another jack bites the dust

How is it June 7 already?! WTF. I don’t even know.

Been too busy at work. Leaving no time for TV or blogging (cannot believe it’s been over a week since my last entry). HORRORS.


So… the Lost series finale. After my initial viewing, I was a little underwhelmed. But now after multiple viewings and over 2 weeks to mull it over, I think I love it. I really, really do. (Or maybe I’m just easily manipulated). It was emotionally satisfying and that’s enough for me. I’ve never been as invested in the mysteries of the island anyway. The mysteries may have hooked me but I stayed for the characters, their personal journeys, and the relationships they formed with one another.

I know I won’t be able to write a proper review of the finale (I’ll direct you to one of my favorite TV critics instead) so I’ll just run through some of the great moments that really stayed with me…

Seeing Rose, Bernard… and Vincent too! So happy they were given a happy ending. I was a little worried Smokey was going to kill one or both of them off.

The first of the flashbacks between Sun and Jin. *sob* I never thought I would love them so much. I didn’t care for Jin at all at the beginning of the show.

OMG. I TOTALLY knew that Juliet was going to be Jack’s wife in the sideways-verse. I KNEW IT. Oh, show. Sometimes you are so predictable. I’ve always been a Jack/Kate ‘shipper but this scene made me realize how good Jack and Juliet could be too.

Smokey/Locke: “Jacob, being who he is… I expected to be a little more surprised. You’re sort of the obvious choice, don’t you think?”
… then later …
Jack: “I’m gonna kill you.”
Smokey/Locke: “How do you plan to do that?”
Jack: “That’s a surprise.”
BWAH. Dun dun DUN!

BOONE! I was so sad when he died in season 1 so it’s been great to revisit his character again in this last season. And as much as I like Shannon/Sayid, all I kept thinking during this scene was… what was Boone’s “moment?” You know, his own moment of clarity?

OMG. This scene was so beautiful. I loved that Kate’s moment came when delivering Aaron. Again.

“I saved you a bullet.” YES. Kate kicking ass! There have been times over the years when she’s disappointed me (*ahem* indecision over Jack and Sawyer) but definitely not in the finale.

SQUEE! Jack and Kate’s “I love yous.” Only one word to describe this scene… FINALLY. But so unbelievably sad knowing what happens to Jack. It upsets me to think that Kate left the island and had to live without him. *sob*

THIS reunion scene between Sawyer and Juliet was the one that really *got* to me. Just… so perfect and romantic. AND HAPPY! You can clearly see the joy in their faces. They’re so in love! Their relationship surprised me back in season 5 but I fell hard for them and was seriously heartbroken when Juliet died setting off the bomb in the season 6 premiere.

Jack’s confusion and hesitance to accept the truth and let go. Seriously, Matthew Fox KILLS me with his eyes. He is SO GOOD at being on the verge of crying… his eyes fill with tears and just a few of them roll down his face. It gets me more upset than if he was straight-out sobbing.

Hurley becoming the island protector with Ben as his second-in-command. I’ve never been able to fully embrace Ben as a character but I’m glad that he found what he’s been searching for — respect.

And finally… *sob* Acceptance and all the characters reuniting in the sanctuary. I have to admit — I wasn’t crazy about the explanation for the sideways-verse. I thought it felt too easy. I was expecting a huge reveal tying the sideways-verse with the “real” world. It took me awhile to realize that’s what I got. It was just less “Oh sh*t!!! WTF!” and more of an “Ohhhhh…” moment. LOL. Sometimes I’m slow. What can I say?

And of course, Jack’s death. WAHHHH. I had a feeling Jack was going to die so it wasn’t a surprise. He was at peace, he knew his friends made it off the island and he wasn’t alone (Vincent!)… so as sad and twisted as it sounds, his story got a happy ending too. Love the callbacks to the pilot with the entire scene. Details like that make me happy. Total TV geek, I know. But seriously, this episode (and the show in general) gets better and better each time I watch it.

Farewell, Lost. I will miss you!

Many thanks to Lost Media and ABC for the pics.

tv wrap-up 3


The new fall TV season is right around the corner and I am GOING TO FINISH LAST SEASON’S WRAP-UP if it kills me.

