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First, I just want to wish my husband Rob (weird!) a happy belated 30th birthday. It was actually yesterday but we were out sightseeing on the north shore and I was too lazy to blog about it. 😀

So it’s 7pm Hawaii time… Rob’s taking a nap after a very tiring day at the pool (hee) and what am I doing? I am refreshing my browser every few seconds checking on the scores of the women’s gymnastics all-around competition. Gawd, how I love the Olympics.

And because I don’t think it has aired yet (warning: spoiler ahead)…

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a gymnastics plea

I know I promised not to talk about gymnastics until next year but… I have a plea. A really great person over at TWoP sent me tapes of the 96 Olympics and I spent ALL DAY watching them. It was so great to see the Magnificent 7 win the gold. Squee! My most favorite gymnastics moment EVER. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone out there had any earlier meets (specifically 92 Olympics, 93/94/95 Worlds) that they’d be willing to tape for me? I’m in a total gymnastics phase right now and I’m desperate!

In other news, Rob and I have a new Tivo in our room. SCORE.

bye bye gymnastics

I never thought I’d say this but I am *so* glad gymnastics is over in the Olympics. I don’t want to get into it here (because I’m sure I’m just going to get all riled up) so let’s just say I’m feeling disillusioned by the whole Men’s All Around controversy, all the #@!$ protests, and the judging errors. Artistic gymnastics is my favorite sport and it’s such a shame to see what’s happened at the games so far. 🙁 I think we’ll definitely see a huge change in the judging system as well as the Code of Points for this upcoming quadrennium.

On to more positive thoughts and a final wrap-up…

Marian Dragulescu is my new gymnastics boyfriend. He’s such a cutie. I still can’t get over his fantastic first vault in event finals. WOW.

But I will never ever forget my very first gymnastics boyfriend Alexei Nemov. I love him, I love what he’s done for the sport, for what he’s achieved and for never failing to take off his shirt during the champion’s gala. It’s too bad he won’t have the chance to do that again in Athens. Heh.

I want to give Paul Hamm a HUGE hug.

I’ve never paid much attention to Anna Pavlova’s gymnastics but she really shined in this Olympics. I *so* wanted her to medal in the All Around but I’m glad she leaves with her bronze on vault. I hope to see her in competition again.

Catalina Ponor rocks. I just love her beam routine — she’s so effortless and graceful. It’s so great to see her take home 2 gold medals.

And of course, I’m very, very happy for Courtney K, Carly, Terin and Annia for their individual medals. 🙂 Go Team USA!

Phew. I swear, no more gymnastics talk here until next year’s Worlds. November 2005, I think. You’re all safe for an entire year. 😉

women’s all around

Watching the Women’s gymnastics All Around right now. I’ll be doing some running commentary since NBC insists on showing the meet one… rotation… at… a… time.

Aahhh… Svetlana Khorkina. I just love her. She’s such a diva and makes no apologies for it. I still remember when she slapped her teammate in the Sydney Olympics for falling off an apparatus in the team competition. Oh man. *shakes head* The sport won’t be the same without her.

Why in the world does NBC insist on putting those huge logos in the right hand corner of the screen?!? That thing is huge and very distracting. I don’t need to know RIGHT NOW during Courtney Kupets’s vault that swimming is coming up in 7 minutes. Grrr.

Random — NBC is showing swimming now and Markus Rogan (won silver in the 200m backstroke) is CUTE. Evidence here.

Anna Pavlova rocked that beam set. I’m pulling for her to medal.

Another amazing beam set from Carly. She is on fire.

Svetlana is way too thin. I’m scared she’s going to snap right in half when she lands a tumbling pass.

Love Courtney Kupets. Don’t like her floor routine. Which brings me to something one of the commentators (Elfi, I think) on the NBC coverage said… something about the floor choreography in this Olympics being some of the best. Is she crazy? Most female gymnasts now don’t even take any kind of dance training. It definitely shows and that’s part of what I dislike about the Code of Points for this quad. I guess I just remember the days of Lilia Podkopayeva (96 Olympic and World champion — one of my favorites), Svetlana Boguinskaya, and the old Soviet greats of the late 80s. Tangent, sorry.

Carly up on floor… OMG. Wheeee!!! YAY CARLY! 🙂 What a great meet — very, very happy for her.

Wow, Svetlana is happy. Shocking.

So, so close for Anna Pavlova. It broke my heart to see her cry. I thought she had a great night. But I’m not surprised at the podium at all. Carly, Svetlana, and Zhang Nan were the same top 3 in 2003 Worlds (CP and SK switched, of course).

NBC is playing that I Believe I Can Fly song in their ending montage. So cheesy.

No artistic gymnastics until Sunday night (event finals) so my blog should be gymnastics free until then. 😀

paul hamm — olympic champion!

Still very happy for the US gymnasts (both men and women!) on their team silver medals. 😀 I just wish that American media would stop harping on the women for not winning the gold. UGH. Yes, they were the gold medal favorites and yes, they were the reigning world champions but I hate reading articles that focus on their errors. It’s not like they made mistakes on purpose! They wanted to win just like everybody else. Gymnastics is a completely unpredictable sport and the US team winning the gold was never a sure thing.

Err… yeah. Getting off my soapbox now, lol.

Men’s All-Around has started. YES! Possible Marian Dragulescu sighting. 😉 Off to watch…

I’M BACK — HOLY SH*T! I can’t believe Paul Hamm climbed out of such a huge point deficit to win the gold. Oh man, that was an amazing high bar set. I’m thrilled for him and his helium voice, hehe.

