who is voting for scott?

WHO is voting for Scott?!? I was totally hoping my prediction would be wrong too. America, you are *killing* me. Seriously.

Because my brain is going to explode if I keep thinking about American Idol, some TV comments (I’m so happy the WB is back from hiatus)…

Jack and Bobby
I didn’t think I would still watch this show after Bradley Cooper and Mike Erwin’s characters left the cast but I somehow got attached to Jack. He’s certainly a very flawed character (screaming at Marcus and Courtney, not supporting Bobby with the track tryouts, dating that awful Katie) but there’s something about him that is so genuine. I loved the scene at the end of Friends With Benefits when he began coaching Bobby. Aww.

Jack just can’t catch a break with the women. His relationship with Audrey was doomed from the start. Poor guy. I don’t like her much but I was rooting for them if only to finally see Jack smile at the end of the season. I can’t seem to figure out how to feel about Vice President Logan (or well, President for the time being). Is he in on the terrorist activities or is he just the biggest coward ever? He is such a waste of time to me. I’d rather learn more about Marwan and his motivation for the attacks. But that’s probably just me.

The OC
First Sandy and Rebecca and now Kirsten and this Carter character. UGH. Stop messing with the Cohens. !!!

Gilmore Girls
Was a little bored with the episode. Plus, no Logan. Paris was a riot, though. And is it just me but does anyone else NOT like Lane and Zach? They just don’t do anything for me. And I really like Lane.

One Tree Hill
I may have said this before but I’ll say it again — Haley is dead to me. The episode was so hard to watch with all those great flashbacks of Nathan and Haley. *sniff* And then to see Haley basically take Nathan’s heart (after he drove so far to see her!) and stomp on it. I don’t think the writers can do anything at this point to make me love her the way I did last season. So glad Felix is finally gone! And I never thought I would say it but I think I’m beginning to like Anna. She was so undefined as a character that I couldn’t bring myself to care about her but now I do. I’m kinda rooting for her to stick around. Brooke and Lucas are still bugging me. I really wish the writers would stop projecting Sophia and Chad’s real life relationship onto the characters. So aggravating.

Phew. Would you believe I have *more* shows to catch up on? Hee.

top 7 on AI

Work is still kicking my ass (I have been incredibly exhausted these past few days) but I wanted to post my American Idol predictions before tomorrow’s results show (it’s kinda fun making my predictions and checking to see if I can guess how the votes stack up)…

Bottom 3 will be Scott, Constantine, and Anwar. And as much as I hate to say it, I think Anwar will be saying farewell. Only because America will not stop voting for Scott. !!! I just don’t understand it.

WHAT is up with Paula? The words that come out of her mouth never make sense. It’s like she’s drunk or on drugs. All the time. I just can’t take her seriously.
Vonzell is quickly becoming my favorite (which is currently Carrie but she’s been a little snoozeworthy lately). She picks great songs and always seems to be having so much fun when she performs. Aww.

america hates me

Spoilery entry for AI, Lost

I think America hates me. There is just no other reason to explain tonight’s results episode of American Idol. ARGH. WHO is STILL voting for Anthony?!? I still can’t believe he was safe. It’s like Jasmine from last season all over again.

Lost was so upsetting. I like Boone! *sob* They couldn’t have killed off Hurley? Or maybe Charlie? I can’t even think about it right now because it means that I no longer get to see Ian Somerhalder on TV every week. *lights a candle for Boone* Oh, and this episode reminded me that I should probably find out what blood type I am. You know, just in case.

Anyway, quick meme stolen from Nicola

Name 4 books on your bookshelf:
1. The Secret Life of Bees – Sue Monk Kidd (which I finally finished and will comment on soon)
2. Princess Diaries – Meg Cabot
3. Harry Potter series – JK Rowling
4. Sex and the City – Candace Bushnell

Name 4 DVDs in your collection:
1. Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea
2. Ocean’s Eleven
3. Mean Girls
4. Office Space

Name 4 things on your walls:
1. Finding Nemo calendar
2. dried roses that Rob gave me
3. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie poster
4. LA Lakers banner

Name 4 things in your closet/wardrobe:
I’m boring and only have clothes, shoes, and purses in there… nothing exciting

