first half 2012 photo dump

I’ve been meaning to do a photo dump for MONTHS. I feel like time has been flying by on fast forward (let’s not even think about the 17 days I was pretty much glued to the TV watching the Olympics – at least I met my Olympics boyfriend Nathan Adrian, hehe). So I thought I’d take a look back at the year so far by sharing some random iphone pics. A combined “happy things” and “slice of life” post…

Earlier this year we spent a morning on Balboa Island. We shared a yummy Balboa bar (vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate and rolled with the topping of your choice – we selected almonds), strolled along the water and took the ferry back and forth from the island to the peninsula. We’re really lucky to live so close to such beautiful places to visit. We really need to do more exploring in Orange County.

We brought the absolute BEST strawberry croissants from Japanese bakery Cream Pan to dinner at a friend’s new house. I LOVE THESE SO MUCH. I want one right now.

An easy breezy dress and fun necklace (both of which got lots of wear this summer) from Anthropologie (by far my favorite clothing store right now).

Our little yard doesn’t get that much love from us (I’m lucky if I pull out weeds every other month or so) but luckily our flowers still bloomed. 🙂 Love the vibrant pink color of the hydrangeas.

Discovered a new (to us) cupcake store in Long Beach — Frosted Cupcakery. YUM! We couldn’t resist buying a dozen to share with friends. I usually have a cupcake from Sprinkles for my birthday but I may need to reconsider this year. Frosted’s red velvet was soooo good…

After Father’s Day lunch in Newport Beach, we walked around Fashion Island and found that ‘Lette had opened up shop! I’m a sucker for macarons so I had to pick up a box. They’re the best I’ve had on the West Coast. FANTASTIC flavors.

Huh. I’ve never thought of myself as a dessert person but I seem to have an obscene amount of dessert pics. LOL. Anyway, my cousin was visiting from Santa Barbara and what better way is there to catch up than over some frozen yogurt at Pinkberry? 🙂

Orange County is home to many great trails and we’ve slowly started to explore them this summer. These walks have been a great way to wake up and get the weekend started. Hopefully we’ll be able to tackle some of these trails via bike soon (we’ve been procrastinating in purchasing a bike rack)!

My BFF adopted a beagle puppy named Marty — isn’t he so cute?!? I was hoping he would become fast friends with Diesel but… no. LOL. I think Marty still has too much “hyper puppy” in him and Diesel’s too socially awkward to figure out how to play with him. Maybe they’ll get it together someday. 🙂

We spent a super low key 4th of July at the house with friends. I attempted to make a banana cream pie. EPIC FAIL. The filling never thickened so it was a mess. At least the whipped topping was edible. I ended up using it as a dip for the fruit. I also made these caprese salad skewers. No cooking or baking required so of course these turned out just fine. I love anything miniature-sized.

Ever since our trip to Miami Beach last year, I’ve been on the lookout for a local Cuban restaurant. Bella Cuba has been on my radar since reading about its recent opening on various OC food blogs. We happened to be in Costa Mesa checking out the Nordstrom anniversary sale at South Coast Plaza so I convinced Rob we had to check it out. I’d say I made a good call. 😉 I’m sure we’ll be back.

I’ve also been craving a lobster roll ever since having one at Luke’s Lobster during our NY/DC trip earlier this year. Lobsta Truck to the rescue! The rolls weren’t *quite* as good as Luke’s AND they were pretty small but they were still a good alternative. It’s not cheap, though. We spent $30 for 2 rolls, clam chowder and a lemonade. *dies*

And finally, this past weekend we had breakfast with our friend Sebastian at Break of Dawn, a local favorite. This time I tried the “green eggs and ham,” which is their version of eggs benedict. SOYUMOMG. It’s perfect with their Vietnamese iced coffee.

So there you have it! Our (mostly foodie) adventures via iphone pics. 🙂 Hope you’ve all been having a FAB summer!