Every year I swear I won’t watch any more awards shows… but I always do.

Brief Grammy’s comments…

Yay! Kelly Clarkson won for Best Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album. She was too cute when she picked up her first award cause she couldn’t stop crying! It was like her American Idol win all over again. Awww. Her Because of You performance was great too. I’m so proud. *sniff*

From one Idol to another… What was Fantasia doing there anyway?!? She still bugs me.

When Kanye West speaks, I cringe. But when he performs, I’m all smiles. He’s so great on stage. It doesn’t hurt that Gold Digger is such a catchy song. The marching band and the step showdown were a nice touch. JFU! hehe.

I also managed to watch Lost tonight. I used to be on the fence about Sawyer and now I’m decidedly… not. He’s moved over to my “hate” list along with Charlie and Ana Lucia. Good going.

my weekend

Wow, I haven’t blogged in almost a week! I am so lazy. Really.

What have I been up to?

Well, I bought the new Kelly Clarkson CD, which I love. I’ve been listening to it practically non-stop. I particularly recommend Since U Been Gone, Because of You, and Addicted. Kelly has the most amazing voice — it’s so emotional and just rich. Everyone needs to check it out!

I also bought my Christmas tree this weekend! Squee! It smells so great, it’s all decorated and lit, and I can’t stop staring at it! I’m such a Christmas fangirl (if there *is* such a thing). I still have about half of my Christmas shopping to do though and of course, it’s for all the difficult and extremely picky people ie. my aunts, roommate Jimmy, older cousin, and Rob’s brother and wife. Anyone want to inspire me with some suggestions?

I’m so sad that Cal’s not going to the Rose Bowl. I don’t really follow college football, to be honest, but I *am* a proud Golden Bear and would have loved to see the team make it to that bowl game.

Heads up! I read on TV Shows on DVD that select HBO/Warner DVD sets are 50% off at Amazon. The highlights (to me, anyway) are: Gilmore Girls s1 ($29.99), Smallville s2 ($29.99), and The West Wing s1 and 2 ($29.99). I’m thinking of getting the SMVL and WW sets but I feel bad spending money on myself when I should be saving it for the presents I still have to buy… decisions, decisions.

Now for the Fannish Five

Name the five scenes that make you melt in True Fannish Love. Every. Single. Time.
1. Pacey and Joey (Dawson’s Creek) leaving Capeside for a summer together on the True Love (in season 3’s finale). The header image above is from this scene. *So* squee-worthy.
2. Ephram and Amy (Everwood) saying “I love you” to one another in Staking Claim. Just perfect.
3. Gilbert’s marriage proposal to Anne in the final scene of Anne of Avonlea (the movie). I just love it when Anne says “I don’t want sunbursts or marble halls. I just want you.” Awww.
4. Michael letting Maria (Roswell) “see” him in The Departure.
5. Nathan going to see Haley (One Tree Hill) after being released from the hospital in With Arms Outstretched. I just melt when he says “Then I saw you.. I promised myself that if I could just get up, and walk over to you, and tell you how much I need you, how much I want you, then nothing else matters.”

And an extra one for good measure…
6. Joe running to the airport to see Jess in Bend It Like Beckham. “I can’t let you go without knowing… we might still have something.” Guh.


The American Music Awards were actually watchable this year. It had its moments of eyroll-inducing banter, of course. But I guess that’s nothing new.

I liked all the performances for the most part — I especially enjoyed Kanye West (BWAH! Workout Plan is the funniest song), John Mayer (his set looked really cool in black and white), Maroon 5 (I think I have a crush on the drummer — what’s his name?!), Alicia Keys (she looked gorgeous with her hair up), and Snoop Doog and Pharrell (Drop It Like It’s Hot is my current song of the moment — loved seeing Pharrell dance, hee!).

I was really looking forward to Usher and Alicia Keys singing My Boo… but there was something *off* about their performance. During part of it, Alicia Keys wasn’t even singing. ?? It was weird.

I can’t believe Lenny Kravitz sang that Lady song again. Every time I go into the GAP, that song is playing. I half expected Sarah Jessica Parker to come out and dance with him.

WHAT was UP with Anna Nicole Smith?

Still don’t like Fantasia. Or her new song.

Speaking of American Idols, it was good to see Kelly Clarkson again. Squee! Her dress was preeettyy. I can’t wait for her new album.

Everything else was pretty forgettable.

