allergic reaction

I am so uncomfortable right now. I was taking antibiotics after my tooth extraction a few weeks back and it turns out that I am actually ALLERGIC to the stuff. So last week, I developed an itchy rash all over my arms and legs. Fantastic. I went to the doctor, she said I am now allergic to the penicillin family, and prescribed Benadryl to combat the allergic reaction. It seems to be helping but really, all I want to do is get my claws out and scratch myself silly. ARGH.

That Snoop Dogg song, Sensual Seduction is stuck in my head. I CAN’T STAND that song.

And because this entry is MADE OF SO MUCH WIN (please note sarcasm), I want to liven it up with a (relatively) new picture of my little furry baby…

Rob was working and couldn’t play with Diesel. So he decided to throw a fit and hide under the couch. What a cutie.