first family

I felt a little disconnected from the world today. While my whole office was watching the inauguration from the TVs in the lobby and the conference rooms, I was stuck at my cube. Doing work. Nope, I’m not bitter.

Ok, fine. I TOTALLY AM.

So I’m watching the highlights now on CNN. My computer must suck because the videos keep stalling and the images don’t always correspond with the sound but that doesn’t stop the overwhelming feeling of emotion from welling up inside me. The hope and optimism of everyone involved and everyone in attendance jumps right through the screen. It’s a good day for America. *sniff*

In shallow news, I just love the Obama girls (Michelle, Malia, and Sasha)!

Photo courtesy of Daylife

And I especially love this cute video of Sasha after President Obama’s inaugural address. CUTE!

Moving Update: 8 DAYS! Holy moly. Gotta get moving on the packing…