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Moving sucks. Especially the cleaning. It’s driving me insane. Please remind me to never move again. Or at least to hire movers so I won’t have to do anything at all.

Brief TV comments…
One Tree Hill
I think I’m done with the show after the season finale on Tuesday. Nathan/Haley and Lucas/Peyton have officially been ruined for me. I don’t know how the writers could ever go back without my feeling a little resentment for what’s happened this season. Especially since Haley, one of my favorite characters, is like a shell of her former self. (I don’t even want to get into the promo for the finale in which Haley is seen with Chris — I might explode). There were some hints of Nathan/Peyton in What Could Have Been and I might be able to get behind that pairing… if I stick around.

SpyMommy is back!!! But what about Sark?!

The Quentin Tarantino-directed finale was quite possibly one of the best episodes of the entire series. I was seriously speechless when it ended. It was very intense and heartwrenching — George Eads owned.

America’s Next Top Model
No surprise here. I hoped that Tyra and the judges would prove me wrong and Kahlen would win but I wasn’t holding my breath. Still a little disappointed that Naima won, however.

Back to work tomorrow. Damn. 😛

TV ships meme

Hopping on the bandwagon…

1. Post a list of 10 TV shows you watch/ed (current or cancelled).
2. Have your friends list guess your favorite pairing from each show.
3. When guessed, bold the line & write a sentence about why you like that pairing.
4. Post in your own livejournal blog.

This should be pretty easy, right? Note that I only picked 1 pairing per show…

1. Dawson’s Creek – Pacey/Joey (guessed by Jessica, Robyn, and Nicola)
My ALL-TIME favorite ship. It’s the sweetness and the sarcasm. I just love how their rough edges break down when they’re together.

2. Everwood – Ephram/Amy (guessed by Jessica and Nicola)
Colin/Amy were my original ship on this show but Ephram/Amy were the ones who stayed with me.

3. American Dreams – Sam/Meg
4. 24 – Tony/Michelle (guessed by Jessica, Robyn, and Nicola)
He committed treason for her! That’s love, people!

5. One Tree Hill – Nathan/Haley (guessed by Jessica
I’m not completely loving them right now (stupid Haley!) but I do love their story. How he only went after her to make Lucas angry and ended up falling in love… Aww.

6. The O.C. – Seth/Summer (guessed by Robyn and Nicola)
I don’t know if it’s the prettiness or the playful banter, but they always make me smile.

7. Alias – Syd/Vaughn (guessed by Jessica and Robyn)
I know they’ve kinda fizzled out in the last season or so but… they’re so pretty! And they have such an easy chemistry with each other.

8. Smallville – Lex/Lana (guessed by Robyn)
They have so much potential! And they have far more in common than initially meets the eye. (Or maybe I’ve just read too many of Christie’s fics. Hee).

9. Felicity – Felicity/Noel

10. Friends – Chandler/Monica (guessed by Robyn)
Chandler and his dry wit. Monica and her neuroses. Fantastic.

Guess away! Yay, thanks for guessing! 🙂

introducing sour-lemon.org

Some TV thoughts (and spoilers, of course)…

American Idol
I TOTALLY called that Lindsey was going to go home on American Idol tonight. But I was really surprised to see Jessica in the bottom three. I didn’t expect that at all. Mikalah, yes. Jessica, no. When it was down to Jessica, Vonzell and Nikko, I really thought it was going to be Nikko in the bottom three (not that I wanted him there or anything — I really like him!). Anyway, I agree with the voting — Lindsey had a great smoky kind of voice (and I thought she was beautiful) but she really seemed out of her league.

I have mixed feelings about tonight’s episode. I really enjoyed Sam (it was the guy from Freaks and Geeks!) and his interaction with Syd on the mission but the biometric target helicopter thing-y? Was so lame. Syd’s fake nose in the teaser was also pretty bad. Next week looks promising though.