Name 4 real life stores you shop at regularly:
1. Best Buy
2. Target (LOVE)
3. Banana Republic
4. Barnes & Noble

Name 4 things in your bag:
1. iPod
2. cell phone
3. keys to my desk drawer at work (I have petty cash and SF Giants tickets in there!)
4. BART train ticket

top 9 on ai

Wow, tonight’s showtunes episode of American Idol was TERRIBLE. I don’t think I liked a single performance. My predictions for the bottom three are Scott, Anthony, and Nikko (this pains me because I love him but I don’t think he’s really that popular with the public) with Anthony saying farewell. *crosses fingers*

jrm on tv

I am still in shock about Jessica being voted off American Idol. I didn’t see that coming at all. She was ROBBED. America, you are killing me!

And then Meg leaving with Chris on the season finale of American Dreams?!? What was she thinking? What does she see in Chris? I never found his character to be the least bit likable. I so wanted to slap some sense into her… except that I was in near tears while she was shooting the commercial for Jack (so bittersweet in hindsight) and saying farewell to Rox. *sniff* I will be so upset (SO UPSET) if this episode turns out to be the series finale. Don’t let me down, NBC.

So then I’m watching CSI tonight and what do I see? A commercial for that TV movie about Elvis Presley starring none other than Jonathan Rhys-Meyers!!! SQUEE. He looks gooooood. Oh yes, he does. See here. *sigh* I’m counting down the days until May 8.

top 10 on AI

I can’t believe it’s only 10pm (which is normally pretty early for me) and I am *so* sleepy. UGH. Waking up at 6am is really doing a number on my schedule.

Quick American Idol thoughts… LOVED Vonzell. She didn’t really grab me in previous weeks but she is slowly but surely becoming a favorite. Plus, I just love her personality. She’s always smiling and giggly but she doesn’t seem fake at all. Aww. Also loved Nikko. I can’t believe how much he sounded like Tevin Campbell. I’m so happy he got the chance to come back — he’s been rocking lately. Let’s see if I can predict the results correctly again this week… my picks for the bottom three are Anthony, Scott and Nadia with Scott saying farewell.

PS – Many thanks to everyone for the Congrats! All the kind words mean a lot. 🙂

oc renewed!

I totally called the results on American Idol!!! MWAHAHAHA.

The O.C. has officially been renewed for a third season! YAY! I also came across this great cast interview/panel hosted by The Academy Television Arts & Scienes called The O.C. Revealed. It’s pretty long (about an hour) and the interviewer asked some really random questions but it was fun to see the actors and producers interact and speak about their characters and the storylines. Two things that I remember in particular — Josh Schwartz commented on wanting to keep Alex around (Olivia Wilde) but she had some offers and they weren’t ready to make her a series regular. Huh. I liked Alex but I can’t even imagine how the dynamic would have changed between the teens if she had stayed on. Also, Peter Gallagher mentioned that there was more response to the Sandy/Kirsten/Rebecca storyline than the kiss between Alex and Marissa. I’m not surprised. I think fans really love Sandy/Kirsten’s marriage. Anyway, check it out if you have time.

Now for some American Dreams comments…

Guh. Chris returned. *sigh* After watching the really sweet scene of Meg, Rox, Sam and Luke hanging out and listening to the Rollingstones in the parking lot, Meg had to go home to find Chris at her doorstep. %$#@! I can’t believe next week’s episode is the season finale (possible series finale as well) and they’re going to be devoting time to his relationship with Meg. I’m really disappointed.

I am incredibly jealous of this girl who won the grand prize in the Godiva Valentine’s Day promotion. She received 52 boxes of Godiva chocolates and 52 pairs of Manolo Blahnik shoes. Can you imagine all the gorgeous shoes AND the year’s supply of chocolate-covered strawberries? *dies*

top 11 on AI

Spoilery 24 and American Idol comments ahead…

Not Dina!!! She was the best new character this season. But they didn’t show her body, right? So I’m holding out hope til then. Very little hope, though, because Marwan doesn’t really have any reason at this point to keep her alive.