Beware spoilers…

I don’t really remember much leading up to the season finale. OOPS. I do know that the second half of the season was *far* better than the first. As far as the finale, I vaguely remember the following:
— I liked Jack again. Mostly because he was crazy and suicidal.
— Hurley attacking the Others with the bus. That rocked.
— Future Kate is *gorgeous.*
— Jack and Juliet’s kiss bugged the heck out of me. *twitches* DO. NOT. BELONG. TOGETHER.
— It took Charlie’s death to make me like him. For probably the first time ever. I’m (surprisingly) going to miss the guy.
I have no idea where all the storylines are going but I’m actually enjoying the show again. YAY.

I used to be a huge Clark/Lana fan but at this point, their relationship is just silly. How many times are they going to be ripped apart and then thrown back together again?! UGH. The finale was pretty forgettable except for the fact that Lana’s car was blown up (is she dead or not?!?) and Chloe’s power was revealed (is she dead or not?!?). Oh, and I guess the Phantom Zoner took a piece of Clark’s DNA and is now masquerading around with his likeness. Good times.

One word: Awesome. Dean sacrificing himself to bring Sam back. Ellen and Bobby kicking ass. Dean shooting the demon with some help from Dad… I thought the finale brought a satisfying end to the demon storyline. But I’m totally anxious about the set up of next season’s arc. *bites fingernails* You know, I rarely blog about this show but GAWD, it’s so good and I love the Winchesters to pieces.

HUH. I just realized that I never watched the season finales for Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, and One Tree Hill so I guess I’m actually done with my TV reviews for now. Maybe I’ll get around to it in the future but knowing me, I won’t. I’ll probably just read the recaps on Television Without Pity and call it a day.

Next up: I’m going to plan my TV schedule for the season. I intend on scaling it WAY back. I tried to keep up with too many shows last season and as you can see, that totally flopped. 😛

lost + the nine

I don’t know if I liked the Lost premiere or not. I’m leaning towards… not. I guess I just feel like things are happening for no reason. Do the writers even know where the story is headed?!? They’re just creating more and more questions without providing any answers. And it’s kinda frustrating. :/ Henry Gale (or Ben or whatever the heck his name is) still gives me the creeps.

I checked out The Nine tonight and darn it, I liked it! Just what I need… another serialized drama to get invested in. 😀

season finales, part 3

I just realized that I never finished up my season finale commentaries. Since the new season’s about to start, I figure I might as well knock these out. You know, for posterity.


One Tree Hill
HATED the ending. I mean, Haley screaming as Nathan jumps into the river to rescue Rachel and Uncle Cooper?!? What is THAT about? The poor girl just got married. Seeing the credits roll after that just about KILLED me. What if the show hadn’t been renewed? Grrr. And I’m so torn about the Peyton/Lucas/Brooke triangle. I love L/P but I completely understand Brooke’s feelings of betrayal. I really, really wish that the L/P storyline had played out differently… without Brooke getting hurt. Blah. Especially if it turns out that she’s pregnant. This is so my guilty pleasure show but we would be SO OVER if any other main female character besides Karen is pregnant.

Desperate Housewives
Susan got on my nerves, Betty Applewhite did nothing, and I… got so bored. I actually have about 4 (maybe more???) episodes saved on my Tivo but I know I’m never going to sit down and watch them. I don’t think I’ll be watching season 3.

Las Vegas
I want to see Danny in a relationship with Sam… but that’s just wishful thinking. Instead, he falls in love with Delinda (again) who is about to be married. WHY?!? Oh Josh Duhamel, the things I put up with for you. I read somewhere (maybe it was Ask Ausiello) that the upcoming season’s episode order was reduced. :/ It’s not looking good…

This is a great show but honestly it’s not one of those shows that I’m *obsessed* with… I haven’t watched all the episodes multiple times and I don’t plan on purchasing the DVDs. So sadly, I can’t really remember all the details from the finale. Something about the demon inhabiting John’s body? And Sam not shooting him? THIS is why I need to write up my commentaries right after watching the episode and not months after, heh. I do remember the image of the unconscious Winchesters after they were hit by the huge semi. 🙁 That crash totally took me by surprise.

I can’t believe that Michael left Kate, Jack and Sawyer with Henry Gale. HENRY GALE. Dude is seriously creepy. His eyes make him look possessed or something. *shudders* What about Eko, Desmond, and Locke?! The freaking hatch blew up! Why is Charlie still around? And he had to go and have a cute ending with Claire. Ugh. I don’t quite know why I dislike him so much. But I do. I’m still bitter that Boone had to die and I have to watch Charlie every week. :/ The whole Penelope ending went way over my head so I’ll obviously have to pay better attention next season.

