overdue TV post

A looooong overdue TV blog…

Jack & Bobby
I have one more episode to watch before I finally get caught up with this show but I’m still not feeling it. However, I’m shallow and I keep watching for Matt Long. Heh. Although I wish he’d get some better storylines cause the love triangle with Missy and Courtney isn’t very engaging. Especially since I get the feeling I’m supposed to be rooting for Courtney and I’m not. Missy may be a bit flighty but I like her. Still not caring about Grace. But I’m tolerating her because she has scenes with Bradley Cooper! It’s good to see him on TV again. I just hope their relationship isn’t going anywhere further than teacher-student. Also have no interest in Bobby and Dex and their crazy antics. It’s a wonder that I watch this show when I don’t feel anything for the majority of the characters.

One Tree Hill
What’s with Peyton’s hair this season? I don’t like the curly bangs she has going on. I’m also not crazy about the 2 new cast additions, particularly Felix. He can’t act! Michael Copon’s pretty, but wow, is he a bad actor. It’s very distracting. But not distracting enough for me to miss out on the Brooke/Felix/Mouth storyline. Aww. Mouth loves Brooke! Too bad it’ll never happen. Still loving Nathan and Haley, of course. It’ll be interesting to see if Haley’s music career takes off and how it will affect her marriage. I normally like Peyton and Lucas but so far this season, their storylines have been really disappointing. Maybe it’s because they haven’t really been interacting with other Tree Hill regulars so I don’t care as much? Who knows. Thank goodness there’ll be a girl power slumber party next week. That actually looks like fun.

The OC
Squee, it’s back! You guys have no idea how happy the twinkly theme song made me when I heard it. *warm fuzzies* Ryan&Seth=BestFriends4EVAH!!! Ahem. I just loved when Ryan was walking to the cab and Seth was tapping his foot and then he ran to the door… just in time to find Ryan there as well. Aww. I have to say the beginning of the episode was a little slow for me, because I felt like I was just waiting for the payoff of both Ryan and Seth returning to Newport. And yay for continuity — Chyna and her alopecia, the Chrismukkah photo on the fridge, and Captain Oats. I also enjoyed seeing Luke again! I’m really going to miss him this season.

Quote of the episode:
Summer: “What’s his face? Built like a beanpole, curly hair, runs away like a little bitch on his sailboat leaving nothing but a note for his girlfriend who cried and cried over him until the Fourth of July when she decided she doesn’t cry over bitches on boats.” OMG. LOVE. HER.

Where has David Anders been? I seriously thought I read an article that said he had a 4-episode arc. ??? Oh well. It was cool seeing him on CSI a few episodes ago even if it was for about a minute. And with his regular accent! Anyway, this past week’s episode What’s Eating Gilbert Grisson? was freaking amazing. I liked that they revisited the Blue Paint Killer that eluded the CSIs in the past. The entire episode was really well done — it was suspenseful and seriously disturbing (especially those drawings). The killer gave me the creeps. *shivers* My only qualm about the episode was the ending. I just can’t believe that Brass and Grissom let the killer go to the bathroom. After that, I knew he was going to kill himself. It would have been interesting if he had actually escaped though. He would have made a nice foil for Grissom and the CSIs for at least a little while longer.

More shows to follow… I have to get ready for bed! Ahhh, sleep…

more tv commentary… and a meme

I *really* enjoy looking at the GAP website. Why, you ask?

Reason #1 — Michael Vartan.
Reason #2 — Josh Duhamel.


Anyway, watched a few more premieres so a few more TV thoughts (may contain spoilers)…

I’m a little bummed because I got home too late and missed the first half of the premiere. Grrr. From what I saw, it seemed like there were too many cases going on (4, if I remember correctly) so the storylines weren’t as in-depth as they normally are. However, seeing Greg in the field was cool and I really loved seeing Reiko Aylesworth as the replacement lab tech. Too bad she quit already! Reiko would have been a great cast addition. Glad the show is back though — as if I don’t watch enough CSI with the daily reruns on SpikeTV… hehe.

American Dreams
Stellar premiere. Meg and Rox’s skirt protest rocked and JJ’s phone call home seriously hurt my heart. Guh. Is it sad that I totally want JJ and Beth to be together? I believe they still love each other but they’re both too stubborn to admit it. And I’m totally worried about this relationship he’s forming with the Vietnamese caretaker/nurse at the hospital — it’s such an intimate situation that they’re in right now. Sniffle. I want JJ and Beth to work things out.

