goodbye chuck + hello smash

I haven’t blogged about TV in a loooong time. With one show off the air for good and another joining my schedule, these few comments are past due (SPOILERS!)…

*SOB* I can’t believe it’s over. What I loved most about this show is its heart (I know, so cheesy) — but seriously, despite some of the questionable mythology (all the details about the Intersect made my head spin), the through line of the show was always Chuck & Sarah.

And they’re the reason why I’m SO TORN about the series finale. SO. TORN.

Immediately after I watched the finale, I was satisfied. I liked that the show didn’t spell out the ending and left some of it up to the viewer’s imagination. But now that it’s been a few weeks, part of me is a little sad that they *didn’t* wrap everything up neatly. The storyline of Sarah losing her memories could have been incredibly compelling. If it was done a few episodes in advance of the finale. As it was, it felt rushed and unexplored. But my biggest issue is that the last image we have of Sarah isn’t the Sarah that we’ve watched and loved these past 5 seasons. Not really. She’s back to the Sarah we met when the show first started. Sure, there are indications that she’s starting to regain her memories but DAMN IT, can’t she and Chuck just have their happily every after?

All that said, I absolutely loved the last scene of Chuck & Sarah at the beach. It was a wonderful call back to the pilot, except that now their roles are reversed and Sarah’s the one who needs to trust Chuck. LOVE.

See? I’m torn.

I guess I just wanted to have a more lasting image of their happiness. I’m a sap, I know. I miss this show!

There was a lot of hype surrounding this show. Maybe a tad too much. So unfortunately, my expectations were pretty high and I finished the pilot feeling a little underwhelmed. (I haven’t watched the second episode yet so maybe my opinion will change). I just couldn’t get over how predictable everything was. I mean, casting couch (come on, is Karen really that naive?!)? Debra Messing as the straight half of her writing duo? And the experienced veteran pitted against the beautiful new ingenue for the lead role? REALLY?! But admittedly, the production value and musical numbers on this show are spectacular so I’ll be sticking around for at least a few more episodes. I’m a sucker.

Any other new shows I should be watching? 🙂