30 Day Meme: Day 9 – A photo you took

Day 09 — A photo you took

I’m *so* not a photographer so there’s probably about a million things wrong with this picture but it makes me smile. So I love it. I took this during my 30th birthday trip to Disneyland (hmm, that reminds me that I never blogged about it — must do that someday).

Random — Rob and I made this chicken piccata recipe for dinner tonight. OMG. So good! I especially love the tart lemon sauce. Serve it with a side of rice pilaf and asparagus and you’re golden. YUM.

30 Day Meme: Day 8 – A photo that makes you angry/sad

Day 08 — A photo that makes you angry/sad
I’m gonna go for sad. And wistful. Because I don’t really want to look for a picture that makes me angry.

This is one of the few pictures I have scanned of my parents and me (all the others are in albums at my dad’s house). Seeing it makes me miss my mom something fierce. She passed away almost 17 years ago and there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about her.

30 Day Meme: Day 7 – A photo that makes you happy

Day 07 — A photo that makes you happy

My wedding pictures always make me happy. Like, deliriously. This particular one of Rob and me cutting the cake is definitely a favorite. Look how happy we are! The ceremony was over and all we had to do was have fun with our family and friends. 😀

Thanks Apertura for the lovely photo and to Heidelberg Bakery for the scrumptious and beautiful cake!

30 Day Meme: Day 6 – Anything!

I just realized that my blog celebrated it’s 8th (!!!) birthday last Sunday. Wow!

On to the 30 Day Meme. Ok seriously… “whatever tickles your fancy” sounds weird to me so I’m changing the name of today’s prompt slightly to…

Day 06 — Anything!
So I’m a huge figure skating fan and it’s that time of year when the US National Championships roll around. For the first time in a long while, the US women’s field is… lacking. To put it nicely. Even our ice dancing teams have a better chance at medaling at the upcoming Olympics. I never thought that could happen. I don’t care for any of the US women — their skating has no spark. No fire! Ugh, it makes me so upset. They have so much potential, especially Alissa Czisny. And I’m still pissed that the women only have 2 spots in the Olympics thanks to their low placements at the last Worlds (we’ve been sending 3 women to the Olympics for the past few cycles).

Anyway, I’ve been nostalgic for good skating and my absolute favorite figure skater is Michelle Kwan. She wasn’t the biggest jumper nor did she have insane flexibility but she really combined grace and artistry with basic skating technique and her programs still amaze me. So I thought I’d post a couple of my favorites. Thanks to YouTube.

1998 US Nationals – Free Skate “Lyra Angelica”

2003 Worlds – Free Skate “Aranjuez”
She won her 5th World title with this program. So good!

30 Day Meme: Day 5 – Favorite Quote

Day 05 — Your Favorite Quote
Another tough one. I have so many! I’ll just post 3 — I know I’m totally cheating. I’ve posted these here before but they’re worth repeating…

“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.”
– Neil Gaiman

“A heart is a fragile thing. That’s why we protect them so vigorously, give them away so rarely, and why it means so much when we do. Some hearts are more fragile than others. Purer, somehow. Like crystal in a world of glass, even the way they shatter is beautiful.”
– Irv’s narration, Everwood: Episode 218, Last Looks

“Do, or do not. There is no try.”
– Yoda, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

30 Day Meme: Day 4 – Favorite Book

Day 04 — Your Favorite Book
Anne of Green Gables. Yes, it’s not only my favorite movie but my favorite book as well. My mom gave me the book sometime in elementary school (my memory sucks, can’t get more specific) and it was pretty much love at first read. I fell in love with Anne and wanted to be part of her world. I adored her relationships with Diana and the Cuthberts, her romance with Gilbert (he was my very first book crush :D), and all her adventures growing up in Green Gables, Avonlea, and beyond. I read this book at least once a year — it’s the book version of “comfort food” for me and I love it.

30 Day Meme: Day 3 – Favorite TV Program

Day 03 — Your Favorite TV Program

Dawson’s Creek. Like there was any question. 😀 The show premiered when I started college so it saw me through some major life moments — homesickness during my freshman year, dating/flirting with Rob (I used to tape the show and bring it to his apartment to watch! aww), college graduation, then the painful reality of looking for a job. I know the show had its ups (Pacey & Joey!) and downs (pretty much all of season 5) but I love it all. I grew up with it and it’ll always be special to me.

