Japan Trip Report: Travel to Disney

Last weekend was the annual Girls’ weekend with my BFFs. We spent it eating, shopping, eating and watching Downton Abbey. Over 2.5 days, we got through the first two seasons and this week I’ve been making my way through the third. Officially OBSESSED. 🙂

But I’m taking a quick break to write up this next installment of my Japan trip report. Our time in Kyoto had ended and we were heading to the Tokyo Disney Resort! Woohoo!

Tuesday, 11/13

Before checking out of the Westin, we visited the outdoor terrace again to check out the view in daylight. So lovely!

We found ourselves back at the Kyoto station to catch the shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo.

It was so fun to watch the trains arrive and depart. While we waited, we picked up coffee from the vending machines on the platform — I loved being able to get hot drinks too!

The trip to Tokyo was about 2 hours and 40 minutes and we were treated to views of the countryside as we sped by. But there was one sight I really wanted to see…

Mount Fuji! I read that on a clear day, it was visible from the left side of the train, which is exactly where we were sitting. We had a perfect view when it became visible. So amazing!

Upon arrival at Tokyo station, we needed to transfer to the local JR Keiyo line to get to the Disneyland Resort in Maihama. Tokyo station is so ridiculously large that the signs not only indicate the direction you need to walk but also the distance. I have NEVER seen that before. The Keiyo line was about 450 meters away and it was so far that there were moving walkways along the way. !!! Crazy.

We have arrived!

While at the Tokyo Disney Resort, we stayed at the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay, which is an official hotel of the resort. At the hotel, we bought 3-day park tickets, which was interesting because for multi-day tickets in Tokyo, you have to select which park you’re going to for the first 2 days. After that, then you can park hop.

We took the Disney Resort Line (basically the monorail) to Ikspiari…

It’s Tokyo Disney Resort’s version of Downtown Disney crossed with a traditional shopping mall.

After 4 days of Japanese food, we were ready for something different so we decided on burgers at Kua ‘Aina for dinner. YUM YUM!

And dessert was a matcha green tea cone with azuki beans and mochi. *drool*

We spent the rest of the night taking advantage of the coin laundry machines (so convenient) and killing time at the arcade…

Before calling it a night. Tomorrow we were off to the parks!

Up next: First day at Tokyo Disneyland.

For more pics, check our Flickr here.