Still have a few more commentaries to write… hopefully I’ll finish them this weekend. I need the closure. 😀


Every year I swear I won’t watch any more awards shows… but I always do.

Brief Grammy’s comments…

Yay! Kelly Clarkson won for Best Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album. She was too cute when she picked up her first award cause she couldn’t stop crying! It was like her American Idol win all over again. Awww. Her Because of You performance was great too. I’m so proud. *sniff*

From one Idol to another… What was Fantasia doing there anyway?!? She still bugs me.

When Kanye West speaks, I cringe. But when he performs, I’m all smiles. He’s so great on stage. It doesn’t hurt that Gold Digger is such a catchy song. The marching band and the step showdown were a nice touch. JFU! hehe.

I also managed to watch Lost tonight. I used to be on the fence about Sawyer and now I’m decidedly… not. He’s moved over to my “hate” list along with Charlie and Ana Lucia. Good going.

mid-season wrap-up

Time for my mid-season TV wrap-up (possible spoilers)… 🙂

09:00: Desperate Housewives
What happened?!? I’m pretty much snoozing right through this season. The only housewife I’m remotely interested in is Bree.

10:00: Grey’s Anatomy
Snappy dialogue, great music, and those crazy interns… SO MUCH LOVE for this show. Seriously, it just keeps getting better and better each week. And they did a Christmas-themed episode! What’s not to like here?

08:30: Kitchen Confidential
I’m glad I got to see the Michael Vartan episode before FOX pulled the plug on the show. That was freaking hilarious. *sniff* RIP KC. I hope Bradley Cooper finds another show soon. He’s too gorgeous not to be on TV!

09:00: Prison Break
I didn’t think this show would last on my schedule but it’s really grown on me. The eye candy (Wentworth Miller!) doesn’t hurt either. I’m finding the conspiracy against Lincoln really intriguing (even though I think Lincoln himself is annoying) and the prison break-out really suspenseful. I’ve even really grown to like the little band of inmates that Michael has put together, especially Sucre. Yay cellmates!

09:00: 24
YES!!! JACK BAUER IS BACK!!! I don’t care how implausible or unrealistic this show is… I LOVE IT.

09:00: Related
This is another show that I never ever thought would last more than a few episodes. It’s not all that well-written and 1 of the sisters bugs me (Rose — it’s like she’s too perfect or something, argh) but I find it really endearing. The sisters’ relationship definitely carries the show.

09:00: Las Vegas
My “fluff” show. I watch when I can but don’t really care all that much if I miss it. It’s all about Josh Duhamel for me, anyway. BUT. I can’t believe that Monica (Lara Flynn Boyle) died the way she did. It was very… anticlimactic. She flew off the roof of the Montecito, people. And it didn’t even look real. I’m ashamed to admit that I had to stifle a giggle.

08:00: Gilmore Girls
The season didn’t start out very strong (read: I was a little bored) but it’s turned itself around. I’m not too sure how I feel yet about Luke’s daughter storyline. My initial reaction was “WTF! This sucks” but I’m willing to see where it goes and how it affects the wedding. I don’t think the wedding will happen as planned, though. (And I hope Lorelai gets a new dress cause the one she bought is AWFUL). Still indifferent about Rory, though. She totally lost me this season with her brattiness.

08:00: America’s Next Top Model
Pretty happy with Nicole as the winner. She doesn’t really come off as a model in person but she really rocked her photos. And did an amazing job at the last runway show. I would have liked anyone but Lisa or Bre to win anyway. I was secretly rooting for Kim, though. And is anyone still wondering who the heck stole Bre’s nutrition bars? I want to know!

09:00: Supernatural
Another unexpected hit. I just love the snappy banter between the Brothers Winchester. SAM&DEANRSOCUTE. The urban horror legends do give me the creeps sometimes (hey! I’m a fraidy cat!) but I think that’s part of the fun.

08:00: One Tree Hill
Every week I vow to stop watching (I hate Brooke/Lucas and I wish they would give Peyton a better storyline) but then they give me an episode like How A Resurrection Really Feels and I get sucked right back in. I mean, Nathan/Chris hijinks and Nathan/Haley lovin’? I can’t resist. I will be an even happier camper if Brooke/Lucas break up. Pretty please?

08:00: The Apprentice: Martha Stewart
Sadly, I never got around to watching this show. HEHE.

