top 5 on AI

Damn. I think Scott might be sticking around another week on American Idol. Guh. My predictions for the bottom 2 this week are Vonzell and Anthony with Anthony saying farewell. But let’s hope I’m wrong.

Squee! My Dawson’s Creek season 5 DVDs arrived today from the trusty Too bad s5 is my least favorite season of all. But whatever. I love shiny new DVDs. 😛

Book Challenge update…
13. Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Woodring Stover, 432 p
What can I say? I just wanted to find out exactly what happened before seeing the movie. Heh. It’s actually a better novelization than I expected. Is it May 19 yet?
14. The Second Assistant by Clare Naylor, Mimi Hare, 304 p
Just another chick lit book. I saw the hardcover edition on Amazon for $5 so I couldn’t resist. It’s about a girl who moves out to Hollywood to become an assistant at the top talent agency in the business. A fun read, if not a little exaggerated. Took me about 3 hours on the plane from Michigan back home.
I’m only at 14 books — crap. I have to speed it up.

Last but certainly not least, Happy happy birthday Nicola! Hope you have a great day!

oc marathon

I spent my entire weekend watching all (I know, I’m a total couch potato) of The O.C. season 1. Man, I *loved* last season… the disastrous trip to Tijuana, Ryan and Marissa’s first kiss on the ferris wheel, Seth juggling Anna and Summer at Thanksgiving, Julie and Luke’s affair… plus there was an abundance of broody Ryan (with the famous gray hoodie, of course). This season just isn’t the same. I can’t pinpoint whether it’s the new characters (the only one I actually liked was Zach but I wouldn’t mind if Alex stuck around) or the storylines that came out of left field (Sandy and Rebecca, Lindsay and the question of her paternity, Marissa and Alex). The poor ratings are definitely an indication that something is “off” — whatever it is, I hope the writers can get the show back on track.

Totally random Jack and Bobby comment — it seems that we’ve seen the last of both Bradley Cooper (Tom) and Mike Erwin’s (Nate) characters (sadly I’ve pretty much only been watching for them at this point). I definitely understand Tom leaving the show (with him and Grace broken up, he basically has no storyline) but Nate too?! AND the writers had to turn him into a complete jerk! It’s too bad — I really liked him and Courtney together.

And just a head’s up for anyone else who is obsessed with TV shows on DVD — 24 season 3 and One Tree Hill season 1 are 39.99 this week at Target. I picked up OTH yesterday. Can’t wait to have another marathon…

I finally got around to watching First Daughter (which I rented awhile back and kept forgetting about). After all the horrible reviews I read about it last year, I was pleasantly surprised. Probably because my expectations were so low. Marc Blucas’s acting was better than I remember from his role on BtVS but Katie Holmes really surprised me — she looked totally stiff. There were even a few scenes where she looked bored. Like she didn’t want to be there or something. Cute movie despite that.

Site updates: Linda gave me her Everwood season 1 fanlisting so I’ve made a new layout and moved it over here. Please join! I also put up a new layout at Divided They Fall, my Ryan/Seth fanlisting. YAY.

dc s4 dvds

Squee! Dawson’s Creek season 4 DVDs on Tuesday!


But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t do some complaining… about the music changes, of course. Here’s the comprehensive list of replacement songs for the DVD release…

— The song I’m most depressed about losing is David Gray’s This Year’s Love. It was played over the final Pacey/Joey scene in the season premiere, which is one of my most favorite moments of the show. Ever. Sniffle. That song, to me, was like the theme for Pacey and Joey’s relationship in this season… *sigh*

Superman didn’t make the cut in 402. They messed with another one of my favorite Pacey/Joey scenes! * shakes fist*

— Yes! Never Saw Blue Like That in 403 is intact. Phew. I’ve always loved the way this song gave the Dawson/Pacey scene a hopeful tone.

Crazy For This Girl in 408 is gone, which is so bizarre to me because the song is on the official soundtrack (Volume 2). I guess they didn’t get clearance for the DVDs when that deal was inked. *shrugs*

— I have to say that I’m not all that sad to see that Takes My Breath Away was replaced in 414. I know that it’s played over a particularly significant Pacey/Joey scene but… I just wasn’t all that crazy about the song itself. I’m interested to hear the replacement.

— Bye bye to In the Sun from 416. This song introduced me to Joseph Arthur so I’m sad to see it go.

— I’m in shock (SHOCK, I tell you!) that Sweet Jane has been replaced in 418. Jen and Dr. Frost talk about the song in the first act so when it plays during the montage at the end, it serves as kind of a nice bookend to the episode. GUH.

— Another disappointment. No more Waiting For My Real Life To Begin in 421. This is from my second favorite Dawson/Joey scene of the season (the first being their scene together in Self-Reliance). Bah. It’s like all my favorites — gone!

— Well, at least they kept Fields Of Gold in 422. That’s a plus.

ARGH. I’m so conflicted. I love having DC on DVD but it’s not the same knowing that they’re not the “original” episodes.

they’re here!

SCORE! My Dawson’s Creek DVDs came today! I wasn’t expecting them until tomorrow so it was such a pleasant surprise to come home and find them here. Yayayayay. rocks my world.

I only watched a little bit of it so far and I have to say that the image quality of this set is *much* better than that of season 2. The picture is vibrant and gorgeous and it’s not noticeably grainy like the previous set. Right on.

The theme song change isn’t that bad either. The first few times I watched the credits it was a bit jarring not to hear Paula Cole but I do think ‘Run Like Mad’ is a better song overall. I guess if changing it saved money for the other songs, then I’m not going to complain.

