jack & bobby finale

Still moving. I’ll be so happy in 2 weeks when it’s all over.

I’m waaayyy behind on my TV shows but I have caught a few episodes here and there…

Jack & Bobby
I guess Berlanti and Schlamme had no faith that the show would be renewed because the finale really felt like the end. And they ended up being right, sadly. It’s too bad because I thought the show had hit a great stride and I was looking forward to what was to come in the second season. Oh well. At least the (series) finale really delivered for me as a Jack fan (I’ve long thought he’s been a bit shafted with regards to significant storylines). I loved seeing him meet his father (I got so choked up in those scenes) and also enjoyed learning about his future as a public defender and later as a Congressman. Looking back at my initial thoughts on the show, I never would have imagined that I would be sad about its cancellation. Stupid WB! I just hope the show is someday released on DVD.

NOOOO!!! NOT. TONY. $#@! OF COURSE, after Tony and Michelle get it together (aww, they kissed!), they have Tony go out in the field and get taken hostage. Argh. And by MANDY! Wowzers. I seriously gasped when I saw Mia Kirshner. That was a damn good surprise.

American Idol
Final 2 will be Bo and Carrie.

It looks the Network Upfronts have started this week and so far, there’s not too much to be happy about…

They moved Alias to Thursdays?!? WHY?!? It was so great following Lost. UGH. And they picked up a sitcom starring Freddie Prinze, Jr? Huh.

Very weak line-up. There’s 2 versions of The Apprentice for goodness sake! (Although I have to admit I am contemplating checking out the Martha Stewart version, hee). Plus, they moved The West Wing to Sundays. Lame.

They cancelled Jack & Bobby. GRR. AND THEN they MOVED One Tree Hill to Wednesdays at 8 (what?!) and also MOVED Smallville and Everwood to Thursdays (double what?!?). I thought all 3 shows worked well on their current nights. *grumble, grumble*

Anyway, Star Wars tomorrow! I’m so excited. 😀

who is voting for scott?

WHO is voting for Scott?!? I was totally hoping my prediction would be wrong too. America, you are *killing* me. Seriously.

Because my brain is going to explode if I keep thinking about American Idol, some TV comments (I’m so happy the WB is back from hiatus)…

Jack and Bobby
I didn’t think I would still watch this show after Bradley Cooper and Mike Erwin’s characters left the cast but I somehow got attached to Jack. He’s certainly a very flawed character (screaming at Marcus and Courtney, not supporting Bobby with the track tryouts, dating that awful Katie) but there’s something about him that is so genuine. I loved the scene at the end of Friends With Benefits when he began coaching Bobby. Aww.

Jack just can’t catch a break with the women. His relationship with Audrey was doomed from the start. Poor guy. I don’t like her much but I was rooting for them if only to finally see Jack smile at the end of the season. I can’t seem to figure out how to feel about Vice President Logan (or well, President for the time being). Is he in on the terrorist activities or is he just the biggest coward ever? He is such a waste of time to me. I’d rather learn more about Marwan and his motivation for the attacks. But that’s probably just me.

The OC
First Sandy and Rebecca and now Kirsten and this Carter character. UGH. Stop messing with the Cohens. !!!

Gilmore Girls
Was a little bored with the episode. Plus, no Logan. Paris was a riot, though. And is it just me but does anyone else NOT like Lane and Zach? They just don’t do anything for me. And I really like Lane.

One Tree Hill
I may have said this before but I’ll say it again — Haley is dead to me. The episode was so hard to watch with all those great flashbacks of Nathan and Haley. *sniff* And then to see Haley basically take Nathan’s heart (after he drove so far to see her!) and stomp on it. I don’t think the writers can do anything at this point to make me love her the way I did last season. So glad Felix is finally gone! And I never thought I would say it but I think I’m beginning to like Anna. She was so undefined as a character that I couldn’t bring myself to care about her but now I do. I’m kinda rooting for her to stick around. Brooke and Lucas are still bugging me. I really wish the writers would stop projecting Sophia and Chad’s real life relationship onto the characters. So aggravating.

