fall tv 12

I’ve been a little out of the TV loop lately. I haven’t even finished reading through my Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview issue…

But oh well, here we go with my TV schedule (and some brief comments)!

Once Upon a Time
@ 8pm (ABC) – I can’t help but love this take on beloved fairy tale characters.
The Good Wife @ 9pm (CBS) – My absolute favorite show on the air right now. I just wish they would give Cary a storyline. He deserves better. While I’m at it, Kalinda too. Her husband suuuuucks.
Revenge @ 9pm (ABC) – Soap-y goodness.

Rob marathon-ed all of The Walking Dead over the summer so I’ll probably also get sucked into that show…

Gossip Girl
@ 9pm (CW) – Last season! *sniff* The show has seriously gone off the rails the last few seasons (and they tangled Dan/Blair in front of me and took them away) but I love it. I will miss Blair and her headbands.
Revolution @ 10pm (NBC) – I DON’T KNOW. The premise of this show has potential. But I CANNOT stand Charlie. One of the leads. This does not bode well. This one probably won’t make it past the most recent episode…
Hawaii 5-0 @ 10pm (CBS)

I stopped watching Bones and don’t miss it in the least. It was getting a little tired.

Hart of Dixie
@ 8pm (CW) – LOVE
Go On @ 9pm (NBC) – I don’t really find this sitcom that funny but Matthew Perry is the BEST. I want him to do well.
Emily Owens, MD @ 9pm (CW) – Watching for Justin Hartley.
The Mindy Project @ 9:30pm (FOX) – My favorite new show of the season.

@ 8pm (CW) – Intrigued.
Modern Family @ 9pm (ABC)
Nashville @ 10pm (ABC) – I’m at least going to check out the pilot. For Mrs. Coach (Connie Britton).

Big Bang Theory
@ 8pm (CBS)
The Vampire Diaries @ 8pm (CW)
Last Resort @ 8pm (ABC) – Enjoying this show so far. I’m hoping they start revealing more about the conspiracy — I hate when shows keep audiences in the dark too long (FlashForward and The Event come to mind). Also, how does Jessy Schram keep getting cast in shows? Is that mean of me?
Glee @ 9pm (FOX) – Still just watching solely for the musical performances. If I think about continuity or characterization or storyline at all, my head hurts from the whiplash.
Scandal @ 10pm (ABC)

@ 9pm (CW)

I also plan to watch Dexter when we can get our hands on the latest episodes. Heh.

Also, Rob and I started watching season 1 of Homeland and it is SO GOOD. We’ll have to hurry up and finish so we can get caught up.

So what are all of you planning to watch? 🙂

4 thoughts on “fall tv 12

  1. Oh boy, what a schedule! I currently have so many tv shows on my to-see list, I might never finish all of them in the next 10 years or so. 🙂

  2. Loving Revenge and Once so hard! It’s my favorite Sunday evening combination. I really haven’t given any other new shows a chance though. I do love Mindy! And I am going to try Nashville. I actually really want to watch Sons of Anarchy so I may start that.

  3. OUAT & REVENGE = <3; Still my two favorites! What do you think of Aidan on Revenge? Do you like him? I kinda like him. But man, does that show know how to do DRAMA! Love it! And on OUAT I LOVE how they're doing both Storybrooke & Enchanted Forest. And mixing the characters into both. And CORA…my god! That lady is EVERYWHERE! She scares me. Regina better watch out.

    EMILY OWENS = I really like it! I like Mamie Gummer…She's so dorkily cute! 🙂 And Justin Hartley isn't bad to look at. Too bad he wasn't playing The Green Arrow on Arrow!

    NASHVILLE = What do you think of it so far? I kinda like it. I really like Rayna (Connie Britton's character), but I JUST CAN'T LIKE Juliette…Does she HAVE to be so bitchy & diva-ish?! Ugh. Even knowing her backstory about her mom isn't helping me like her.

    AWW, no BEAUTY & THE BEAST on your list?! I personally kinda like it. Obviously I watched it solely for Kristin Kreuk, but it reminds me of Smallville. And the Beast (Jay Ryan) is pretty good looking, so that helps. 🙂

    LAST RESORT: I'm getting close to cutting it off. I dont know…I really liked the pilot, but every episode after that hasn't peaked my interest enough. I'm waiting for it to pick up, but so far it just hasn't quite enough for me yet. Will see how it goes & whether or not I'll keep watching…

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