the weekend

I like doing weekend photo recaps so even though I was sick and didn’t do anything exciting this past weekend, I took photos anyway.

There’s grass in our little yard now and it’s getting loooong. So Rob was on a quest to buy a lawnmower. YES, these are the things that we do over the weekend. We’re old and boring now. 😀

While we were at Home Depot, I couldn’t help checking out the faux Christmas tree display.

Rob decided he wanted the new iPhone 4 (and was going to buy me one too!) so we headed to the Apple store. Crowded as usual but we got our phones in record time. So far I LOVE it. It’s so much faster than my old 3G and the screen looks impeccable too.

Aside from those errands, I stayed home most of the weekend nursing a cold (still am, which suuuucks). Lucikily, I had all my October/November magazines…

… and Diesel to keep me company.


in my head right now…

The weeks have been absolutely flying by. Seriously, how is it almost September?! I can’t keep up.

Random stuff I’ve been thinking about…

I changed the theme of my blog! It’s pink now and much more ME than the blue craziness.

Work life has been insane. One of my managers left (*sob*) and we hired a new assistant… so with all these changes, I had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco for a few days (my first time in over a year!). I was looking forward to the hustle and bustle and cool weather of the city. Imagine my surprise when I arrived on Monday morning and was greeted by the VERY SAME HEAT that I left behind. WTF. Despite the heat, it was a good trip — I had fun dinners with great friends, caught up with co-workers, window shopped downtown, picked up late night frozen yogurt to cool down, and even managed to get some work done. I feel very lucky to have experienced the city again. But when I landed in Orange County last night, I was ridiculously happy. It definitely doesn’t have the energy of a big city but it’s home. “There’s no place like home” is a cliche for a reason.

I watched an episode of The Good Wife the other day and LOVED it. Now it’s my mission to watch the entire first season before the second premieres. The pilot is free to download on iTunes this week so I think it’s fate.

The Burn Notice summer finale was INSANE. In a good way.

I recently discovered the wonder that is the Google Reader. I follow 100+ blogs (it’s an addiction, what can I say) and I finally have a streamlined way of always being caught up. SO. AWESOME.

Maybe I’m judge-y or whatever but I think it’s kind of weird when I see that someone’s Twitter feed consists primarily of work updates and links to work-related articles. Or maybe I’m jealous that there are people out there that truly feel like their work is an extension of them. Believe me, I would NEVER be caught reading trade publications in my free time. Time away from work is too precious a commodity.

I have iphone rage. I updated my 3G to the new OS a few weeks back and now it sucks balls. It’s slow and is prone to freezing. Damn you Apple. I bet this was your evil plot all along — to make me hate my phone so much that I’ll eventually break down and buy the new iphone 4. Bastards. I’m annoyed but will totally fall for it. Hook, line, and sinker.

Totally late but YAY for Lauren winning So You Think You Can Dance. She was my favorite of the final 3 (awesome personality and versatility) — and I totally loved that she foiled the judges hope of a male contemporary dancer winning. Ok, they never said that but I firmly believe there are behind the scenes manipulations that happen on this show to get the results they want. I guess I’m a TV conspiracy theorist?

That’s all I’ve got. Sorry for all the text. Next time I’ll include pics. 😀

this past week

Ugh, I have been so lazy lately. (What’s new, right?) And today it’s raining like crazy so I’m doubly lazy. 😀

So… what have I been up to? Let’s do this in list form because it’s easier.

1. Last weekend I saw Bolt. It wasn’t the best animated film I’ve seen but definitely entertaining. Bolt was so cute! I loved his little face when he was begging for food. Awww. Although, is it just me, or does Bolt NOT look like a German Shepherd? Anyway. Rhino was pretty awesome too.

2. Ever since I got my iPhone (squee!), I’ve been a little obsessed with downloading Apps from the iTunes store. Some of my favorites are Yelp, Amazon,, Lightsaber, RhinoBall, Pop Quiz. 🙂 Anyone have any other recommendations? It’s so hard to wade through all the options on iTunes. Admittedly, I’m cheap so free is best but I’m willing to pay for good apps.

3. Last Sunday, Rob and I went to our friend Shirley’s birthday cooking party. Such an awesome idea! There were about 20 of us (I think) and we were split up into teams working on separate parts of the meal. Rob and I worked on the dessert, which was a tangerine souffle. We were in charge of chopping up the tangerines, making juice out of the oranges, and boiling it all together. The rest of our team was separating the eggs and prepping the baking ramekins. The end result was fantastic (the souffle was so light and fluffy) but honestly, I kinda think it took way too much time and effort. :/ Or it could be the whole laziness thing again. 😛 A couple of pics of us courtesy of the birthday girl!