And a TV meme for good measure (stolen from Allison)…

Which 15 TV characters (past and/or present) would you want to be stranded on an island with?
Pacey Witter, Dawson’s Creek
Jen Lindley, Dawson’s Creek
Roxanne Bojarski, American Dreams
Bright Abbott, Everwood
Colin Hart, Everwood
Nathan Scott, One Tree Hill
Tony Almeida, 24
Chandler Bing, Friends
Eric Weiss, Alias
Maria Deluca, Roswell
Buffy Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Lane Kim, Gilmore Girls
Warrick Brown, CSI
Summer Roberts, The O.C.
Lex Luthor, Smallville

Which 15 TV characters (past and/or present) would have you seriously considering death as an option?
Dawson Leery, Dawson’s Creek
Eddie Dooling, Dawson’s Creek
Patty Pryor, American Dream
Jess Mariano, Gilmore Girls
Jason Stiles, Gilmore Girls
Dylan McKay, Beverly Hills 90210
Ray Pruit, Beverly Hills 90210
Kennedy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Tess Harding, Roswell
Julie Emrick, Felicity
Oliver Trask, The O.C.
Hailey Nichol, The O.C.
Madison Kellner, Everwood
Alexander Petrovsky, Sex and the City
Sherry Palmer, 24

new TV

Watched lots of new TV these past few days… a (very) quick rundown with minor spoilers for the episodes…

Gilmore Girls
Lorelai and Rory are upset with each other, Emily and Richard are separated… it’s all so depressing. There were a few bright spots in the episode though — Lane and her whispering about sex was awesome and Luke’s multiple phone messages for Lorelai were OMGSOCUTE. I don’t even want to talk about Rory because she totally pained me (even if she had the most fabulous Marc Jacobs handbag). Although I have to say that I *am* a Rory/Dean shipper and this whole affair storyline kind of intrigues me (in a weird, twisted way). I’m looking forward to next week.

One Tree Hill
Ahhhh, the WB’s guilty pleasure is back. My favorite part of the episode was the revelation that Lucas thought Nathan was a reason to return to Tree Hill. Aww. Aside from that, Nathan/Haley are still as cute as ever (aside from that whole marriage thing), Jake’s still gone, and Brooke/Peyton are still pretending to be friends. Oh, and Haley has rocking parents. Good times.

I guess I’m a total and complete sucker for JJ Abrams cause I thought this was a really cool show. Good storyline, pacing, acting, suspense, music — all there. Plus, Merry! Charlie Salinger! Tess! Kendall! Weiss! And Hamilton! It’s like a fandom explosion, hehe.

LOVED it. I haven’t *loved* an episode of Smallville in a long time so this is HUGE, people! I especially loved the 2 new cast additions. Erica Durance plays Lois with a lot of personality and I totally smiled when she said that she prefers nerds with glasses. Hee! And Jensen Ackles… is a hottie. YUM. Lana is one lucky lady, heh. I’m a Lana apologist so I’m glad she’s showing a little more spunk — plus, Kristin Kreuk actually seems to be enjoying herself. I don’t know what’s going on with her storyline, though. That was weird. I’m sad that Allison Mack seems to be missing from the opening credits (or did I happen to blink?) but yay for Jensen making the cut! That means we’ll be seeing more of him. Fantastic.

A decent spin-off (Las Vegas is still best, of course). I’d rank it better than Miami (with the added bonus of no David Caruso!) but the cast didn’t grip me in any way, the sets had no personality, and it was shot way too dark. I don’t know if I’ll watch it regularly — maybe if I don’t have anything better to do.

Tired now. Off to bed. 🙂

csi marathon

I can’t seem to stop watching CSI.


