tv season wrap-up, part 1

I’ve barely written any TV blog posts this year so now that the 2010 – 2011 broadcast season is over, I figured I’d write some quick finale thoughts…

The Vivian Volkoff arc in the latter episodes of the season left a lot to be desired (I think it was partly because the actress just wasn’t that believable as a villain) but the finale provided a satisfying resolution to that storyline while setting up new adventures. Honestly, I would have been ok if the show didn’t get renewed – we got to see Chuck save the day without the Intersect (although I have questions about how Sarah managed to stay alive so much longer than other Norseman victims), Sarah & Chuck’s wedding (their vows! LOVE) complete with flashbacks to their relationship (I guess the writers were thinking series finale), and our favorite team back together as freelance spies. But that’s not to say I’m not ridiculously happy that NBC is giving the show a chance to go out on its own terms. I’m excited to see what the writers have in store for the last season, especially now that Morgan has the Intersect uploaded to his brain. !!! I didn’t care for Morgan in the first few seasons but he’s become one of my favorites and it’ll definitely be interesting to see how he and Team Bartowski handle this uhhh… unique situation.

Hawaii Five-0
I don’t take this show too seriously so I thought the finale was pretty darn awesome. There were some WTF moments (anything related to Danny/Rachel and the need to leave for New Jersey THAT DAY) but I totally didn’t expect the twist with the governor and Wo Fat. Now that I’ve had time to think about it, I wonder if this was planned from the very beginning of the season. Maybe the governor put together the 5-0 task force as a way to keep Steve close and monitor what he was doing. Really good set up if that’s the case. Now Steve is arrested for murder (they have to see his taser burn, right?!), Kono’s suspended (I can’t believe the eyewitness testimony could be considered credible at this point), and Chin’s back at HPD (I have hope he’s going to be their “inside man” and try to help the others somehow). Phew. I have no desire to see Danny back in a relationship with Rachel (ugh, cheaters!) so he better stay in Hawaii to help his friends (although I don’t know why they bother with the drama of him moving to NJ — he’s a main character and isn’t likely to leave).

No Ordinary Family
So much potential (love the actors, especially Autumn Reeser) but this wasn’t a good show. I’m sorry! The writing was lacking (terrible storylines, inconsistent characterization), the episodes were slooooow, and there was just no spark. The premise really intrigued me but the execution was all wrong. Disappointing. Not surprised it didn’t get renewed.

It may seem as if I don’t like this show… but I really do. I just have problems with its inconsistency. Especially this past season. I think I got a little whiplash with all the back and forth between good (Duets, Original Song) and terrible (A Night of Neglect – WTF) episodes. But I’ve come to accept that I’m here for the characters, the minimal development and interaction they get, and above all, the songs and performances. I’m ok with that.

One Tree Hill
Oh, this show. Just when you think it’s over, it goes and gets renewed. Again. I still watch because I’ve really grown to like the characters but it’s lost a lot of the fun and spark it used to have in the earlier seasons. Plus, there’s been veerrrryyy little storytelling in the last few episodes. Nothing really happens! It’s no wonder they keep doing time jumps to change things up. In any case, the finale was fine. Everyone had their moment and their happy ending — Brooke gave birth, Haley opened her cafe, Nathan and Clay found their star, and Chase returns from the Air Force to reunite with Alex (who I actually love now). See! Would have been a great series finale. I’m not really sure what other stories they have to tell but I have two requests — can they PLEASE limit Chuck and Jamie’s screentime? They’re taking screentime from characters I actually care about. And they are not cute kids, I’m sorry. ALSO, and maybe more importantly, PLEASE bring back the original theme song full time. As interesting it is to hear different artists’ take on the song, it’s just not the same.

The Good Wife
I love this show. But I think it suffered slightly from trying to do too much in its second season. They introduced characters that didn’t really work, dropped storylines (the deleted voicemail kills me), and sacrificed the screentime of major characters in the process. The last few episodes, though, after Bond was ousted and Peter and Kalinda’s past was revealed, were pretty much on par with the best episodes of season 1. Not to mention that they did a great job of setting up storylines for next season. Like Alicia/Will exploring their relationship (loved that Alicia was the one calling the shots that night) — how is that going to affect their interactions with Peter? Will’s conversation with Peter in the finale was already fraught with awkward tension. Or Eli moving his business into the Lockhart Gardner offices — does this mean more Alicia/Eli interaction? Yes please! And with Alicia/Peter’s separation, I sure hope it means less Jackie. The actress may be a Dawson’s Creek alum (Grams!) but I CANNOT stand the character. I know she’s a mother and loves her son but COME ON. Cheating is not ok and she acts like Peter did nothing wrong. She irks me so much. The only thing I’m dreading about next season is the move to Sundays. Especially on CBS after football. Isn’t this where they put shows to die? 🙁

Ok, that’s it for now — back again with the rest soon. Happy 4th of July!

midseason tv report card, part 1

It’s midway through the 2010 – 2011 broadcast TV season and I thought it was about that time to do a midseason TV report card (gosh, it’s been awhile since I’ve done this)…

Chuck – A
One of the few shows I have to watch immediately. I love it. The past couple of seasons have been really solid with the story arcs about The Ring and Chuck’s mom and I’m so happy that Chuck and Sarah are a REAL couple! And they’ve been together since last season! I’ve always hated how fleeting TV relationships usually are. Chuck and Sarah prove that there’s always drama to mine in any romantic relationship (especially since they’re spies!).

