comic-con 2010: days 3 & 4

Oh man, it pains me that I’ve only been blogging about once a week lately. My poor abandoned blog. Work, house maintenance, and TV take up so much time leaving nothing for the blog. Obviously my time management sucks.

Anyway, apparently I have commitment issues when it comes to topics on my blog. So even though it’s been 3 weeks since Comic-Con, I’m finishing up my recap, damn it! Beware blurry pics.

Saturday, July 24

Today was our INSANE panel day. Rob and I basically went to Ballroom 20 and stayed there from morning until late afternoon. No joke.

The first panel of the day was Chuck. It started at 10am and at 8am the scene already looked like this. CRAZINESS.

I was so excited for this panel (hence the reason for the 2 hour wait in line) and it ended up being a little disappointing. First, the panel started late (I later found out it was due to technical difficulties) so by the time they showed the opening highlight reel and hilarious Jeffster music video (singing Lady Gaga!), the cast was only able to come on stage to answer questions for a short time. 🙁

They did reveal a few tidbits for next season —

— Linda Hamilton has been cast as Chuck & Ellie’s mom.
— The Buy More has been taken over by the CIA and Olivia Munn and the Old Spice guy (Isaiah Mustafa) will guest star as CIA directors (or agents? I can’t remember).

The moderators also pointed out that besides Chuck & Sarah, there was another break-out couple last season — Casey (Adam Baldwin) & Morgan (Joshua Gomez). When asked what they like about working with each other, Joshua said he liked Adam’s soft hands (what?!) and Adam joked back that when the crew is setting up scenes for the two of them, they have to get an apple box for Joshua to stand on since he’s so much shorter. BWAHAHAHA. Poor Joshua looked so embarrassed.

After Chuck was a series of panels for animated shows I don’t watch — Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, Futurama, The Simpsons (Rob does, though). I didn’t know what the heck they were talking about but I have to admit that they were HILARIOUS. Especially Seth MacFarlane and the entire cast and crew of Family Guy. During the audience Q&A, a fan went up to the mic and was so nervous, he was stammering and couldn’t get his question out. Seth MacFarlane laughed and said he thought the fan was going to pull one of these and he pretends to whip out a gun and start shooting. OMG. So inappropriate. But I laughed anyway. I couldn’t help it!

Family Guy

The Cleveland Show


The Simpsons

Next up was the V panel, which was a complete and utter snoozefest. Rob left mid-way through because he was so bored (he went to the Eureka and Warehouse 13 panels). And he’s the one that watches this show! I only watch it because he does. All I remember is that the actor who plays Tyler is just as weird and awkward as his character. Really. Oh, and Elizabeth Mitchell is an incredibly humble and gorgeous actress.

FINALLY. FINALLY. It was time for Fringe. OK. SO. I didn’t watch any of season 2. I was pretty much there to see my celebrity crush Joshua Jackson.


The cast and creators talked a lot about duality and duplicity with regards to the show’s alternate universe and how choices play a role in the differences between the two worlds. Anna Torv described it best when she said that both Olivias have similar goals but our Olivia wants to be the best while alt-Olivia just wants to win.

Everything else they discussed pretty much went over my head but really intrigued me. Maybe I need to do a season 2 marathon?

But for me anyway, Josh Jackson was the highlight. He infused humor into the panel. For instance…

— At the very beginning, the moderator asked him “Is Peter about to embark on the most exhilarating threesome he’s ever had?” WTF. IDEK. Anyway, JJ answered by asking in return “Is there such a thing as a non-exhilarating threesome?”
— During the audience Q&A, the panel decided to ask the fans questions in return. One of the questions was why Gene (the cow) had polka dots. When the fan didn’t know, JJ grabbed his water, took a huge sip, and made gurgling noises. The fan correctly guessed a bong hit. BEST moment of the panel by far.
— The last question asked by the panel was about the pot strains that Walter crossed. It’s completely quiet for awhile when someone in the audience yells out the exact ingredients. The creators are surprised, tell him that he wins a t-shirt while JJ says “And a five-to-fifteen year jail sentence!”


Aaaannnnd the last panel for the day was The Vampire Diaries. I was REALLY surprised at how much the ballroom emptied out after Fringe. It went from full capacity to half. Those people don’t know what they’re missing.
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tv upfronts again

It’s TV upfronts time again!

I’m a dork and love the anticipation of show renewals and cancellations and the excitement for new series to come. So far, FOX, ABC, and NBC have announced their fall schedules. Nothing terribly exciting…

I don’t like So You Think You Can Dance moving to the fall. It’s my summer show! Humph. For the past few seasons, I’ve been looking forward to it as a “break” from the rest of my shows. Oh well.

Glad to see Fringe is back (which reminds me, I need to watch the season finale). But they moved it to Thursday at 9. THANKS A LOT. I watch 3 other shows in the same time slot.

Dollhouse was renewed. I don’t watch the show but maybe I will now. I read that the show got off to a slow start but built up to a solid season ending episode. Plus, I’ve always loved Joss Whedon’s shows. Hmmm.

The only new show I’m going to check out is Glee. I haven’t watched the pilot yet (it aired tonight after American Idol) but based on opinions from friends who saw it early, I think I’m going to like it. I mean, come on. It’s a show about a high school musical choir. Tell me that’s not TOTALLY UP MY ALLEY.

I don’t really watch much on ABC anymore besides Lost and Grey’s Anatomy and of course, those were easy renewals. I’ve long since given up on Private Practice, Ugly Betty, and Brothers and Sisters but I’m not surprised to see them on the fall schedule again.

As for their new shows, I’ve never been a huge sitcom fan so their Wednesday night comedy block doesn’t interest me at all. Eastwick looks promising though (based on the movie Witches of Eastwick) and it stars Rebecca Romijn and Lindsay Price. Love both of them.

PHEW. SO happy Chuck is back on NBC’s midseason schedule. Even if it’s only for 13 episodes. It’s such a good show! I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Heroes for the past few seasons but the finale definitely picked up so I have to admit I’m (cautiously) looking forward to season 4. I watched the premiere of Southland a few weeks ago but I guess Ben McKenzie isn’t as big of a draw as I thought because I never remember to watch this show. Too much going on Thursdays. Maybe Friday will be a better night for it? Although Friday seems to be the day where networks put shows TO DIE a slow death (recent example: Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles).

Are new medical dramas like Trauma and Mercy really necessary?

Also, it is VERY WEIRD to see The Jay Leno Show on the schedule EVERY NIGHT at 10pm. I like Jay Leno but he is taking away too many precious PRIMETIME slots. Couldn’t he have just conceded the Tonight Show to Conan and left it at that? Grrr.