Anyway, hope everyone has a good week!

american idol finale

Seriously, the American Idol season finale does not need to be 2 hours! Just tell me who won and that’s it! But no — FOX has to stretch out the results as long as possible. OF COURSE.

My comments…

— It was good to see LaToya and George perform during the pre-show. I just love them! And as much as I love LaToya’s voice (she was actually my pick to win this thing), I can see why her critics say she has no personality. She has an amazing voice but she is a bit bland.

— Is Jasmine wearing cropped cargo pants and a chain? What a shocker! It’s like her signature outfit or something. But her poor voice! She pretty much killed the song — she sounds so exhausted and maxed out, you know? I hope she gets to rest her voice before the tour starts… for the sake of the people in the audience. Totally random but Jasmine reminds me of my friend Robyn. I noticed it before but it really hit me tonight while I was watching her perform. There’s just something really similar in the way Jasmine pulls her hair back with her hand that is *so* like Robyn’s mannerisms. It’s uncanny, really.

— Like Tamyra. Didn’t like her version of The Star Spangled Banner. I think I cringed a few times.

— Kelly!!! The only reason why I tuned in to the finale. omgilovehersomuch. Hee! Plus, she shares my name, which makes her that much more awesome in my book. 😀 I loved hearing her sing Impossible Dream with Fantasia, Diana and Ruben — except I wasn’t crazy about that studded Victoria’s Secret-like bra she was wearing. Eek. And then she just blew me away when she sang Beautiful Disaster. Mmm. That’s one of my favorite songs on her album. Which is great, by the way. You should all buy it. Or I can upload it if anyone wants it. Just trying to spread the Kelly love.

— The guys in white pants during the Top 12 group sing — that was not cool. Especially Matt Rogers in white pants. Just… no. Aside from that, the group number was pure cheesy fun. Huh. I totally forgot about that Leah girl.

— I think Ruben’s great but that song he sang (I think it’s called What If) was incredibly awful. How he kept a straight face while singing is beyond me. I mean, “What if I was slim? What if I didn’t win?” Did he write that?

— Still mad at Simon for his comment last night about Fantasia being the best contestant they’ve ever had in the competition. Kelly all the way! 😀

It was at this point that I got bored with the finale — so I’m just going to get to the winner…

Fantasia won. I knew it.

I was actually rooting for Diana (I even voted for her a few times last night — I’m a dork!) but I’m happy for both of them. But I’m even happier that this season is over! I still haven’t loved a season as much as the first or a contestant as much as Kelly so — here’s to season 4!

oh christmas tree

The rain finally let up a little bit today so we were able to get our Christmas tree! 😀 It’s all pretty and decorated now. I love looking at it. So soothing. I love Christmas. I really need to get a holiday layout going here… I’m just so lazy. Plus my laptop is being crappy right now. It seems that some kind of evil adware/spyware crap has hijacked Internet Explorer and I don’t know how to fix it. ^%$#@!* Grrr.

A few days ago I received a DVD from Netflix and open it to find From Justin to Kelly: A Tale of Two American Idols. OMG. I *completely* forgot this movie was on our Netflix queue. Hee. So I decide to watch it…

WOW. The movie (can it actually be called that? This was an atrocity.) is SO. BAD. The main Justin/Kelly storyline made me roll my eyes numerous times. It’s just *so* silly. And I normally enjoy over-the-top cheesy movies. Don’t even get me started on all the “extra” storylines (like the geeky guy and his internet date and Kelly’s best friend going out with the local). Ack. There simply are no words. I have no clue why Justin, Kelly or their management thought this movie was a good idea. I mean, I seriously think it was a waste of their time. I’m sure they must have spent at least a couple of months shooting, right? Months that they could have spent on their actual musical careers.

Ugh. I am currently trying to download some of Clay Aiken’s CD (What?!? :P) and all the songs have been DUDS. Sometimes I hate Kazaa. Now is one of those times.

live journal

Thanks to everyone for the compliments on the layout. Y’all know how to make a girl smile. 🙂

Am I the only person who *doesn’t* have a Live Journal?

It seems like lots of people are getting one. Is it sad that I want an LJ so I can stop being “anonymous” when I comment? It’s kinda depressing, lol.

Kelly’s going to be on American Idol tomorrow! Very excited about that.

Made some DC caps today but I have no energy to make thumbnails and upload them. Will probably do that by the weekend. If anyone can recommend an easier and faster way of creating a screencap gallery, that would be fabulous. I think I went a bit overboard — I capped 4 scenes today and came out with a little over 180 caps! Crazy.