Hawaii Five-0 – B+
This show isn’t reinventing the genre or anything but I enjoy it. Doesn’t hurt that Steve and Danno are totally HOT (and totally in a bromance — come on, they banter back and forth every single episode). But as much as I love Scott Caan, I’m not sure why he was nominated for a Golden Globe for this show. He’s basically playing himself!

Gossip Girl – B+
This season’s major story arc (so far) involving Juliet and her obsession with revenge against Serena is so ridiculously over the top. But that’s what I love about this show. I may not care for her but I have to admit that Juliet brought new life to the Upper East Side with all her mischief-making. Minimal Jenny and Vanessa is also a good thing. It’s too bad because I actually like both characters — the writers just don’t know what to do with them and they no longer have any redeeming qualities. I’m also intrigued by the thought of Dan/Blair. I used to ship Chuck/Blair but that relationship is seriously MESSED UP and beyond repair (I loved them so this is really disappointing). Blair deserves much better.

No Ordinary Family – C
Ehhh. I don’t know. This could actually be a decent show (they have the acting talent!) but it’s just so bland. There’s no spark. I expected much more from Greg Berlanti. But I’ll probably stick it out until the end of the season to see if it gets better. If not, I probably won’t tune in next season (if I’m being honest, I don’t think the show will get renewed; the ratings are pretty dismal).

Glee – B
I have a lot of issues with this show (treatment of Will and Rachel’s characters, portrayal of women, Kurt making everything all about him, etc) but I can’t help it. I love the singing! And sometimes there are flashes of brilliance as evidenced by The Duets and The Substitute, which are episodes that reminded me why I love these characters and why I continue to watch the show. I also discovered Darren Criss this season — he’s a new favorite!

One Tree Hill – C-
Same old show. I seriously can’t believe it’s on its 8th season. WHAT. As per usual, the show is slow-paced and isn’t scared to put its characters into unbelievably melodramatic situations (the stalker turned shooter comes to mind). At this point, I’m only watching for Brooke and Julian’s wedding and to see if the writers can give Nathan and Haley a storyline worthy of their awesomeness. I could care less about Clay/Quinn (OMG, most snooze-worthy relationship EVER) and Chase/Alex (I’m *still* in shock that Stephen Colletti is on this show — from none other than Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County).

The Good Wife – A-
A favorite. This season hasn’t been as good overall as the first. It feels like the writers are trying too hard to match the magic of the first season. Even still, it’s miles better than most other shows on the major broadcast networks. Anyway, I’m torn about the new characters — I wanted so badly to like Bond (Michael Ealy) and Blake (I’m a huge fan of Scott Porter’s from Friday Night Lights) but they’re not layered enough characters for me to understand their motivations. All I know is that they’re taking away precious air time from the characters I love, like Kalinda! But the season seems to be ramping up for some interesting reveals and I’m looking forward to it.

Modern Family – B+
I’m normally not a sitcom person but this one is HILARIOUS! The kids are the best. Especially Manny! It’s nice to have some levity on my TV schedule.

Part 2 in the next few days… 🙂

oth s6 + entourage

Is it sad that I still read wedding blogs? I can’t help it.

Rob’s in Cabo for a bachelor party this weekend so Diesel and I are on our own for the weekend. Love it because I can take over the TV and watch The Hills! And my other guilty pleasure shows (possible spoilers?)…

One Tree Hill
Caught up with the new season. Nanny Carrie’s return sucks (why did she have to come back?!?). Q’s death sucks (I was just beginning to like him). Skills and Deb’s relationship is… questionable (I admit it is possible but I hate the execution). Brooke’s assault storyline bothers me. I mean, how can her FRIENDS not notice that something more serious than falling down the stairs is going on with her? Argh. But mostly because I get the uneasy feeling that her mom is involved with this somehow. And that gives me the creeps.

I *am* enjoying Lucas and Peyton — I can’t explain it. I love them together. Can they just be happy for once? I also love anything and everything involving Haley, Nathan, and Jamie. They’re so awesome.

Hmm. I still (begrudgingly) love this show.