09:00: Lost
I don’t like the tail-enders. Well, except for Eko. Everyone else… ehhh. Especially Ana Lucia. She killed Shannon! Yes, I am still BITTER.

10:00: Alias
I’ve enjoyed the season so far and I really like the new additions of Rachel and Tom (it’s kinda too bad the show is ending because I really would have liked to learn more about them). It looks like the show is going to go out with a bang, though, which I’m really happy about. Loved the surprise of Irina in the last episode and I hope to see more familiar faces before the end (Will, Sark, Nadia, Weiss, Vaughn).

08:00: Smallville
I’m enjoying this show more than I have in… oh, about 3 seasons. Lex’s turn to the dark side and James Marsters’s guest spot can really do that to a show. PLUS. They had the BEST Christmas-themed episode this season. Really. Lexmas was amazing. Not just for the ridiculously happy Lex/Lana or the return of the Clark/Lex friendship but for the whole revelation about Lex and why he chose the path he did. *wibble*

08:00: Everybody Hates Chris
I watched the premiere and it was DAMN funny. But unfortunately, I just kept forgetting about it. :/ When the show comes out on DVD, I’m definitely going to pick it up.

09:00: The O.C.
Can Johnny go away?! PLEASE? He BUGS. I’ve been a huge Marissa apologist for the past few seasons but I think she may have reached the end of my patience. Her displaced loyalty to Johnny gets on my nerves (Poor Ryan). Now Taylor… didn’t like her at first but I take it back. She totally rocks. I hope we get to see more of her. I’m pretty wary about Kaitlin’s return. I mean, do we really need another snotty teen drama queen? I’d love for them to bring back Teresa instead. I want to know what’s going on with her, damn it!

09:00: CSI
My only complaint is that there has been very little follow through with Nick’s kidnapping/buried alive storyline. We got little hints when the tape revealed an accomplice in the premiere and then when Kelly visited Nick at the lab but that’s it. They just keep stringing us along! I hope it’s worth it.

09:00: Everwood
It’s been so good this season. *happy sigh* Getting To Know You was so great with Ephram telling Amy he’s still in love with her. Awww! However, Reid is still around I’m sure that Amy is someday going to find out that Ephram asked him not to date Amy anymore… EEEK. I wish it would come back sooner than March, though. Stupid WB.

09:00: Reunion
Damn FOX. Why’d they have to cancel the show?! I want to know who killed Sam! And why Craig is in a wheelchair when he can walk! And why Jenna is mad at Craig! They had to cancel it right when the mystery was getting interesting. So frustrating. 🙁 And now I’ll probably never get the answers to my questions.

And that’s that. 😀

Yay Golden Globes tonight! Go Michelle Williams!

top model

It’s like the third week of the fall TV season and I’m ALREADY BEHIND. 2 of episodes of Gilmore Girls and 1 episode of The OC are sitting on the Tivo… EEK. I have some serious catching up to do this weekend.


Possible spoilers below…
America’s Next Top Model
Caught the last half of the 2-hour premiere thanks to the Tuesday reruns on UPN. There’s so much Miss Jay this season. I LOVE IT! He definitely makes up for the lack of Janice. Without him, the judging panel would be a total snoozefest. I was a little surprised at the elimination but I’ve finally come to realize that Tyra gets rid of whoever she feels like and not who actually *should* go.

Supernatural 1.03
I still watch this show with my hand partially covering my eyes. I can’t help it — I’m a scaredy cat. Plus, the haunting music doesn’t help. Anyway, I thought the “Monster of the Week” storyline was a little confusing and vague (I mean, WHY were all the killings accelerated? I didn’t get it) but I really enjoyed Amy Acker. I’m sad that her character was only around for this episode. She and Dean could have had something! I can find a ‘ship on ANY show, hehe. But my favorite ‘ship on the show is definitely Sam/Dean. Their brotherly banter is what keeps me watching every week. You know, I never really cared for Jared Padalecki as an actor before (I liked him on Gilmore Girls though he was a little bland) but I think he’s really great on this show. He’s becoming very watchable.

Lost 1.02, Adrift
This episode was so frustrating! I guess it was all the backtracking. I know it was necessary to go back and fill in the story introduced in the premiere but… ARGH. I’m just too impatient. 😛 Anyway, I totally fell in love with Michael and Sawyer in this episode. “What are you gonna do? Splash me?” HEE! They care. Even if it is begrudgingly. It was such a bittersweet moment when they saw the island and called it “home.” Is Michelle Rodriguez finally going to appear next week?!? Can’t wait!