Phew. Would you believe I have *more* shows to catch up on? Hee.

oc marathon

I spent my entire weekend watching all (I know, I’m a total couch potato) of The O.C. season 1. Man, I *loved* last season… the disastrous trip to Tijuana, Ryan and Marissa’s first kiss on the ferris wheel, Seth juggling Anna and Summer at Thanksgiving, Julie and Luke’s affair… plus there was an abundance of broody Ryan (with the famous gray hoodie, of course). This season just isn’t the same. I can’t pinpoint whether it’s the new characters (the only one I actually liked was Zach but I wouldn’t mind if Alex stuck around) or the storylines that came out of left field (Sandy and Rebecca, Lindsay and the question of her paternity, Marissa and Alex). The poor ratings are definitely an indication that something is “off” — whatever it is, I hope the writers can get the show back on track.

Totally random Jack and Bobby comment — it seems that we’ve seen the last of both Bradley Cooper (Tom) and Mike Erwin’s (Nate) characters (sadly I’ve pretty much only been watching for them at this point). I definitely understand Tom leaving the show (with him and Grace broken up, he basically has no storyline) but Nate too?! AND the writers had to turn him into a complete jerk! It’s too bad — I really liked him and Courtney together.

And just a head’s up for anyone else who is obsessed with TV shows on DVD — 24 season 3 and One Tree Hill season 1 are 39.99 this week at Target. I picked up OTH yesterday. Can’t wait to have another marathon…

I finally got around to watching First Daughter (which I rented awhile back and kept forgetting about). After all the horrible reviews I read about it last year, I was pleasantly surprised. Probably because my expectations were so low. Marc Blucas’s acting was better than I remember from his role on BtVS but Katie Holmes really surprised me — she looked totally stiff. There were even a few scenes where she looked bored. Like she didn’t want to be there or something. Cute movie despite that.

Site updates: Linda gave me her Everwood season 1 fanlisting so I’ve made a new layout and moved it over here. Please join! I also put up a new layout at Divided They Fall, my Ryan/Seth fanlisting. YAY.

even more TV comments…

Rob and I just got a “Save the Date” postcard for our friends’ wedding in July. In Hawaii! Squee! I can’t wait to be on vacation… now I just have to get in shape so I can wear a bathing suit. Crap.

Anyway, so much TV to process (spoilers for the past week’s new episodes)…

The OC
I’m totally loving the development in Seth and Summer’s relationship. I think Zach is a great guy and I was just starting to really like him and Summer together. But that flew out the window when Summer saw Seth’s comic drawings of her — I got reeled back in. As for everything else, I’m not too crazy with what’s going on. Alex and Marissa are totally forgettable (what are the writers doing to poor Marissa anyway? I actually like the character and they can’t seem to figure out what the heck to do with her), Ryan and Lindsay are boring me (I’m sorry, I tried), and Kirsten and Sandy are stressing me out (I already have massive hate for this new Rebecca character — get away from Sandy!).

Jack and Bobby
MIKE ERWIN. !!! YaY. I’m so happy to have him back on my TV again. I thought I’d be giving up this show (4 shows on Wednesday nights is overkill) but between Mike and Bradley Cooper, this show will be staying on my schedule for as long as they are. Heh. Plus, I’m liking Courtney tons better now that they’ve paired her up with Mike Erwin. She’s so much more laidback and likable now. Don’t have much to say about the Jack and Missy break-up other than it was inevitable. Thank goodness — Missy’s breathy voice drove me crazy. Still don’t like Grace. Or Bobby. Especially Bobby.

One Tree Hill
Where was Peyton? And Jake? Was it mentioned that they were still picking up Jenny and I missed it? I hope the actors were unavailable for filming because I cannot believe that Brooke’s crazy crab storyline was more important. And I actually *like* Brooke. I don’t know if I can say the same for Haley right now. Her continued correspondence with Chris is so aggravating. GRR. Nathan is right there! And he loves you! And he’s so cute! I can’t believe this episode made me like Taylor more than Haley. I didn’t think it was possible.

No Lex until 38 minutes into the episode?! Humph. Well, at least I was treated to a Lex/Jason scene. Hee. And Lois returned! I missed her! This episode was probably one of the better ones in recent memory. I didn’t like Alicia in her previous episodes but I warmed to her in this one (though I still don’t quite *get* her relationship with Clark). Too bad they had to kill her off. I also really liked Chloe discovering Clark’s secret. Allison Mack did a great job at conveying both confusion and shock — I wonder if the writers are going anywhere with this reveal? I kinda thought that Chloe might be more concerned with the fact that Lionel’s out of jail. Anyway, Chris Carmack (welcome to the OC bitch! heh) is on next week! But with horribly long and tangled hair. Huh.