Also, there’s a little insert that says Season 4 is coming soon! I’m such a Happy Kelly today. 😀

dc s3 DVDs

The Dawson’s Creek season 3 DVDs are out tomorrow (or today depending on when you read this)! WOOHOO!

I’m over the moon excited about having this season on DVD. (PACEY & JOEY!) My tapes are not in good condition after the repeated viewings over the years. I still have to wait until Wednesday to get my grubby little hands on the DVD set, though, because Amazon shipped them today and I paid for 2-day shipping. Hehe.

My only concern is the music! Guh. I wish it was possible to keep the original music for the DVD releases but there are monetary obstacles. Of course. If anyone’s interested, here is the complete list of replacement songs…

— I can’t believe the theme song was changed! WOW. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I *always* watch the credits (don’t know why but I do) and now… it’ll be weird. I can’t believe I won’t be hearing I don’t wanna wait anymore…

— Yes! “Hold On” in 301 made the cut. The Pacey/Joey dock scene wouldn’t be the same without it.

— Yes! “That Would Be Good” also made it in 308. I was worried about this one because Alanis Morissette is a popular artist and I figured the fees for this song would be too high. Anyway, yay!

— *clunk* NO! “Both Sides Now” was replaced in 312 when Pacey watches Joey fall asleep. I love that Joni Mitchell song.

— *gasp* “In Your Keeping” from 320 didn’t make it! This is killing me. This song is so damn angsty and fit perfectly with Joey standing alone on the dock at the end of the episode.

— Score! “My Invitation” from Pacey and Joey’s prom dance in 322 made it. Phew! That scene is very high on my all-time favorite DC scenes and I’m happy they didn’t mess with it.

— “I Will Be There For You” got the ax. Crap. That’s when Joey runs down the dock to find Pacey in 323…

— But YES! Pacey and Joey sailing away to “Days Like These” in 323 is still intact. Another sigh of relief. The end of the entire season must not be messed with.

I guess I’m a little disappointed in some of the songs they chose to replace (especially the theme song) but overall I’m just *so* happy that this season is being released on DVD. I know I’m going to be spending my weekend in front of the TV. 🙂

everwood on DVD

Squee! Got my tax return today. 😀 I know just what I’m going to splurge on — DVD sets! Now, the question is which one(s)? I want to get Gilmore Girls s1, Smallville s2, Buffy s6 and West Wing s1 or 2… Guh, it’s not going to be easy narrowing it down.

Speaking of DVDs, season 1 of Everwood is being released on DVD! Season 1 was the season of angsty Ephram/Amy *and* Colin… my beloved Colin. If anyone’s interested, the cover art and the extras are listed on TV Shows on DVD. There’s supposed to be deleted scenes, a gag reel, and commentary by Gregory Smith and Treat Williams. I’m a sucker for extras.

I also read that The Apprentice is coming out on DVD in August. I don’t know that I’d buy it but I’d be tempted. Because of Kwame. He was a great competitor. *cough* Heh.

Thanks to Christine for the help with my browser. The font is back to normal!

Enough rambling — I have to get changed to go to the movie theatre (I’m wearing my Gryffindor t-shirt, hehe) to see Harry Potter… so excited!

fixing php

Grrreat… I happened to find myself on when I discover that the method I’ve been using to convert my site to php is susceptible to hackers. FABULOUS. I use dynamic inclusion on all of my sites! So now instead of writing my Tuesday TV commentary, I better start fixing code…

Oh, but wait — to go along with my previous entry, the Dawson’s Creek Season 3 DVDs are available for pre-order! Score!

alias s2 dvds

Weekends are too damn short.

On a positive note, I got my Alias s2 DVDs!!! Gawd, they’re so nice and shiny. LOVE them. I’m supposed to be sleeping but what the heck, I’m going to pop them in the DVD player and watch a couple of episodes. 😀

confirmed! dc s3!

I was having a pretty crappy day (for no particular reason really) and then 2 things happened that made me squee with delight:

1. Official confirmation on Dawson’s Creek Season 3 on DVD! OMGOMGOMG! Can you imagine? All the greatest Pacey/Joey moments (True Love, The Anti-Prom, The Longest Day, etc.) immortalized on DVD?!? So. Excited.

2. Finally, after sitting through a less than stellar season 3, Alias hits me with an awesome episode. I was seriously sitting on the edge of my seat for the entire episode. Loved Ricky Gervais (which reminds me that I need to finish watching The Office DVD), loved Vaughn (in glasses *dies*), loved Sark (in handcuffs!), loved Weiss (“method acting!”), loved Jack (“get the defibrillator!”). Basically loved all the men. Hee.

Speaking of men, let me do this great meme (stolen from Linda)…

10 TV Characters You’d Most Like to Have Sex With (HEE!)
1. Pacey, Dawson’s Creek — He’s sweet, romantic and has the ability to make a woman feel like the center of the universe. *sighs*
2. Colin, Everwood — The popular athlete who’s a cutie to boot.
3. Clark, Smallville — Cause who doesn’t love a good boy?
4. Vaughn, Alias — Spies are sexy. Especially spies who can speak French and rock a pair of eyeglasses like nobody’s business.
5. Tony, 24 — The guy gets shot and is back at work about an hour later. That kind of energy and stamina could be good in bed. BWAH!
6. Nathan, One Tree Hill — Equal parts arrogance and sweetness. Perfect.
7. Danny, Las Vegas — He just has the most mesmerizing smile. *melts*
8. Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer — That long, dark coat of his never fails to make me swoon.
9. Max, Roswell — So broody and shy with a dark, soulful quality to him.
10. Sark, Alias — He makes evil seem cool.

Guh. I had something else to blog about but after thinking about cute boys for the past few minutes, my brain has turned into a pile of mush. Hee. 😀