30 Day Meme: Day 1 – Favorite Song

I’m going to attempt this 30 Day Meme to see if I’ll have the discipline to complete it. Stolen from Nicola.

Day 01 — Your Favorite Song
I don’t really have a favorite song. :/ Is that weird? I actually have LOTS of “favorites.” Though I love and appreciate music, I guess I’m just not as obsessive about it the way I am with TV. For the sake of this meme, I’ll just mention a few songs…

Please right click on the links and save as… I don’t want to kill my bandwidth! I’ll probably take the songs down in a couple weeks so take them quickly if you want them. 😀

“Everything” by Michael Buble
This is what Rob and I used for the first dance at our wedding so it holds a lot of sentimental value. From the first few beats to the lyrics, it makes me so happy.

“Better Together” by Jack Johnson
Another song used at our wedding — this time for the recessional after we were pronounced husband and wife. Just another song that’s like “comfort food” to me. Instant happiness.

“Collide” by Howie Day
I’ve loved this song for years. I love it so much because it reminds me of Pacey & Joey (from Dawson’s Creek). I know the song can be interpreted in so many different ways but the romantic in me wants to believe that the couple in the song works it out. 😉

Follow the link for the rest of the prompts in case you’re interested in doing this meme too…
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scrooge + a meme


That’s totally how I feel right now.

I normally love the holidays but I’m feeling like a total Scrooge this year. I’m just not looking forward to the family festivities. Like for Christmas Eve, we always go to my cousin’s house where we have dinner, hang out, open presents at midnight, then end the night with a late night snack. I look forward to this! But in the past few years, our gatherings have felt less intimate and more routine. Maybe it’s just me. I do have a tendency to “read into” things too much.

Also, you know that sinking feeling you get when you realize someone probably doesn’t like you but can’t openly show it because you have mutual friends? I hate that feeling…

Anyway, I was tagged by Ceci for this meme so here we go…

Who sleeps in bed next to you?
My little Diesel! Really. He sandwiches himself right between Rob and me.

What did you last eat?
A piece of white chocolate with peppermint bits. Yum!

What kind of books do you read?
Mostly chick-lit and YA. I also go through phases of reading romance. Sadly, I haven’t read a book since August. Reading more is definitely going to be one of my New Year’s resolutions.

What are you reading right now?
I started reading In the Merde For Love by Stephen Clarke back in March but I must have kicked it under the bed and totally forgot about it (this is what happens when you don’t have a nightstand). I found it recently and should probably start over. I also received the first 3 Sookie Stackhouse books for my birthday and I really want to dig into that series.

If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?
Disneyland! Like that’s a surprise. Or Paris. *sigh* I love traveling.

What’s really creepy?
All Horror movies. I get scared easily.

What’s your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
This season… Gossip Girl, Glee, So You Think You Can Dance.

What did you really want to do today that you didn’t?
I wanted to finish wrapping all the Christmas presents and clean up a little… I worked late and got lazy.

What are you most excited for?
My holiday break. I have a half day on Wed and then I’m off until Jan 3rd! YES. The love/hate relationship I have with my job is leaning towards the “hate” side right now so I’m excited for the time away.

What websites do you always visit when you go online?
I always check out Twitter, LATimes, LJ, and GMail…

What was the last thing you bought?
Bought some Christmas presents at Crate and Barrel last night. Thank goodness the mall was open late on Sunday. We took advantage and finished up our shopping and it wasn’t even crowded.

What do you want right this minute, off the top of your head?
Dinner! I’m hungry. But I’m waiting for the hubs to wake up…

What’s your biggest procrastination method?
Like Ceci, it’s the internet. I can read blogs and window shop online all day.

Are there any bits of childhood that you miss?
Just having my mom around. 🙁

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter?
Winter! Even though California’s winters are nothing compared to the rest of the country, lol. i just like the cooler weather because I love cool weather clothes, like sweaters, coats, scarves, and boots.

Say something to the person who tagged you.
Have a wonderful holiday Ceci! Hope that 2010 is a better year for you. *hugs* 🙂