American Dreams
Last week’s episode was sooo good. I loved seeing Sam and Meg hanging out and discovering their feelings for each other (especially at the concert when Sam put his arm around her — *gush*)… and as much as I really want them together, I understood when they had to put a stop to their romantic relationship before anything started. I think that’s what I love about this show. It doesn’t sacrifice reality for a short term storyline payoff. I do hope the show will get a chance for a 4th season because I really think there’s much more to explore with Sam, Meg and their families. I can’t believe there’s only 2 more episodes left. *sniff* Damn NBC for cutting the season short.

Not sure why but I went and bought myself another domain — let me introduce Sour-Lemon.org. I thought it might be a good idea to have some space elsewhere just in case my current server decides to explode. Plus, it was a good deal! I have no idea what I’m going to do it with it yet, though. lol.

star wars preview & reality TV

Star Wars: Episode III preview on during The O.C. tomorrow night! YAY!!!

Some spoilers below for Idol, Alias, and Top Model
So I guess I was completely off the mark on predicting which guys would be voted off on American Idol. I was shocked… and a little disappointed because I really liked both Nikko and Travis (he wasn’t a great singer but he had a great smile :P). The girls were pretty obvious choices in my mind so I wasn’t surprised in the least. All in all, a pretty stellar top 12.

I really enjoyed Alias tonight — especially the nod to Page 47, when Syd stole page 47 while she, Will and Jack were having dinner with Sloane and Emily. Ahhh, the memories. I love little callbacks like that. It was also good to see Dixon FINALLY doing something (anything!). The poor character has practically been an extra for the past few seasons. I want him to go on more missions with Syd! They were awesome partners. I’m also really glad there finally seems to be some set-up for an over-arching plot (Jack and Sloane — the power couple!). This season’s been missing that — like, a link that connects all the episodes together, you know? Stand-alone episodes are great but I love having something to look forward to week after week.

Also remembered to catch America’s Next Top Model tonight. I’m so, so disappointed that Brita was voted off. She was the most gorgeous girl there! I bet it had nothing to do with her photo and everything to do with her age and weight. And they kept Brandy! And her bad attitude! UGH.

smvl preview

Did anyone catch the preview for next week’s Smallville? What WAS that?! It’s like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon — Lana Style. OMG. I’m usually a Lana apologist but… there are no words. *shakes head* I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch it.

And WOOHOO!!! Sark FINALLY appears on next week’s Alias! Squee! It’s about time.

another fandom meme

Because I am incredibly behind on TV (I have 3 weeks worth of Everwood episodes to watch — craziness!), a fandom meme…

Snagged from Jessica

1. The first character you first fell in love with: Colin. Loved him from the very first second of We Hold These Truths. He remains my most favorite Everwood character.
2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now: Ephram. *hides* His constant bad attitude and cynicism got on my nerves in the beginning. But I’ve really enjoyed watching him grow and come into his own… he’s had a great journey.
3. The character everyone else loves that you don’t: Dr. Abbott. I have a soft spot for the guy but I really, really, really dislike the way he treats Bright (especially compared to Amy).
4. The character you love that everyone else hates: Amy. Well, the fandom doesn’t hate Amy as much as I get the feeling that people just like to criticize her. Sure, she can be very self-centered but what teenager isn’t?
5. The character you used to love but don’t any longer: Dr. Brown. His treatment of Madison and now his affair with Amanda have completely soured the character for me.

The OC
1. The first character you first fell in love with: Ryan.
2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now: Summer. I never expected that the writers would actually give the character some depth. I’m glad they did.
3. The character everyone else loves that you don’t: Lindsay. She makes me yawn.
4. The character you love that everyone else hates: Marissa. I don’t know what it is but she intrigues me… alcohol and lesbian storylines included.
5. The character you used to love but don’t any longer: Seth. He’s become a bit too shrill and self-absorbed. Not to mention that he doesn’t seem to have much respect for his relationships with his friends (case in point: Summer and Zach).

