*so* pissed

I just deleted a layout. That I was about to upload.


UGH. I can’t believe I did that. I worked so hard on it too.

As for some good news, my awesome boyfriend downloaded the Sex and the City finale for me. I think I have to watch that now so I can stop thinking about all my hard work down the drain…

*wallows in self-pity*

yay! new pacey and joey layout

Yay! Pacey and Joey. I love Pacey and Joey. 😀

Finally a new layout. I have been itching to do something new around here but I have been so busy (read: extremely lazy). Heh. At first, I wanted to do more of a holiday layout — I was so close to scanning one of my holiday cards (an adorable snowman) to use but then I started digging around all the pictures I have saved on my hard drive and I came across this one. I *love love love* this picture of Pacey and Joey (it’s the picture that Dawson gave Joey for Christmas in season 4’s Self-Reliance) and it is a bit Christmas-y so… yeah.

Now I just need the inspiration to work on my other sites…

Doing the Seven on Sunday:

1. A song by a new favorite – Why Can’t I Breathe by Liz Phair
2. A song by an old favorite – Push by Matchbox 20
3. An oldie but goodie – Kokomo by The Beach Boys
4. A shamelessly admitted favorite – Where is the Love by The Black Eyed Peas
5. A sheepishly admitted favorite – Crazy in Love by Beyonce
6. A cover worthy of it’s original version – Have a Little Faith in Me by Mandy Moore
7. A holiday favorite – Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by N Sync (Hey! No laughing! :P)

Work tomorrow. Don’t make me go! *sigh*

cal layout

Yay for new layouts! I love Harry Potter but the previous layout depressed me a little. It was just getting too dark and depressing. I was craving something simpler and brighter so… ta-da! The drawing I used is of my college alma mater, UC Berkeley. I scanned the picture from my graduation announcements, lol. I was getting a little nostalgic the other day as I was looking through old pictures and college memorabilia so I thought I could pay homage to that time in my life with my new layout. Anyway, I know the layout won’t mean anything to anyone else but I hope you all like it anyway. 🙂

I’ve also taken the “Art” section of the site out, which used to house all my wallpapers. I’m not sure what I want to do with them. I’ll still update here in my blog when I’ve made a new one but I don’t like having them here anymore. Maybe I’ll create some sort of wallpaper archive. Err… maybe. I don’t know.

I also want to plug my former hostee Cindy — she has her own domain now so please visit!

OotP layout

Just a short drive-by post (I know! I’m terrible!) to introduce my new layout — I guess reading Order of the Phoenix finally inspired me to put up something new here. Hee.

Must fix all the bugs and dead links though. Grr. Argh.

homage to dc

New layout, yay. I just needed a bit of a change from the red in the last layout. It was getting too bright and cheery… or something.

And yes, I do realize it’s Dawson’s Creek again, lol. I just wanted something that spanned all the seasons of DC since the show is coming to an end soon. Be sure to check out all the other sections — the little header pictures are all different. 🙂 Fun fun.

I’ve actually only managed to watch the first 4 episodes of my DC s1 DVD (Pilot, The Dance, The Kiss, Discovery) and gawd, how much better was the dialogue back then? It’s completely different from the writing in the later seasons. It was a lot more self-aware and witty back then. And I completely agree with Kate, the chemistry between Pacey and Joey is like… palpable. They act as if they despise one another but deep down they have real respect and love for the other. I totally missed that before — I was so busy being confused about which side of the Joey/Jen/Dawson triangle to root for. On the one hand, I wanted Joey to get her dream but I also saw something really sweet in Dawson and Jen’s relationship.

Last bit of DC talk — if you requested DVD caps from me, I haven’t started them yet! Eek, don’t hate me. I was very lazy this weekend. I’ll probably get started tomorrow.

countdown to goodbye

It’s Dawson’s Creek.

Yes, again.

I just wanted something DC-ish again because I keep seeing the “Countdown to Goodbye” promos on the WB and they always make me all sad. *sniff*

Plus, I have no idea when I’ll be able to create another layout because work has been keeping me pretty busy on the weekdays. And when I get home, all I want to do is… eat, watch TV and sleep. Yup, this is the life you can look forward to after college. It’s exciting, really. No. Really.

version 10

I guess my unemployment is not in vain because I finally had the time to create another layout. So here it is — Version 10: The Girls of the WB. 🙂 I’m not too sure if I like it yet but whatever… I spent time on it so it’s going up. 😛

Speaking of new layouts, visit Cat and Marianne. Their new layouts rock. Yes they do.

i am an idiot

My commenter is now working. Thanks everyone for letting me know. hee. I am such an idiot. It was like an “it’s staring you in the face” kind of problem. 😛 Anyway, thanks for the compliments on the new layout. *is happy*