And a fandom meme I snagged from Rachel

The fandom(s) that own your soul: Dawson’s Creek, Everwood, 24, Alias, The OC, CSI, American Dreams
The backup fandom(s): Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill|
The fandom(s) you’re just getting into: Desperate Housewives, Lost, Jack & Bobby
The fandom(s) you ran from, screaming: Charmed
The fandom(s) you’ve lost interest in but might still dabble in: American Idol, Las Vegas, The West Wing, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The fandom(s) you’re curious about but never got into: Joan of Arcadia (I don’t watch TV on Friday nights), Veronica Mars
The fandom(s) you think need more love: American Dreams, 24, Felicity (back in the day)
The fandom(s) that make you want to claw your eyes out: Smallville, 7th Heaven (I always see the previews before Everwood and they never fail to make me roll my eyes)

I have 50 GMail invites — anyone want one?

overdue TV post

A looooong overdue TV blog…

Jack & Bobby
I have one more episode to watch before I finally get caught up with this show but I’m still not feeling it. However, I’m shallow and I keep watching for Matt Long. Heh. Although I wish he’d get some better storylines cause the love triangle with Missy and Courtney isn’t very engaging. Especially since I get the feeling I’m supposed to be rooting for Courtney and I’m not. Missy may be a bit flighty but I like her. Still not caring about Grace. But I’m tolerating her because she has scenes with Bradley Cooper! It’s good to see him on TV again. I just hope their relationship isn’t going anywhere further than teacher-student. Also have no interest in Bobby and Dex and their crazy antics. It’s a wonder that I watch this show when I don’t feel anything for the majority of the characters.

One Tree Hill
What’s with Peyton’s hair this season? I don’t like the curly bangs she has going on. I’m also not crazy about the 2 new cast additions, particularly Felix. He can’t act! Michael Copon’s pretty, but wow, is he a bad actor. It’s very distracting. But not distracting enough for me to miss out on the Brooke/Felix/Mouth storyline. Aww. Mouth loves Brooke! Too bad it’ll never happen. Still loving Nathan and Haley, of course. It’ll be interesting to see if Haley’s music career takes off and how it will affect her marriage. I normally like Peyton and Lucas but so far this season, their storylines have been really disappointing. Maybe it’s because they haven’t really been interacting with other Tree Hill regulars so I don’t care as much? Who knows. Thank goodness there’ll be a girl power slumber party next week. That actually looks like fun.

The OC
Squee, it’s back! You guys have no idea how happy the twinkly theme song made me when I heard it. *warm fuzzies* Ryan&Seth=BestFriends4EVAH!!! Ahem. I just loved when Ryan was walking to the cab and Seth was tapping his foot and then he ran to the door… just in time to find Ryan there as well. Aww. I have to say the beginning of the episode was a little slow for me, because I felt like I was just waiting for the payoff of both Ryan and Seth returning to Newport. And yay for continuity — Chyna and her alopecia, the Chrismukkah photo on the fridge, and Captain Oats. I also enjoyed seeing Luke again! I’m really going to miss him this season.

Quote of the episode:
Summer: “What’s his face? Built like a beanpole, curly hair, runs away like a little bitch on his sailboat leaving nothing but a note for his girlfriend who cried and cried over him until the Fourth of July when she decided she doesn’t cry over bitches on boats.” OMG. LOVE. HER.

Where has David Anders been? I seriously thought I read an article that said he had a 4-episode arc. ??? Oh well. It was cool seeing him on CSI a few episodes ago even if it was for about a minute. And with his regular accent! Anyway, this past week’s episode What’s Eating Gilbert Grisson? was freaking amazing. I liked that they revisited the Blue Paint Killer that eluded the CSIs in the past. The entire episode was really well done — it was suspenseful and seriously disturbing (especially those drawings). The killer gave me the creeps. *shivers* My only qualm about the episode was the ending. I just can’t believe that Brass and Grissom let the killer go to the bathroom. After that, I knew he was going to kill himself. It would have been interesting if he had actually escaped though. He would have made a nice foil for Grissom and the CSIs for at least a little while longer.

More shows to follow… I have to get ready for bed! Ahhh, sleep…