mtv vma’s

An entry in list form because I’m feeling random…

1. I’ve been thinking about getting a new laptop. And because Apple’s advertising is so damn effective and their products are aesthetically pleasing, I want to try the MacBook. But I’m a little worried about the transition from a PC to a Mac. Anyone have any tips? I probably won’t even be able to take the plunge until after the wedding (when I’ll have money) but hey, it doesn’t hurt to do some wishful thinking. 😛

2. I recently found the Candy Blog. BEST. BLOG. EVER. Right now I’m actually going through the archives and *drooling* over all the yummy candy.

3. I’ve become addicted to paper crafts and rubber stamping. I have no clue how this came about. All I know is that I’m at Paper Source or Michaels about once a week to feed my obsession. I’m even taking a rubber stamping class next Sunday. I guess it’s about time I took up a hobby other than watching TV all the time. Heh. 😀

4. Now I’m watching the MTV Video Music Awards…

5. Just finished Britney’s performance. Hmm. She seemed incredibly nervous and uncomfortable. 🙁 Which makes me sad cause I’m really rooting for her. (What can I say — I’m a huge fan and apologist). She looked great, though. I think I’m neutral on the song… didn’t love it but didn’t hate it, either.

6. I hate the style of this year’s VMAs. What’s with all the different “suites/parties?” They made the whole show so disjointed. Plus, I watch the VMAs for all the performances and I hated how they only showed pieces of them. Blah.

7. Sarah Silverman was awful. And I hated her jokes about Britney’s kids. 🙁

8. Performances I enjoyed… Linkin Park, Alicia Keys, Timbaland/Justin/Nelly Furtado. But my favorite was Chris Brown! I know. He can’t act (see: The OC) but he sure can dance.

9. Poor Vanessa Hudgens (of High School Musical fame) is having a horrible, horrible week. 🙁 Her nude photos get leaked on the internet and now there’s talk of her being replaced in the next HSM movie. I hope not — I love her! I know Disney is known for their knee-jerk reactions but I hope they just chalk this up to her being young and stupid.

Hope everyone has a good week ahead!

the hills premiere

It’s Rob’s birthday today. So he wasn’t too happy when I hijacked the TV and watched The Hills premiere. HEE.

I’m so addicted to this show. I CAN’T HELP IT. It’s a total guilty pleasure. Such drama… Lauren versus Heidi! (I’m so Team Lauren, by the way). Lauren doesn’t like Audrina’s new boy! Spencer proposes to Heidi! I love my show. 😛

golden globes + idol

The Minneapolis auditions of American Idol were SO BAD. And I loved every minute of it. Hehe. But I really can’t wait until they get to Hollywood. I get tired of the auditions after a few episodes.

I also watched my recording of the Golden Globes from last night. I watched the 3+ hour show in about 50 minutes. Thank goodness for that fast-forward button. 😀 I was incredibly happy that America Ferrara and Meryl Streep won. America was so beautiful and her speech so heartfelt and Meryl Streep, as always, was eloquent and classy. I adore both of those ladies. My favorite speeches, though, have to go to Hugh Laurie (he’s so subtly hilarious) and Sasha Baron Cohen (OMG, his speech bordered on inappropriate but damn, I was in tears from laughing so hard). And maybe it’s just me but did anyone notice the completely opposite vibe from the casts of Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy? I sensed tension coming from the GA cast whereas the UB cast was so happy and everyone was clapping and hugging one another. They really seem like they enjoy working together. Plus, when Vanessa Williams bounded onto the stage from out of nowhere, they all cheered and gave her a group hug. Just… aww.

In Globes fashion talk, Reese Witherspoon and Hayden Panettiere had my favorite “looks” of the night.

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laguna beach

It was a lazy weekend for me… I just love it.

