Both characters deserve something better to do than react to everyone else’s shenanigans.

Sooo glad it’s the weekend. I plan to catch up with TV. Definitely need the mindless entertainment. STAT.