Veronica Mars
SQUEE. I LOVED the premiere. (Well, I do have 1 nitpick and her name is Naima. UGH. Didn’t like her on America’s Next Top Model and I sure didn’t care for her on VM. Why was she there?!). I want to watch the episode again but I have to say that since I pretty much ‘ship Veronica with everyone — Duncan, Logan, Leo — this episode totally made my night! LOL. I also really liked seeing more of Dick (“My name is Richaaard.”) and the introduction of Charisma Carpenter’s character was classic. I’m not sure how I feel about the season-long “mystery” yet — I guess after Lilly’s murder nothing will compare. It seems interesting enough but I wonder if it’ll really keep our attention for 20+ episodes?

Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray are now separated. They’ve only been married since April! That’s awful. 🙁 But I can’t help but wonder what this means for their characters on One Tree Hill. EEEK.

america hates me

Spoilery entry for AI, Lost

I think America hates me. There is just no other reason to explain tonight’s results episode of American Idol. ARGH. WHO is STILL voting for Anthony?!? I still can’t believe he was safe. It’s like Jasmine from last season all over again.

Lost was so upsetting. I like Boone! *sob* They couldn’t have killed off Hurley? Or maybe Charlie? I can’t even think about it right now because it means that I no longer get to see Ian Somerhalder on TV every week. *lights a candle for Boone* Oh, and this episode reminded me that I should probably find out what blood type I am. You know, just in case.

Anyway, quick meme stolen from Nicola

Name 4 books on your bookshelf:
1. The Secret Life of Bees – Sue Monk Kidd (which I finally finished and will comment on soon)
2. Princess Diaries – Meg Cabot
3. Harry Potter series – JK Rowling
4. Sex and the City – Candace Bushnell

Name 4 DVDs in your collection:
1. Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea
2. Ocean’s Eleven
3. Mean Girls
4. Office Space

Name 4 things on your walls:
1. Finding Nemo calendar
2. dried roses that Rob gave me
3. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie poster
4. LA Lakers banner

Name 4 things in your closet/wardrobe:
I’m boring and only have clothes, shoes, and purses in there… nothing exciting

Name 4 real life stores you shop at regularly:
1. Best Buy
2. Target (LOVE)
3. Banana Republic
4. Barnes & Noble

Name 4 things in your bag:
1. iPod
2. cell phone
3. keys to my desk drawer at work (I have petty cash and SF Giants tickets in there!)
4. BART train ticket

alias is back!

First off, many many thanks to Barry for reccing Howie Day’s Collide. I downloaded it and just fell in love. I keep listening to it over and over and over. Anyone else have song recs for me? I have lots of iTunes gift cards to burn!

Aahhh, yes. Wednesdays could possibly be the best night of TV for me. Lost AND Alias. Phew, jam-packed combination.

Very sleepy, so some quick comments.

I need answers! What happened to Claire?! I’ve been pretty good about not reading spoilers for this show but I think this episode has driven me to the edge. Not to mention the fact that this was another Kate-centric episode — when are we going to get any backstory for Boone? Hmm? I did enjoy the interaction between Sayid and Shannon though. A very unexpected pairing that I could totally get behind. But what was with Boone’s creepy stalker stare? Dun, dun, dun…

I thought the premiere was excellent. I still have lingering Season 3 disappointment but Authorized Personnel Only infused the show with some fun again. I got a total Season 1 vibe from it all, which can only be a good thing. Plus, Syd/Vaughn! What can I say, I’m a complete sucker when it comes to that ship. The addition of Nadia to the “team” is great as well. It seems that they’re heading towards some kind of Syd versus Nadia showdown (not a spoiler, just something I picked up in their closing scene) but I sure hope that they can become friends. Syd needs that in her life. As for the big reveal about Irina, I have to say I’m not surprised. It’s getting pretty clear that Lena Olin’s not coming back so the writers took advantage of the situation by getting rid of the need for Irina to show up again and creating another complication for Syd. I love Irina but last season’s IM messages between her and Jack were very eyeroll worthy. Also wished that there would have been more Weiss and that we could have seen a glimpse of Sark. *sniff* But the biggest thing that bothered me were the new opening credits. Blech. Too. Much. Syd. (And this coming from a huge fan of both Syd and Jennifer Garner). Oh well, I’m just glad the show is back.

I can sleep happy now.