I met Nicola yesterday (Rob and I took her to buy a TV) and she’s every bit as awesome as you would expect. It’s funny because I was kinda nervous about meeting her so when I opened the car door for her to get in, I wasn’t paying attention and rammed the door right into her leg. How embarrassing. Anyway, it’s so nice to finally be able to put a face to a name! 🙂

I had a Laguna Beach season 1 marathon yesterday. If you’re a fan, you definitely need to rent the DVDs, specifically the third disc. There’s lots of deleted scenes, interviews (from before and after the filming of the show) and featurettes (I especially love the one where LC shows off her house — damn, she is loaded). I don’t really have many friends who watch this show but I have some comments…

I love Kristin. There. I admit it. I know she’s snobby and loud and probably thinks a little too highly of herself… but she has fun and doesn’t care about what other people think of her. She’s great for bringing in the drama. That doesn’t mean I side with her regarding the Kristin/Stephen/LC triangle, though (I do, however, prefer Kristin and Stephen as a couple to Stephen and LC). I think Stephen’s to blame for that mess. He obviously wants to be with Kristin but can’t seem to let go of LC as the rebound girl. UGH. It makes me nuts. I can’t understand why LC just won’t move on.

Can’t stand the “brunettes,” Morgan and Christina. Why are they always talking about morals?! And is it completely horrible that I laughed when Christina had her Broadway audition? I hope she doesn’t actually believe she can make a living out of singing. :/

Love Lo and Trey — the 2 of them were like the unexpected stars for me. Trey because he was so mellow and Lo because she was so damn funny (without really meaning to be).

I’ve missed a few episodes of the second season but I can definitely say I prefer the cast of the first season far more. The second season brought Jason (total player — UGH), Alex M (awful girl who asks another girl’s boyfriend to the formal — who DOES that?), Jessica (poor girl lets Jason walk ALL over her), Taylor (Booorring), and Casey (I’m not convinced that she’s not actually a human Barbie doll). These new kids don’t hold a candle to the original cast.

OK. Enough crappy reality show talk. I need to get my fall TV schedule in order. I’ll save that for my next entry.

Last but not least — I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Alie! 🙂

mtv vma’s + more

Did some driving this weekend. I think I’m getting better. 😀 I’m more comfortable with speed and my turns are definitely improving. I still can’t park to save my life and unprotected left turns make me incredibly nervous but… I’m getting the hang of it. I actually enjoy it now, which is, seriously, a bit of a shock to me. I think I have to amend my goal of taking the driving test before my birthday… October is coming up TOO soon. Maybe by the end of the year? *shrugs* I’m hesitant to set another date… in due time, I guess. 🙂

Laguna Beach on MTV is my newest guilty pleasure. I know, I know… it’s a horrible show. BUT. They’re beautiful, spoiled, rich teenagers. Spending all their parents’ money. Clique wars. Love triangles. Oh man, how could I not love it?! I even asked Rob to rent the season 1 DVDs and rip them for me so I could watch the episodes I missed. I’m a dork. But I can’t miss one second of… Kristin flirting with her friends’ significant others and showing no shame whatsoever, LC fawning all over Stephen when he pays no attention to her, Jessica allowing Jason treat her like crap… Ahhh. So much drama. I LOVE IT.

So. The MTV VMA’s. A few random comments —

Why does P. Diddy (can’t call him Diddy yet — I just got used to calling him P. Diddy) always have a freaking toothpick in his mouth? I don’t get it.

I love Kelly Clarkson. She was so shocked when she won Best Female Video. “I don’t have a posse so I brought up my friend Ashley.” AWW.

OMG. MC HAMMER!!! NO. WAY. I’m impressed — the man can still dance. That was AWESOME.

Hilary Duff is WAY too skinny.

Not sure if I like Kanye West but I sure do like his music. Gold Digger is a catchy song.


I’m almost done updating this site. I cleaned out the cliques and adoptions pages since I haven’t even looked at those things in AGES. I deleted all my affiliates (sorry, guys) because half of the links were dead. And now I’m contemplating what to do about my joined fanlistings section. It’s out of control. A good majority of the listings have moved and I’m too lazy to find the new urls. I’m thinking I should just purge the whole thing and start over. Or maybe I should just get rid of it completely. I’m so indecisive. *sigh*

Damn. It’s time for bed. Do I really have to go to work tomorrow?

home sick

I can’t sleep.

I got sent home from work today for being sick (I’m a sneezing, coughing mess) and I slept earlier from about 11am until 4:30pm. So now I’m trying to go to sleep (I’m going to attempt to go to work tomorrow) and I can’t. I’m like, wide awake.

I watched the MTV Movie Awards and I learned 3 things:
1. Paris Hilton is a robot. Why does she *always* stand with her hands on her hips?