1. The first character you first fell in love with: Tony. (Or maybe I’m just getting the character and the actor confused? lol)
2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now: Chloe.
3. The character everyone else loves that you don’t: Sherry Palmer. UGH. She was always doing or saying something stupid. I don’t understand why she’s such a popular character within the fandom.
4. The character you love that everyone else hates: Kim.
5. The character you used to love but don’t any longer: Michelle. How could she leave Tony?! Especially after he risked everything to save her life. I’m hoping that she’ll make an appearance this season to explain herself.

1. The first character you first fell in love with: Nick. His innocence is so endearing.
2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now: Warrick and Brass.
3. The character everyone else loves that you don’t: Sara. She acts so smug sometimes.
4. The character you love that everyone else hates: Catherine. Although I’m not sure I like that she’s actually getting along with Ecklie now. Yuck.
5. The character you used to love but don’t any longer: Sara.

1. The first character you first fell in love with: Sydney.
2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now: Jack. He’s always been kinda morally ambiguous but I know that he would do anything to protect Syd.
3. The character everyone else loves that you don’t: Sloane. He was a bad guy! He was head of SD-6! I can’t let go of his past just because he’s somehow landed himself a leadership role in a Black Ops division of the CIA.
4. The character you love that everyone else hates: Vaughn. I just… I don’t know. I keep remembering s1/2 Syd and Vaughn and I fall in love with them all over again.
5. The character you used to love but don’t any longer: I don’t know… maybe Dixon? But that’s only because the writers haven’t given him a real storyline in awhile so it’s hard to care when he’s not doing anything.

Dawson’s Creek
1. The first character you first fell in love with: Pacey. All his insecurities hiding beneath the bravado. Awww.
2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now: Jen. I have to admit that I was a Dawson/Joey fan when the show started, so I naturally disliked Jen for “getting in the way.” She’s since become my favorite character on the show.
3. The character everyone else loves that you don’t: Andie. OMG, she drove me crazy.
4. The character you love that everyone else hates: Gretchen and Drue. Two great additions to season 4. I really wish they had kept Drue on for season 5 — it would have been really interesting to see a relationship develop between him and Jen. The writers really dropped the ball.
5. The character you used to love but don’t any longer: Audrey.

Time for bed…

alias is back!

First off, many many thanks to Barry for reccing Howie Day’s Collide. I downloaded it and just fell in love. I keep listening to it over and over and over. Anyone else have song recs for me? I have lots of iTunes gift cards to burn!

Aahhh, yes. Wednesdays could possibly be the best night of TV for me. Lost AND Alias. Phew, jam-packed combination.

Very sleepy, so some quick comments.

I need answers! What happened to Claire?! I’ve been pretty good about not reading spoilers for this show but I think this episode has driven me to the edge. Not to mention the fact that this was another Kate-centric episode — when are we going to get any backstory for Boone? Hmm? I did enjoy the interaction between Sayid and Shannon though. A very unexpected pairing that I could totally get behind. But what was with Boone’s creepy stalker stare? Dun, dun, dun…

I thought the premiere was excellent. I still have lingering Season 3 disappointment but Authorized Personnel Only infused the show with some fun again. I got a total Season 1 vibe from it all, which can only be a good thing. Plus, Syd/Vaughn! What can I say, I’m a complete sucker when it comes to that ship. The addition of Nadia to the “team” is great as well. It seems that they’re heading towards some kind of Syd versus Nadia showdown (not a spoiler, just something I picked up in their closing scene) but I sure hope that they can become friends. Syd needs that in her life. As for the big reveal about Irina, I have to say I’m not surprised. It’s getting pretty clear that Lena Olin’s not coming back so the writers took advantage of the situation by getting rid of the need for Irina to show up again and creating another complication for Syd. I love Irina but last season’s IM messages between her and Jack were very eyeroll worthy. Also wished that there would have been more Weiss and that we could have seen a glimpse of Sark. *sniff* But the biggest thing that bothered me were the new opening credits. Blech. Too. Much. Syd. (And this coming from a huge fan of both Syd and Jennifer Garner). Oh well, I’m just glad the show is back.

