the avengers

So I’m kinda obsessed with The Avengers movie. I’ve seen it twice (the first time in NY during our trip, lol) and I need the blu-ray in my life pretty much right now.

Rob & I even spent a day of our Memorial Day weekend marathon-ing Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America. HEHE. Marvel’s strategy of developing individual characters in their own movies and building up to this point was right on.

Anyway, I’m not a movie critic. I’m pretty easily entertained. And I LOVED this movie. It had everything — humor, wit, action and heart.

PLUS THE CAST. They’re so awesome. ILOVETHEMSOMUCH. They all have off the charts chemistry with one another and I left the movie wanting to know more about the relationships between them all — Iron Man & Hulk (science buddies!), Black Widow & Hawkeye (wow, the sexual tension), Iron Man & Cap (love their banter), Thor & Loki (brothers!) and Cap & Thor (my personal favorite because of the eye candy – I’m shallow).

AND OF COURSE, JOSS WHEDON. You can tell that he loves the source material. And I loved that the script was infused with his signature witty dialogue (reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one of my all-time favorite shows).

Instead of analyzing the movie, I’m going to list my favorite moments/one-liners that made me smile (SPOILERS – BEWARE!!!)…

But first, I just have to say RIP Agent Coulson. 🙁 He made such a BIG impression with a small role.


Favorite moments!
– Iron Man: “Phil? His first name is Agent.” – LOVE how this ties in to what Iron Man says to Loki later in the movie – “There’s one more person you pissed off. His name was Phil.”
– Pepper: “I was having 12% of a moment.” – OH GAWD. I love Pepper & Tony already but their scenes in the movie cemented it.
– Agent Coulson: “I gotta say… I sorta met you. I watched you while you were sleeping. I mean, I was present while you were unconscious.” – SO AWKWARD IT’S CUTE. Coulson being a fanboy for Captain America was pretty awesome. It gives new meaning to his scene in Iron Man 2 when he finds Cap’s shield amongst Tony’s stuff.
– Iron Man: “You might have missed a couple things doing time as a capsicle.” – BWAHAHA.
– Iron Man: “Make a move, Reindeer Games.”
– Thor: “Do I look to be in a gaming mood?”
– Thor: “So you take the world I love as recompense for your imagined slights?”
– Iron Man: “Shakespeare in the park. Dost thy mother know thou wearest her drapes?”
– Thor: “Have care how you speak. Loki is beyond reason but he is of Asgard. And he is my brother.”
Black Widow: “He killed 80 people in 2 days.”
Thor: “He’s adopted.”
– SHIELD agent playing Galaga on the helicarrier.
– Cap: “I do! I understood that reference.” – He’s so earnest. SOCUTE!
– Cap: “It seems to run on some form of electricity!” – HAHAHA
– Black Widow: “Just like Budapest all over again.”
Hawkeye: “You and I remember Budapest very differently.”
– Iron Man: “Clench up, Legolas.”
– Cap: “Hulk. Smash.”
– Hulk punching Thor “just because” after they dispensed with a group of Chitauri.
– Hulk tossing Loki around after which he says “Puny god.”
– Hulk catching Iron Man during his descent from the portal – OH GAWD. Hulk was pretty freaking awesome.
– Iron Man: “Alright. Good job, guys. Let’s just not come in tomorrow. Let’s just take a day. Have you ever tried shawarma?”
– Tony & Pepper looking at the plans for the Avengers tower at the end.
– And of course, the bonus scene at the end of the credits with them all at the shawarma joint.

Already looking forward to the sequel. I REALLY want to see Cap wielding Mjolnir. Can you tell I love Cap & Thor?

I just HAD to throw this pic in here. 🙂

Anyway, go see this movie!