back to reality + miami beach

So I’ve been back home since Saturday and have serious vacation withdrawal. It was such a FANTASTIC trip. I miss waking up early and looking forward to new adventures (as opposed to waking up and dreading work). I miss the warm weather (I guess I’m a wimp because I am FUH-REEZING in CA). And I miss DISNEY. So much so that I’m trying to convince Rob to take a quick trip to Disneyland this weekend. Hee!

Anyway, I’m currently weeding through all our pictures and hopefully I’ll get around to sharing some of them here with a trip recap.

To ease into it, I’ll start with Miami Beach…

Ok, I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t love Miami Beach. That’s not to say we had a bad time. I just don’t think we really gave it a fair shake. We only had 2 full days at the end of our trip there (I planned it that way so we could relax and take it easy after conquering the theme parks in Orlando) and I did very minimal research as far as sight-seeing. So we pretty much only saw the 2-3 mile area around our hotel, which included the beach, Ocean Drive, Collins Ave and Lincoln Rd. It didn’t help that we missed Disney like crazy. Seriously! Rob even admitted that maybe we should have stayed in Orlando for the entire 2 weeks.

The one thing I DID research was the food. So while we didn’t really see anything major besides the gorgeous art deco hotels and the beach, we were VERY well fed. We had AH-MAY-ZING Cuban food at Puerto Sagua, NOM-MY crab claws at Joe’s Stone Crab and DELICIOUS burgers at Shake Shack.

In any case, I’m glad we took the time to visit. Even though we only took ONE picture of ourselves the entire time we were there. OOPS.

Here it is…

Next I’ll post some pics and thoughts about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! (Preview: SO GREAT).