I can sleep happy now.


I’ve been listening to Christmas music non-stop this weekend. *happy sigh* It makes me so giddy.

Two other things that make me giddy are…
1. CAL won the Big Game against Stanford yesterday! 41-6, YAY!

2. Seeing the new Alias promo!!! I was just watching Desperate Housewives and all of a sudden, there it was! Ahhhh. It was so good! A really fabulous mix of old and new images — Syd in various disguises from past seasons, Syd and Nadia kicking ass, and the kicker — Happy!Syd and Vaughn! *dies* OMG, it’ll be such a nice change. They were so depressing last season. It looks like that’ll change this season. Maybe I didn’t watch close enough but did anyone see Jack, Sark or Weiss at all? I spotted Marshall but didn’t see the other 3. I’m sure Alias Media will have the download… for me to watch about a million more times. As for the new timeslot, I’m undecided about it. On one hand, I think having Alias on Wednesdays at 9 will allow it to capture viewers from Lost but on the other hand, isn’t that already a pretty packed timeslot? Oh well… is it January 5th yet?

Anyway, I was reading Christie’s LJ and she brought up something I’ve been thinking a lot about — blog versus LJ. I’m sure everyone’s noticed that the blogging community has been dying down and many people have moved over to Live Journal. It’s enough to make me want to close up shop here! I mean on LJ, there’s the easy to read friends lists and the built-in comment feature. But then, I think about all the work I’ve put into building my blog/sites (and the money!) and I just can’t let it go. I don’t know. Anyone have any opinions either way? Or can anyone share why they prefer using LJ? Argh. Must stop over-thinking things.

I’m very excited about this coming week — 2 days of work then 5 days off! Plus Turkey Day! 🙂

alias s2 dvds

Weekends are too damn short.

On a positive note, I got my Alias s2 DVDs!!! Gawd, they’re so nice and shiny. LOVE them. I’m supposed to be sleeping but what the heck, I’m going to pop them in the DVD player and watch a couple of episodes. 😀

confirmed! dc s3!

I was having a pretty crappy day (for no particular reason really) and then 2 things happened that made me squee with delight:

1. Official confirmation on Dawson’s Creek Season 3 on DVD! OMGOMGOMG! Can you imagine? All the greatest Pacey/Joey moments (True Love, The Anti-Prom, The Longest Day, etc.) immortalized on DVD?!? So. Excited.

2. Finally, after sitting through a less than stellar season 3, Alias hits me with an awesome episode. I was seriously sitting on the edge of my seat for the entire episode. Loved Ricky Gervais (which reminds me that I need to finish watching The Office DVD), loved Vaughn (in glasses *dies*), loved Sark (in handcuffs!), loved Weiss (“method acting!”), loved Jack (“get the defibrillator!”). Basically loved all the men. Hee.

Speaking of men, let me do this great meme (stolen from Linda)…

10 TV Characters You’d Most Like to Have Sex With (HEE!)
1. Pacey, Dawson’s Creek — He’s sweet, romantic and has the ability to make a woman feel like the center of the universe. *sighs*
2. Colin, Everwood — The popular athlete who’s a cutie to boot.
3. Clark, Smallville — Cause who doesn’t love a good boy?
4. Vaughn, Alias — Spies are sexy. Especially spies who can speak French and rock a pair of eyeglasses like nobody’s business.
5. Tony, 24 — The guy gets shot and is back at work about an hour later. That kind of energy and stamina could be good in bed. BWAH!
6. Nathan, One Tree Hill — Equal parts arrogance and sweetness. Perfect.
7. Danny, Las Vegas — He just has the most mesmerizing smile. *melts*
8. Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer — That long, dark coat of his never fails to make me swoon.
9. Max, Roswell — So broody and shy with a dark, soulful quality to him.
10. Sark, Alias — He makes evil seem cool.

Guh. I had something else to blog about but after thinking about cute boys for the past few minutes, my brain has turned into a pile of mush. Hee. 😀