SpikeTV is airing this “Best of CSI” marathon all this week from like 8am – 1am and it’s sucked me in. It started on Monday and instead of going out to see Garden State like we planned, Rob and I started watching CSI at about noon or 1pm and seriously, we didn’t turn it off until we went to sleep. I’m not kidding. Then today as soon as I got home from work, I headed straight for the TV to catch the marathon. *face meet palm*

I did, however, manage to pry myself from the TV long enough to pick up Everwood s1 and Alias s3! Yay! New and shiny DVDs make me so happy. *happy sigh*

Ok. Commercial’s over. Back to CSI. I am so addicted.

mid-season wrap up

Since it’s close to hiatus time, I thought I would do a little mid-season commentary of all the shows I started to watch this season…

Everwood – My saving grace this season. The show has continually gotten better and better with each episode. I may not necessarily like the direction of some storylines (Ephram/Madison and Andy/Linda) but I appreciate that the characters are being true to themselves. I do miss Colin, though. *sniff*

Las Vegas – Truly a guilty pleasure. 😀 It’s not really a great show plot-wise or anything (it’s usually downright predictable) but I think it’s a lot of fun. Plus, Josh Duhamel!!! LOVE him. He’s adorable.

Skin – I didn’t even get the chance to watch a whole episode before it got axed by FOX. I recorded the pilot (never got around to watching it and I probably taped over it) and watched about 15 minutes of the second episode. What I saw had potential though I didn’t fall in love. I enjoyed Adam Roam however. *g*

Gilmore Girls – I haven’t been watching this show faithfully like I used to. This season hasn’t grabbed me at all. I don’t really enjoy Digger or Marty and I wish there was more Lane and Paris. And as much as I love Rory, the girl is getting on my nerves.

One Tree Hill – OMG. New obsession. The show didn’t jump out at me right away but I kept watching (pretty much only because it airs right after GG and 24 hadn’t premiered yet). After a few episodes, the show seemed to find its legs so to speak — the improved writing has made me care about these characters. I’ve also found my ship of the season on this show — Nathan/Haley. LOVE. 🙂

24 – Still on my “must watch” list. But it still consistently gets me frustrated. I’m frustrated with Jack’s stubbornness, I’m frustrated with Kim’s hair, I’m frustrated with Tony’s condition, etc. etc. But I guess getting emotionally involved in a show is a good thing.

Smallville – I’ve enjoyed all the episodes this season so far, with the exception of the totally random retro episode. The most recent episode, Shattered, rocked. The acting was fantastic, there was lots of Clark and Lex (and even Clex!), and the storyline was actually captivating — something I was seriously missing from this show. My heart seriously hurt after seeing Lex at the end. *sob* Can’t wait til January.

The O.C. – *sigh* I adore this show. And I love Seth/Summer even more. Die Anna die! hehe. I’ve been hooked ever since it premiered back in August. It’s just excellent cheeky fun. 😀 But if TPTB mess with Sandy/Kirsten — %$^#@! There will be hell to pay.

The West Wing – I watched the premiere and that’s it. 🙁 I always forget that the show is on, probably because it’s on at the same time as The O.C. I still *must* purchase the s1 DVDs but the show just doesn’t have the same magic that it did for me in the earlier seasons.

Friends – I have to say that I was definitely not a fan of the Joey/Rachel romance so I’m glad that it was over and done with quickly. I adore Monica/Chandler so I’m happy to see them with an ongoing storyline this season. I can’t wait to see Chandler (he’s my favorite friend!) with a baby. Too cute. I’m so going to miss this show next season!

Tru Calling – Saw the premiere and wasn’t compelled to watch any episodes following. My Eliza love can only go so far. I’ve read the FOX ordered 7 more episodes. Wow. I totally didn’t see that coming. I thought cancellation was on the horizon.

CSI – Still rocks. And now there’s Xander Berkeley (Mason from 24)! Though I found Fur and Loathing to be rather strange. Oh, and there just needs to be more Warrick. Thanks.

Miss Match – This show is sooo cute. I love what I’ve seen but honestly? Friday nights just don’t work for me. I think Kate and Michael are gorgeous together, though, so maybe I should make it a point to record the show so I can see if anything has happened with them. Anyone know?

American Dreams – My precious precious show. I am alarmed that NBC has cut this season’s order from 22 to 18. It breaks my heart. I think this show gets better and better each week. I love everyone in the Pryor and Walker families and I hope that NBC realizes that there are many more stories to tell.

Alias – Still a can’t miss show for me but I don’t obsess over the show as much as I once did. My Syd/Vaughn loving heart just can’t take it! lol. But seriously, I still have yet to fully accept the 2 year time jump. I still feel a little cheated. I wanted to see Marshall and Carrie have a relationship! I wanted to see Dixon get promoted! Agghhh… useless resistance, I know.

Phew… even though I dropped a few shows, I still watch a ton of TV. I’m an addict, hehe.

Still feeling sick. Bah. I need to lie down.