new apple layout

I got home today, looked at my blog and was just tired of it. Found this apple photo and decided to throw it up there… yay! I can’t believe I had the same layout for a year. I’m totally lazy, hehe.

excuse the mess

Finally something new around here. 🙂 I needed something less fangirly for a change, lol. Thanks to Google for the flower image.

I’m going to be cleaning up this site this weekend (updating pages, deleting others, mulling over what to do with the mess of joined fanlistings, etc.) so please excuse the mess…

help, anyone?

It seems that I spoke too soon…

I can’t get my entries to justify (grr!) and for some reason, the date stamp on the 2 entries I have here are the same (???). Anyone have any ideas about what I’m doing wrong?


EDIT — I’m an idiot. I set the date to be the current date and not the entry date. *head desk* And OMG, many many thanks to Lola for helping me figure out how to get my entries to justify. You rock!!! All is well in the land of

my stupidity

OMG. I AM SO PISSED AT MYSELF. I just spent pretty much ALL DAY making a layout and writing the html pages for a new fanlisting. And somehow as I’m transferring the files from my desktop (where I use PhotoShop) to my laptop (where I actually store my files and do all my uploading), the entire folder gets deleted. I have no idea how the hell I managed that but all my images and php files are gone. AN ENTIRE DAY WASTED. Part of me wants to cry and the other part wants to kick and scream. What a horrible way to start the week. *grumbles*

happy 3rd birthday to!

I’ve had that Pacey/Joey layout up since April (APRIL!!!) so I thought it was time for a change around here. And I just love that picture of The OC cast even if Seth and Summer seem to be missing. I’m just going to imagine that they’re off enjoying some time alone together. HA.


Besides it’s’s third birthday on Monday and I figured that was cause enough for a new layout. I can’t believe my domain’s been around that long. Craziness. So yay, Happy Birthday to my domain and all that!

Anyway, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my night by cozying up under a blanket, eating chocolate truffles, and flipping back and forth between Desperate Housewives and the Golden Globes. Can’t think of anything better right now. Have a great night everyone!

new p/jo layout

Got bored waiting for the “evening shift” of NBC’s Olympics coverage to come on (women’s gymnastics, yes!)… so new layout! I made the screen caps myself. 🙂 I’m still on a Pacey/Joey high from the constant viewing of my Dawson’s Creek season 3 DVDs. True Love is one of my most favorite DC episodes — I just LOVE the end when Pacey and Joey sail away together.

hp3 layout

I love Pacey and Joey but that layout was up for 5+ months. Good grief, I’m lazy.

So… new layout it is (or really, new header image and colors). I realize I left Ron out but I just couldn’t fit him in there without the image being way too big. Plus, I’m all about Harry/Hermione anyway. Hehe.

Carmen/Robyn — look to the left! I fixed the link. Will never link any other clothing site but Revolve again. I’ve learned my lesson with you two coming here and scolding me! 😉 And yes, I will definitely give you guys a call if you get Ella Moss. Love her stuff. < end personal conversation >

more thievery!

So I noticed that my bandwidth usage is abnormally high for the month but I was too lazy to look into it further earlier today. I think it’s the weather — it’s unbelievably hot and it’s making me completely unproductive. Anyway, I finally get around to checking my email after watching tonight’s Alias and I get an email from the lovely Shirphie (thanks girl!) letting me know about this site that took my layout from A Drop in the Ocean, a number of my wallpapers *and* to top it all off, they’re direct linking most of it. I’m so stupid for forgetting to install the .htaccess file ages ago. *hits head* I don’t even want to bother emailing this person so for now, I uploaded .htaccess so she doesn’t kill more of my bandwidth. I’ll have to get around to contacting her soon because there are a few images that she uploaded to her own server. Too bad I don’t know what language she speaks. UGH. If anybody knows and wants to drop me an email, I’d be really grateful. Also, does anyone know how to disable right-clicking? Any opinions on it? I can’t believe this. So annoying.

I’m going to do the Seven on Sunday because shopping and/or thinking about shopping always makes me feel better… 😉

Seven things you’d buy right now if you weren’t too broke to afford them…
1. A Marc Jacobs bag… soft leather, beautiful colors, and awesome hardware. Gorgeous all around, if it weren’t for the price.

2. Widescreen plasma HDTV. My boyfriend and I go to Best Buy to look at them. They’re so cool.

3. A new cell phone. I’ve had mine since the dark ages (1999). It’s so old and clunky compared to all the new phones.

4. A Laptop for Rob. He needs a new computer like, immediately.

5. A trip for Rob and me to traipse around Europe for a few months. We need the vacation.

6. This simple bracelet from Tiffany & Co.

7. A smaller house for my Dad. I always feel bad that I moved clear across the state and he lives in a 4-bedroom house by himself.

It’s about 1:45am and I’m not sleepy at all. I’m still fired up from learning about that site! Guh.

fixing php

Grrreat… I happened to find myself on when I discover that the method I’ve been using to convert my site to php is susceptible to hackers. FABULOUS. I use dynamic inclusion on all of my sites! So now instead of writing my Tuesday TV commentary, I better start fixing code…

Oh, but wait — to go along with my previous entry, the Dawson’s Creek Season 3 DVDs are available for pre-order! Score!


I got a raise at work! YAY me!

It’s not much really (and I don’t even make that much to begin with) but whatever. I’m just happy that my boss recognizes and appreciates my work. Kinda cool. 🙂

I’m so glad that FOX moved Wonderfalls to Thursday nights. I’ll actually be able to watch it now. Fabulous. There is one problem though — it’s on at the same time as The Apprentice! Cripes. Speaking of which, YES! Kwame stays another week. He’s my favorite to win the competition. Next week looks like tons of fun with 2 people getting fired. Awesome.

Huh. I was just checking out my site stats and came across this Kelly Clarkson fansite. Does the layout look familiar? It’s because it’s mine! ! %$#@! The webmaster is even direct linking the background. 🙁 Ugh. I don’t know if I should be flattered or upset. My head just started to hurt. [edit 4/4: She took it down. Thank geebus.]