thanks 2013!

Oh man. I can’t believe the holidays are over. AND that I haven’t written anything since BEFORE Thanksgiving. YIKES!

Rob, Diesel & I had a wonderful holiday season. I hope all of you did too! I want to finish up my blog series on our trip to the Mediterranean (and eventually our other 2013 trips) but before I do that, I thought I’d share some random moments from the last half of the year… basically another one of my photo dumps. 🙂

To celebrate our 5th anniversary back in August, Rob & I had dinner at a favorite of ours — Napa Rose.

We ate at the Chef’s Counter once again, which I love because you get this great view of the kitchen…

It’s really such a fun experience.

To many more anniversaries!

We spent one day at the biannual D23 Expo. We wanted to see the Walt Disney Studios panel but only made it as far as the secondary viewing room (still fun to see live though). Outside of that, there really wasn’t enough to capture our attention for a full day. Not to mention that the lines for exhibits were pretty darn long. They definitely need more panels and activities to distribute the crowds better. BUT. The expo had two of the best photo opportunities!

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in celebration

Just got back from a week long trip to the Pacific Northwest with stops in Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver (my fave). I haven’t downloaded our pics yet so for now, here’s a post I meant to publish before we left but got caught up in a flurry of packing…

August is an eventful month in our household. First Rob & I celebrated our fourth (!!!) anniversary back on August 9th. And a few days later on the 13th Rob turned 34. So of course we took this opportunity to splurge on ourselves. 🙂

On the night of our anniversary, we had dinner at Napa Rose in Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel.

It was our second time dining at Napa Rose and it was a fantastic experience. We sat at the chef’s counter in full view of the kitchen…

It was so cool to see the workings of the kitchen and all the interaction between the chefs.

Love all the little Disney touches!

Then that weekend we took a very last minute trip to Las Vegas. This time we stayed at the Cosmopolitan at the City Center…

And had a fabulous view of the Strip!

I really liked staying in the City Center area – it was central to so much shopping (pretty much the primary reason I love Las Vegas) and dining (the secondary reason).

I have a tendency to take Las Vegas for granted. I’m trying to be better at soaking in the atmosphere and appreciating the city’s energy.

For Rob’s birthday, we had the tasting menu at Scarpetta. WOW. Definitely one of our top 5 meals EVER. In life. Amazing.

We capped off the weekend with brunch at Bouchon (as per usual). Rob’s expression says it all. As the saying goes, work hard play hard. 🙂


There is a freaking heat wave here in the Bay Area. The one day I would have preferred to stay in my nice air-conditioned office, I had to run out and do errands at the post office. UGH. It was about 90 degrees in the city today. It’s almost midnight now and it is STILL sweltering. YUCK.

I just realized that I forgot to mention a couple of recent milestones…

On April 12th, Rob and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. Can you believe he’s put up with me for that long? 😀 And then this past Monday, on May 12th, we celebrated our “engagement-versary.” (I don’t know what else to call it!) 😀 Time has flown by so quickly. It seriously feels like I just got engaged yesterday. And now there’s only 86 days until the wedding. (!!!) I feel really lucky that I have Rob in my life. He understands and loves me despite all my faults (see below entry for evidence). We share the same hopes for the future. We have interests that overlap (TV!) but we have our own things as well. But best of all, Rob can look at me and smile and I can still feel the butterflies. (Points for you if you get the reference :P).

< / end sappiness>

So. Iron Man was AWESOME. I totally want to go see it again (possible spoilers)…

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weekend update

Had a loooooooong weekend. And I am still UNBELIEVABLY TIRED.

Rob and I celebrated our 8-year anniversary last Thursday, so… YAY for that. 😀

We didn’t get a chance to celebrate this past weekend, though, because Rob was a groomsman at a friend’s wedding on Saturday and we had friends staying over for the festivities. The wedding was held at the Brazilian Room at Tilden Park in Berkeley, which was an absolutely phenomenal location. It’s set high up on a hill with a lush green backdrop. So pretty. Unfortunately, the ceremony had to be moved indoors due to the pouring rain but despite that, it was a really beautiful, intimate ceremony. The rain let up after the vows so the wedding party was able to take some pictures outside. Look how pretty the wedding party looks against the gorgeous green background. *sigh*

The bride also had so many little hand-made touches that made the wedding so unique… from her invitations (to die for!), to the little rocks that served as your seat assigment, to her own wedding dress… GUH. It was all so beautiful.

Following the wedding, we all went out to dinner, then to a club, and then the post-wedding brunch the next day. YOU GUYS. This is more activity than I’m used to in a weekend. So you’ll understand why I’ve been in a sleepy funk the past few days. LOL.

I really need to get some sleep…