Rob making juice from the oranges!

Me cutting up the tangerines.

4. As organized as I like to think I was for the wedding, post-wedding wrap-up has been a completely different story. A lot of the “stuff” used at our wedding is still in boxes at my dad’s house (like extra programs, signage, baskets, etc), some duplicate presents we received still haven’t been returned/exchanged, we haven’t finalized the photo selections for our album. And we haven’t started our Thank You cards. EEEEEEKKKKK. Well, I finally designed the cards and had them printed and now Rob and I are starting to write them… WOW. It’s going to take us a little while. :/

5. We went to Home Depot yesterday to get some moving boxes. I know we’re not moving until the end of January but knowing us and the amount of “stuff” we own, we figured we should get a head start. Since it’s raining today, we got started with our books and DVDs. We already have about 6 boxes full and we’re not done packing them yet. !!! What can I say? We love our DVDs. Too bad our apartment looks like a hurricane plowed right through it. There are piles everywhere.

Hmmm. I thought I had more to write about but I guess that’s it. I can’t believe Christmas is next week. Just 7 more days of work. WOOT.

digital perm

Rob bought me an iphone! WOOT. I am so spoiled.

So over the weekend I got a digital perm. !!! It’s not a crazy, super curly perm… instead the curls are more wavy and loose and start towards the bottom of my hair. (A more technical description is here if you’re interested).

Before, if I wanted curly hair, I had to wake up an hour early in the morning to fully dry and curl my hair. It was such a pain. And then my wedding coordinator told me about the digital perm a few months ago. She had hers done at a salon in LA and it turned out beautifully. I’ve wanted to try it since I saw how great her hair looks but I was totally scared. I’ve never had any professional treatments done to my hair — no perms, straightening, coloring, etc. And I also didn’t know anyone in the Bay Area who’s had a digital perm so I had no clue which salons even offered it and that I could trust with my hair. I figured I would wait until I was in LA for Christmas and have it done there. THEN I saw my friend Shirley a few weeks back — she normally has straight hair — and her hair was wavy and GORGEOUS. Squeeeeeee. She filled me in on the details of her salon, I checked the reviews on Yelp, and I made an appointment.

The whole experience was great. Before Joe did anything, we discussed everything — how I cared for my hair, how I styled it day to day, what I wanted from the perm, etc. Then he got started — after trimming my hair a bit, he applied the solution, set my hair in rollers, hooked up the rollers to the ion emitting machine, applied more solution, rinsed and conditioned, then finally dried and styled my hair. Whew. All in all, it took about 3 hours. And I totally LOVE IT. It’s even more low maintenance than my normal straight hair. I just wash it, blow dry the roots for a few minutes, apply some curl enhancing cream and either “scrunch” the curls for a wavy look or twist them around my fingers for more defined curls. Easy peasy.

Some pics of my new hair!

From the back. This is how my hair looks right after styling it in the morning.

Fron the front. After a looooong day at work. The curls aren’t as defined but there’s still a nice wave to it. And BONUS: Diesel says Hello!

I’m definitely going to grow out my hair so the curls will eventually fall below my shoulders. YAY.

new moon

I bought Rob an iPhone for his belated birthday present and now I am SO. JEALOUS. I want one too (whine, whine). Sadly AT&T won’t let me get one until November (stupid contract).

Anyway, I finished New Moon over the weekend and I liked it about the same as Twilight.

Emma hit the nail on the head in her comment to my previous entry — it’s been so hard to get through this series because the writing isn’t so great. 🙁 This was definitely more noticeable in New Moon.

But I did understand Bella more in this second installment. Which is an improvement. Unfortunately, I still don’t really like her. I found her to be reckless and selfish. And it completely bothers me that she’s so nonchalant about becoming a vampire. Cause I don’t feel like she’s taking it seriously or that she’s really weighed the pros and cons. Interestingly, I liked Edward much more in this book — maybe because compared to Bella, he was like the voice of reason. I also really liked learning more about Jacob (he might just be my favorite character) though I still don’t understand why the vampires and the werewolves are enemies. Did I miss something?

I’ve gotten this far so I want to read the rest of the series… but I’ll have to find a generous friend to loan Eclipse and Breaking Dawn to me. Only the hardcovers are available and I’m CHEAP. Anyone? 😛