2. Lindsay Lohan can’t dance. (Well, she can but not in the same league as the You Got Served dancers.) Ouch.

3. Jake Gyllenhaal is really, really cute. Really.

I’m still in a Harry Potter state of mind so I’m going to do this meme (stolen from Miss Windy)…

When did you first discover Harry Potter?
Sometime in the summer of 2001. My college roommate Angela and my best friend Robyn would talk about the books and I figured I’d check out what the hype was all about.

Were you hooked instantly, or did it take a while?
Instantly. There’s just something about the Wizarding World that really makes me want to believe in it.

Did you instantly fall in love with any specific character?
Harry. I’ve adored Harry since the first chapter of the first book.

Lupin. I just loved his relationship with Harry in PoA.
Marauder: Tie between James and Sirius. The inseparable pranksters.
Gryffindor: Hermione — smart and bookish but unfailingly loyal and brave. Love her.
Slytherin: Snape. Or maybe Draco, even though I don’t really find anything sympathetic about his character.
Hufflepuff: Cedric?
Ravenclaw: Err… Cho Chang?
Character overall: Harry. Harry! HARRY!

How long did it take you to read…
Book 1: One night. I wanted to finish it right away just to get to the next 3.
Book 2: One night.
Book 3: One night.
Book 4: One day.
Book 5: 2 days. This book was a tough one for me — the tension and the darker tone made it more difficult for me to read.

If you were in Harry Potter…
What house would you be in?

As much as I’d want to be in Gryffindor with Harry, I’d most likely be in Ravenclaw.

What would your pet be?
An owl. Something low maintenance. Plus, I don’t like rats (ugh) or cats.

What would your wand be?
After looking at the wand selection at Alivan’s, I’d want the Lignum Vitae wand — strong wood with the essence of Dragon’s whisker.

Who would you date?
Harry, please.

What would be your favorite subject?
Charms. It seems to be the most practical.

real world/road rules challenge

Is it just me or are the *same exact* people always doing the Real World/Road Rules challenges? Coral, Darrell, Veronica, Mike, Trishelle, Katie, Shane, etc. — you were all on the previous challenge! I don’t need to see you all again! And where in the world is Jonny Moseley? This new host is not cutting it. At all. I always complain about this show but I’m sure I’ll keep watching. Damn guilty pleasure and all that.

Anyway, Everwood rocked. Of course. No random medical emergency just some good Ephram/Amy and Andy/Nina (yes, she’s back! :)) interaction. And by that, I mean awkward and angsty goodness. Loved Ephram and Amy rebuilding their friendship and I loved Nina even more when she didn’t let Andy get away with being a horrible friend to her.

Some quotes that I loved:
Bright: “Bro, you’re killing me here, man. All this talking and caring and writing cheesy love songs. Why don’t you just hand over your testicles now and get it over with?” (looks in store window and combs his hair)
Ephram: “Are you really calling me a girl? Cause you’re the one that’s actually fluffing your hair right now.”
Bright: “I have a wingding, ok? It happens.”

Bright (to Dr. Abbott): “It was mostly Amy’s idea.”
Can I LOVE Bright anymore than I already do?

Delia (re: Ephram and Madison): “I liked it better when they hated each other.”
Me too. Me too.

Andy (to Nina): “I’m going to spend the night here with my friend.”

Amy’s voiceover: “You’ll always be my Dad. And I’ll always be your Amy.”
I’m such a sap. I was totally tearing up during the letter. *sniff*

Also? The preview for next week’s episode? Just about killed me.


*squee* I am in TV heaven. 😀

SPOILERS for the new eps of Everwood and One Tree Hill follow…

So let’s see… new Everwood last night. Still not feeling Ephram/Madison or Andy/Linda (where in the world is Nina?) — but whatever, my favorite show is back! I’m enjoying Amy’s storyline though I feel totally conflicted about it. On one hand, I feel like the Abbotts are putting too many expectations on Amy without acknowledging her larger issues but then again, I also feel like Amy is taking advantage of the situation by acting out. Gah. I love that this show isn’t afraid to put all the characters through the emotional ringer. I also loved Bright though he didn’t really get the chance to say anything. His facial expressions were enough. *sigh* He needs a hug. Quote of the episode: “Having done what we just did, did we commit spermicide?” — Dr. Brown

And the new One Tree Hill (I watch entirely too many WB shows) tonight was awesome too! Or maybe it’s because I missed the show so much that anything would be good. 😉 I’ve actually come full circle on Lucas — I thought his character was a total snoozefest but I think I like him now that he’s with Brooke. She brings out the playful side in him. He was much too serious before. But seriously, Brooke has GOT to be the most oblivious person ever. How could she not know that Peyton was upset about Lucas?! Nathan and Haley were too cute — Ilovethemohsomuch. They didn’t do much but they were happy. And cute. And that’s how I like ’em. And the biggest surprise — OMG! JAKE! CAN SING! Wow. Total Jake fangirl now.

