NYC Trip Report: Part 1

Rob & I got back from our NYC/DC trip last week. We had SO MUCH FUN!!! I’m so excited to share our pics with all of you.

But first let me introduce you to Cap who served as our vacation mascot. 🙂 He’s seen here on our flight from LAX to JFK on Virgin America. We took him along in honor of the opening weekend of his movie, The Avengers. Hehe.

It’s been over 20 years since I visited NYC and Rob’s never been so we did almost everything touristy imaginable. And I absolutely fell in love with the city. It’s just so vibrant and alive. Rob and I both agree that we’d love to go back to explore the other neighborhoods we didn’t get a chance to see. The only question is when!

Anyway, in our first couple of days, we managed to knock off quite a few items from our NYC bucket lists.

Visited Grand Central Terminal.

It’s SO beautiful inside. Even more amazing than I imagined. But as soon as I walked in, the first thing I thought of was… “Spotted at Grand Central. Bags in hand. Serena Van Der Woodsen.” LOL.

Please tell me someone else knows what TV show I’m referring to.

Ok ok, it’s a Gossip Girl reference. I kept quoting the show and all Rob could do was roll his eyes at my nerdiness.

Walked all around Midtown and saw iconic NYC buildings like…

The Flatiron Building

The Chrysler Building

New York Public Library – and of course, the famous marble Lions guarding the Fifth Avenue building. We went inside briefly to see the catalog room on the 3rd floor but I didn’t realize the Main Reading Room was open as well. I would have loved to see it in person. Next time!

Headed Uptown to Museum Mile where we saw the Guggenheim

Stunning! We didn’t go inside because we were saving our museum time for…

The Metropolitan Museum of Art! Here I am sitting on The Met steps just like the girls from Gossip Girl. HAHAHAHAHA. We’re not huge museum people (we have short attention spans, what can I say?) and The Met is enormous so we only hit specific galleries.

I HAD to see their collection of Edgar Degas pieces.

One of my favorite things about NYC is that amidst the “concrete jungle,” there are so many great parks to enjoy. Since we were on our feet so much, we took full advantage of the parks to sit, catch our breath, and relax.

In Madison Square Park, we saw the Shake Shack that started it all.

Look at the crazy line! We waited until the DC leg of our trip to indulge.

Taking a break in Bryant Park.

And of course, Central Park – the most famous NYC park of them all. We spent a few hours traipsing around and ended up getting lost. The paths are rambling and it’s easy to lose your way if you don’t know where you’re going. The weather was phenomenal, though, so it was great to be outside.

We started our Central Park walk at the Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir and headed south. The reservoir looked just like the movies! Breathtaking.

The Great Lawn where locals were enjoying the sun.

Turtle Pond

Cap checking out Belvedere Castle.

The view of Turtle Pond from Belvedere Castle.

The Lake. SO GORGEOUS. We thought about renting gondolas but we were lost by this time and couldn’t figure out where the heck the Boathouse rental stand was located.

We stumbled upon the Bow Bridge

… and Bethesda Terrace (another Gossip Girl filming location :)). So many parts of Central Park seemed so familiar and yet so new all at the same time.

So long Central Park! It’s truly an amazing space and I’m so glad we got to see as much as we did.

Up next – we conquer even more tourist attractions!

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