life changes

I haven’t mentioned it here because then it would be real. But yesterday I told my boss so it’s as real as it’s going to get…

Rob and I have decided to move back to Southern CA at the beginning of 2009 (we’re aiming for the end of January). It’s something we’ve talked about for years but were never quite ready to make the leap. Now that we’re married and want to put down roots it makes sense to do so closer to our families.

I’m excited for the fresh start but scared at the same time… leaving a place I’ve made my home for the past 10 years. Leaving my friends. Looking for a new job (ugh).

But those of you who know me well can probably guess that the thing I am most freaked out about is DRIVING. Seriously, it’s like my personal kryptonite. And there’s no way around it in Southern CA. I keep telling myself that I need to get over it but I just know it’s going to be easier said than done. What is wrong with me?! Wish me luck. I’m definitely going to need it.

Random. I read about Britney Spears’s concert tour next year and it was the weirdest thing to look for Southern CA tour dates. Anyone interested? 😛 I may have to drag Rob again.


I no longer love Tom Cruise the way I used to (I couldn’t help it — I adored him in Top Gun and A Few Good Men!) but I really, REALLY want to see MI:3. I think I’m being brainwashed by all the billboards and TV commercials.

So I’ve been driving a lot more lately… mostly just picking Rob up from the BART station and stuff but I’ve realized that I’m the ultimate nervous driver. My heart beats faster and thoughts start racing through my mind… What is wrong with me?!? Guh. To make matters worse, I can barely see over the dashboard in Rob’s car so I think I have to get a pillow to sit on while driving. HOW EMBARASSING. I hate being short.

mtv vma’s + more

Did some driving this weekend. I think I’m getting better. 😀 I’m more comfortable with speed and my turns are definitely improving. I still can’t park to save my life and unprotected left turns make me incredibly nervous but… I’m getting the hang of it. I actually enjoy it now, which is, seriously, a bit of a shock to me. I think I have to amend my goal of taking the driving test before my birthday… October is coming up TOO soon. Maybe by the end of the year? *shrugs* I’m hesitant to set another date… in due time, I guess. 🙂

Laguna Beach on MTV is my newest guilty pleasure. I know, I know… it’s a horrible show. BUT. They’re beautiful, spoiled, rich teenagers. Spending all their parents’ money. Clique wars. Love triangles. Oh man, how could I not love it?! I even asked Rob to rent the season 1 DVDs and rip them for me so I could watch the episodes I missed. I’m a dork. But I can’t miss one second of… Kristin flirting with her friends’ significant others and showing no shame whatsoever, LC fawning all over Stephen when he pays no attention to her, Jessica allowing Jason treat her like crap… Ahhh. So much drama. I LOVE IT.

So. The MTV VMA’s. A few random comments —

Why does P. Diddy (can’t call him Diddy yet — I just got used to calling him P. Diddy) always have a freaking toothpick in his mouth? I don’t get it.

I love Kelly Clarkson. She was so shocked when she won Best Female Video. “I don’t have a posse so I brought up my friend Ashley.” AWW.

OMG. MC HAMMER!!! NO. WAY. I’m impressed — the man can still dance. That was AWESOME.

Hilary Duff is WAY too skinny.

Not sure if I like Kanye West but I sure do like his music. Gold Digger is a catchy song.


I’m almost done updating this site. I cleaned out the cliques and adoptions pages since I haven’t even looked at those things in AGES. I deleted all my affiliates (sorry, guys) because half of the links were dead. And now I’m contemplating what to do about my joined fanlistings section. It’s out of control. A good majority of the listings have moved and I’m too lazy to find the new urls. I’m thinking I should just purge the whole thing and start over. Or maybe I should just get rid of it completely. I’m so indecisive. *sigh*

Damn. It’s time for bed. Do I really have to go to work tomorrow?

vmars marathon

Thanks for all the support with the driving, everyone! All the kind words mean A LOT. Reading everyone’s comments have made me more psyched to learn… I even convinced Rob to take me out tomorrow morning to practice — let’s cross our fingers that it goes well.

Rob and I have been having a Veronica Mars marathon. We spent Saturday night watching episodes 2-11… we got so into it that we stayed up until 4am! I don’t have many comments really — mostly because I know what’s coming (that’s what I get for always clicking on spoiler links and episode commentaries, lol). I do have to say, though, that I LOVE Weevil. He makes me smile, like really wide. Awww. He’s probably my favorite character, with Wallace and/or Duncan coming in second. My favorite episode so far has been An Echolls Family Christmas… I guess I’m a sucker for group episodes. Plus, seeing all the guys together playing poker (and Duncan/Logan had the same boxers, hee) made me swoon. VM has such an attractive cast. Anyway, off to watch more episodes…

Countdown: 3 days until Hawaii!!!

driving lesson

So… I’m attempting the whole driving thing again. (Yes, I do not have my driver’s license and I realize I am 25). 😛

With some pressure from my friends at work, I took the written test a few weeks back, got my permit, and took my first driving lesson yesterday (well, technically, it wasn’t my first lesson but it’s been *years* since I’ve been behind the wheel). I was terrified and nervous for the first 5 minutes (AND almost hit another car, natch) but after the anxiety wore away, it wasn’t so bad. I have LOTS of hours of practice ahead of me, though… I need to practice my turns (I have a feeling I go too slowly), get used to traffic, and I have yet to even attempt driving on the freeway (the very thought scares the bejeezus out of me).

My goal is to take the manual driving test by my birthday (October), which gives me about 3 months. You all are my witnesses! I can’t back down now. EEK.


Something I forgot to include in my list of New Year’s Resolutions is getting my DRIVER’S LICENSE! lol. If there’s a single most important resolution, it is most definitely that one. I think I have a complex — I get a bit scared and paranoid when I’m behind the wheel. Not a good thing. But I am determined. Oh yes, I am.

When I went back home for the Christmas holiday, I found out that a friend of mine from high school had gotten married a year ago and that another friend recently proposed to his girlfriend. It’s all so shocking — I mean, it seems too soon to settle down. We’re only 23 for goodness sakes! But maybe that’s just me — cause I definitely am not ready for such a huge step.

I must be so bored cause I spent a good part of the day fixing up my fanlisting pages — I even made buttons for some that didn’t have 100×50 codes! It should be a requirement to have 100×50 buttons available on your fanlisting. Ugh, I need to get out of my apartment. 😛

driving lessons

So i went to the 49ers/Rams game yesterday. I loved our seats cause we were in the shade. Mwahaha. And it was a really hot day yesterday so… yeah. The 49ers totally beat the Rams, which sucked cause Rob really loves them and most of us were wearing navy blue. Eh, whatever. I didn’t really care. It was just cool to see a football game live.

And I took my first driving lesson in 6 years today. Umm, I did okay but I think at the sloooow rate I’m going, it’ll be another few years before I’ll ever get my license. I mean, my turns totally suck. And I almost hit a parked car. Don’t laugh — it was traumatizing! My next lesson will focus on more traffic-oriented things, like lane changes. Beware Bay Area. 😛


The Friday Five is about driving, and since I *still* do not have my license, I can’t really answer any of the questions. ::shrugs:: Yes, I do realize that at some point, I’ll have to learn. But for now, I’m quite happy in my ignorance.

One week until Hawaii! Eek!