Fun tidbit for any Real World: San Diego fans out there — I worked with Jamie at Abercrombie (in downtown San Francisco) for a little while. It was a few years ago when I was still in college and I think she was a senior in high school. I don’t think we had many shifts together and I don’t recall ever actually talking to her (hey! There were over 100 employees!)… But I think it’s cool that I can say “I worked with that girl” while watching the show. 😀

Is it sad that I’m excited to see Newlyweds tomorrow? Yeah, I thought so. Heh.

grr. argh.

Still sick. I have wasted away my entire weekend sitting on the couch with my trusty box of Kleenex by my side watching reruns of Real World: Hawaii (my favorite!), Las Vegas, and Chicago. I am such a bum. I really find it weird that when i first started watching RW, I was like 14 and all the cast members were 7-10 years older. Now I’m as old or older than most of them! And when I turn 24 in October, I won’t even be eligible to audition for the show anymore! (Not that I want to or anything but that’s not my point). I feel so old.

Anyway, I always tell myself that when a new season of the RW starts, I’m not going to watch because each new one just seems to get progressively worse with all the sexing that goes on — but I find myself powerless to stop watching. Gah. Here I come RW: Paris! I also caught a few episodes of Surf Girls while watching too much MTV and thought that was a cool show… I shall add that to my weekly TV viewing schedule. 🙂

I was just surfing The and I discovered that the Dawson’s Creek link has been eighty-sixed. *sobs* The show is really over! I’m inconsolable.

real world/road rules

For some reason, I’ve become really into Real World and Road Rules again — my obsession goes through phases, I guess. Sometims I love certain seasons (namely RW Hawaii and New Orleans) and then other times, I’m completely indifferent (RW Chicago and RR The Quest). But right now, with the crazy cast of Las Vegas and the hilarious antics of the Battle of the Sexes, I have become obsessed again. I’ll even watch the ten million reruns that MTV shows of each episode. *shakes head* But what I’ve found to be really interesting after watching the new Battle of the Sexes episodes, is to read the recaps done by three cast members: Colin from RW 8 Hawaii, Melissa from RW 9 New Orleans, and Lori from RW 10 New York. The 3 of them put up their recaps after a new episode airs on Monday nights. They shed a lot of light about the editing and stuff that happens behind the scenes. They’re all pretty interesting reads — like in Melissa’s blog, she mentions that Jon Murray (one of the creators) thanked her for the fight she had with Julie in the first episode. That’s just weird.

Anyway… time for the Friday Five:

What is one thing you don’t like about your body? I’m too short. I’m like 5 ft. 2 in. or something. I hate it mostly because when I buy pants, I always have to have them hemmed. What a pain.

What are two things you love about your body? Uhhh, I don’t really love anything but I guess I like my smile and my arms.

What are three things you want to change about your home? Well first, I really dislike all the wires that we have running from the 4 computers to the hub that’s located in the living room. We tried to get them as close to the wall as possible but they still bother me. Secondly, I wish that we had another room so that Rob’s desk didn’t have to be in the corner of the living room. And lastly, I wish I had a bigger closet. I have too many clothes.

What are four books you want to read this year? Hmm… The Nanny Diaries, The Lovely Bones, A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

What are five promises you have kept to yourself? I’ve been pretty good about cooking food at home as opposed to always going out to eat. I have decreased my clothes shopping considerably — but I think that might be due to the fact that I have no disposable income to use! I don’t procrastinate as much as I used to when it comes to cleaning my apartment. I’ve started to go through, clean and throw out the contents of various boxes that have been under my bed since I moved in a year ago. That’s only 4 but I can’t think of anything else…

Ok, this is too long already… need to sleep.