Oh and Alie, I vaguely remember taking a tumbling class when I was really young (maybe 3 or 4?) but otherwise, I’m just a HUGE fan of the sport.

Gymnastics is monopolizing my blog. I *really* need to find something else to blog about. But uh, probably not for another few days. HEE!

Sorry guys. 🙂

women’s gym AA

OMG, I am so glad my boss is not around today. Cause I can’t believe what I’m doing…

I’m watching an Italian live feed of the Women’s Gymnastics All Around final. !!! I just can’t stand waiting until the delayed NBC coverage. I have to know the results immediately. Hehe.

I should so be fired. But really, I think I deserve a 2 week long vacation during the Olympics because I’m such a junkie.

Happy birthday to one of my oldest friends Carmen! 🙂 Hope you’re having a great day!

team USA gets the silver!

YAYYY!!! The US women gymnasts won the silver!


Oh man, what an exciting meet. I really thought Team USA had a chance but the Romanians were freaking fabulous. Wow. They really were the best team out there.

More thoughtful comments tomorrow… I’m sleepy.

Huh. I can’t seem to rip my new Jamie Cullum CD (highly recommended, by the way!). *grumble, grumble*

women’s gym prelims

Yay! Women’s gymnastics is under way! I am, of course, extremely partial to the US team and I’m happy they had a decent showing to finish second in the prelims.

I have to say that I was so impressed by Mo — she was the rock of the team. I’m so happy that she’s performing well and will get a chance to win an individual medal in the Floor Exercise final. She’s so awesome. Now, on the complete other side of the spectrum, I feel so awful for Courtney McCool. She missed major connections in her beam routine and stepped out of bounds on the floor — so uncharacteristic of her. She’s usually such a confident and clean gymnast. But I guess once the nerves set in after her first mistake, she couldn’t quite recover. It’s too bad that the coaches left her off the roster for the team finals, but I understand that they can’t take the risk (especially with this no margin for error 6-3-3 format, which I don’t like at all but that’s another rant for another time). It’s really sad to think that her Olympics experience is over.

Random women’s gym stuff:
Carly Patterson’s beam routine ROCKED — she was solid and hit all of her big skills. Check out the link if you want to download her routine. I’m really hoping she medals in the All-Around.

Someone please take the glitter and eyeliner away from Terin Humphrey! She’s such a beautiful gymnast but her makeup is seriously overwhelming. (And this coming from a makeup fiend).

I love the Romanians on beam (Catalina Ponor — wow!) and the Chinese on bars (their swing and huge release moves are unbelievable).

It’s really sad to see the Russians (men and women) doing so poorly as a team. They used to be the powerhouses of the sport and now I don’t think they even have a chance at winning a medal.

Stuff on today’s competitions:
*So* excited for the US men’s gymnastics team and their silver medal! And of course the Japanese team on their gold! 😀 I just wish that NBC had shown more of the Japanese men’s routines. They won the gold medal and they were only shown on 2 events. Boo.

Marian Dragalescu’s vault was INSANE.

Why oh why are they not showing Sexy Alexei Nemov?! He’s my Russian boyfriend!

Paul Hamm has the weirdest voice.

It’s also really disappointing to see all the empty seats during gymnastics. In the past 3 summer games (the ones that I can actually remember watching), the arena has been jam-packed with people. If I could head over to Athens right now, I totally would.

Very happy for Natalie Coughlin and her gold in the 100m backstroke! I was a senior at Cal when she was a freshman and I remember reading about her in the Daily Cal — probably when she won NCAA Swimmer of the Year. Anyway, just happy to see a fellow Bear get a win in the Olympics. Oh, and does anyone think she looks a little like Bethany Joy Lenz? Just me? Ok.

Women’s team final tomorrow! Expect more exciting Olympics comments from me, heh.

One more thing — I’ve enjoyed seeing all the promos for the new and returning NBC shows. I have to remember to do a blog about that.

dress shopping

Whew! What a long weekend…

I spent ALL day on Saturday looking for a dress to wear to Rob’s brother’s wedding (it’s on August 28) and after about 8 hours, 3 malls and what seems like a million dresses that I tried on, I ended up with NOTHING! So today Rob and I hit another mall and after trying on about a million MORE dresses, I finally found a really pretty pink floral dress with a flared skirt and ruffles. It sounds so girly, I just love it! I think Rob was probably more relieved than I was cause it meant he didn’t have to endure one more minute of shopping. Now I just have to find shoes and some sort of shawl… hehe.

I caught the E! True Hollywood Story on Women’s Gymnastics tonight (I think it was titled “Little Girls, Big Dreams”). The show itself wasn’t very exciting or informative but it was cool to see Shannon Miller (my all-time favorite gymnast! but uh, did she have a nose job?!), Dominique Dawes, and Dominique Moceanu talking about their careers, the pressure, and their Olympic experiences. They also showed the 6 members of the 2004 US Olympic team and my Olympics excitement has returned! Opening ceremonies on Friday! Whee! I’m such a geek.

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to Jill! 🙂


I can’t wait for the Olympics now! I caught the US Olympic gymnastics trials on TV today and it looks like the women are going to have a great team. I’m glad that Courtney Kupets is guaranteed a spot and I’m crossing my fingers that Carly Patterson (my current favorite gymnast) and Mohini Bhardwaj get selected for the team too. They better win some medals this year! I’m *still* sad about their poor showing in the 2000 games.

Though I will forever love the 1996 team. Shannon Miller, Dominique Dawes, Amy Chow — my all-time favorite gymnasts! The Magnificent Seven rocked. 😀

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