As for the rest of the episode, it wasn’t up to snuff with the beginning of the season. The storylines are getting a little cheesy and unbelievable. Weellll, *more* unbelievable than normal. I mean, Jack acting as Dina’s hostage to draw out Marwan? Totally was not going to work. Come on, Jack! And CTU drawing back when Jack and Dina went into the tunnel? Very stupid move. The tunnel switcheroo is so the oldest trick in the book. Come on, CTU! I expect smarter twists from you.

Tony and Michelle were giving each other googly eyes the entire episode. It’s just a matter of time before those two crazy kids get back together. I can feel it. So as one relationship looks to be warming up again, another is slowly circling down the drain. I don’t see Audrey and Jack surviving the day, what with Paul in surgery and facing possible paralysis. Eeek. Poor Jack, he hasn’t had much luck with the ladies these past few seasons.

And yay for the return of Chloe! She’s so awesome.

American Idol
Really great performances tonight. But seriously, was Paula drunk? Cause she was all hyper and yelling and pawing at Simon. So weird. My favorite performances were Jessica, Carrie, Vonzell and Nikko. They were fantastic. I also enjoyed Scott (so dramatic when he tossed his glasses to the side) and Anwar, although I didn’t think they were at the top of their game (particularly Anwar — he normally picks great songs for his voice). My predictions for the bottom three are Anthony, Mikalah and Nadia with Mikalah getting the boot.

introducing sour-lemon.org

Some TV thoughts (and spoilers, of course)…

American Idol
I TOTALLY called that Lindsey was going to go home on American Idol tonight. But I was really surprised to see Jessica in the bottom three. I didn’t expect that at all. Mikalah, yes. Jessica, no. When it was down to Jessica, Vonzell and Nikko, I really thought it was going to be Nikko in the bottom three (not that I wanted him there or anything — I really like him!). Anyway, I agree with the voting — Lindsey had a great smoky kind of voice (and I thought she was beautiful) but she really seemed out of her league.

I have mixed feelings about tonight’s episode. I really enjoyed Sam (it was the guy from Freaks and Geeks!) and his interaction with Syd on the mission but the biometric target helicopter thing-y? Was so lame. Syd’s fake nose in the teaser was also pretty bad. Next week looks promising though.

American Dreams
Last week’s episode was sooo good. I loved seeing Sam and Meg hanging out and discovering their feelings for each other (especially at the concert when Sam put his arm around her — *gush*)… and as much as I really want them together, I understood when they had to put a stop to their romantic relationship before anything started. I think that’s what I love about this show. It doesn’t sacrifice reality for a short term storyline payoff. I do hope the show will get a chance for a 4th season because I really think there’s much more to explore with Sam, Meg and their families. I can’t believe there’s only 2 more episodes left. *sniff* Damn NBC for cutting the season short.

Not sure why but I went and bought myself another domain — let me introduce Sour-Lemon.org. I thought it might be a good idea to have some space elsewhere just in case my current server decides to explode. Plus, it was a good deal! I have no idea what I’m going to do it with it yet, though. lol.

star wars preview & reality TV

Star Wars: Episode III preview on during The O.C. tomorrow night! YAY!!!

Some spoilers below for Idol, Alias, and Top Model
So I guess I was completely off the mark on predicting which guys would be voted off on American Idol. I was shocked… and a little disappointed because I really liked both Nikko and Travis (he wasn’t a great singer but he had a great smile :P). The girls were pretty obvious choices in my mind so I wasn’t surprised in the least. All in all, a pretty stellar top 12.

I really enjoyed Alias tonight — especially the nod to Page 47, when Syd stole page 47 while she, Will and Jack were having dinner with Sloane and Emily. Ahhh, the memories. I love little callbacks like that. It was also good to see Dixon FINALLY doing something (anything!). The poor character has practically been an extra for the past few seasons. I want him to go on more missions with Syd! They were awesome partners. I’m also really glad there finally seems to be some set-up for an over-arching plot (Jack and Sloane — the power couple!). This season’s been missing that — like, a link that connects all the episodes together, you know? Stand-alone episodes are great but I love having something to look forward to week after week.

Also remembered to catch America’s Next Top Model tonight. I’m so, so disappointed that Brita was voted off. She was the most gorgeous girl there! I bet it had nothing to do with her photo and everything to do with her age and weight. And they kept Brandy! And her bad attitude! UGH.