Entourage, Season 4
We don’t have HBO so we rely on the DVDs to catch up with these boys. We breezed right through all 4 discs in a few days. For the first time, I cannot stand Vince. I used to be pretty indifferent to him but now his carefree attitude and misplaced loyalty (to Billy Walsh no less) bothers me. Ugh. I also never really liked E (why must he act like such a tool sometimes?) but I really respect his drive and ambition — he doesn’t “use” Vince (like Turtle, ugh) and he isn’t afraid to have opinions and share them. I continue to love Ari and adore Lloyd.

Ok, I’m off to watch this past week’s episode of 90210 (yes, I’m still watching… for now). Have a great weekend everyone!

PS – A co-worker let me borrow Eclipse. I can keep reading the series without paying a dime. Yay. 😀

tv catch-up

I was trying to avoid them but those darn Girl Scouts found me today! I bought my usual Thin Mints and Samoas. 😀 YUM-O.

Rob was out of town last week so I took advantage of the fact that I had the TV all to myself and caught up on some of my girly shows! 🙂 Some brief thoughts…

Ugly Betty
I’m finding Amanda really grating and annoying this season. It might be her storyline bringing out the worst in her. Is it just me? And possibly another unpopular opinion but I think I’m starting to prefer Betty/Gio over Betty/Henry. Last season I adored Henry and was totally rooting for a relationship between him and Betty. But now that they’re a couple, they just don’t work for me anymore… they’re actually, dare I say it, a little boring. :/

One Tree Hill
I know that Peyton has been a completely unreasonable b*tch so far this season but I can’t help it… I’m still a Peyton apologist. I just love her and want her to be happy. And I take back what I said originally about Lindsey, I have decided that I am not a fan. Mostly because I don’t believe that her character is going to last long in the world of Tree Hill (I mean, come on) so quite honestly, I don’t feel the need to get invested. Anyway, I knew it — I knew Nanny Carrie was up to no good. I’m so pissed at Nathan for not doing anything or SAYING anything about her completely inappropriate behavior. ARGH. Why, Nathan?!? It’s totally going to come up again because there is no way that Carrie’s storyline is done. BOO.

Lipstick Jungle
I’ve only seen the pilot and the most recent episode and it’s marginally better than Cashmere Mafia. And that’s mostly because I like Brooke Shields, Kim Raver, and Lindsay Price (she looks exactly the same as she did on 90210) and find their friendship/personalities to be relatable and believable. (Except why is Lindsay’s character named Victory?! Really?) I never would have thought these 3 actresses would work so well together but they do. I’ll watch the show if I happen to remember that it’s on but I won’t go out of my way. It’s too bad… I really wanted to “click” with this show. Can you tell I miss Sex and the City?

I just realized that I haven’t watched the last 3 episodes of Smallville and I’m too lazy to download them… anyone want to fill me in? 🙂

YAY — NBC renewed Friday Night Lights! Woot.

Finally, voting for Diesel is still going on here. 😀

oth s5 + cashmere mafia

I’ve been sick. Like I couldn’t even sit-or-stand-up-straight-without-feeling-light-headed-and-wanting-to-faint kind of sick. I took Thursday and Friday off from work so basically for the past 4 days I’ve been in a constant state of… sleep. Today’s the first day I’ve felt well enough to go online. Ugh. And I think I still won’t feel 100% when I go back to work on Tuesday. I so did not think this would be how I would spend this 3-day weekend. Boo.

My hard drive is making really loud noises. Should I be worried?

I just realized that I’m about 5 episodes behind on Grey’s and 6 behind with Ugly Betty. That’s what happens when you watch 5 shows on Thursday nights. Oops. So with the lack of new TV lately, you’d think I’d be catching up, right? Nope. Because ABC has decided not to offer all the episodes for viewing on their website like they did last season. Only the most recent 5 or so episodes are available. I have to wait for them to actually rerun. And I’m way too lazy too download the shows the “other” way. But I guess that’s ok since it leaves me time to watch some of the mid-season replacements…

One Tree Hill
Only 3 episodes in and it’s been SO. GOOD. Seriously. I was a little wary of the 4-year jump but I’m over it. I LOVE that Skills is getting more screen time. He’s the BEST. But why does Mouth get his own storyline (which I HATE, by the way)?! There was a time when I liked him… up until everything that came out of his mouth (heh) sounded like it came straight from an after-school special. Grr. As far as the main characters, Brooke and Peyton are totally rocking this season (I am so happy about their return to best-friendship — AND they’re living together!), Lucas is still Mr. Goody Two-Shoes (and I actually don’t mind “his” Lindsey), and I continue to adore Nathan/Haley despite their completely unrealistic storyline (Nathan as a first round draft pick with a shoe deal? COME ON). But honestly, the best part of season 5 so far is Jamie! He’s so cute and a pretty darn good actor to boot! Awww. So yeah, so far, so good. The ONE thing I’m a bit worried about is the nanny… it just feels like they’re setting her and Nathan up for some sort of “affair,” which I would HATE. Anyway, good times.

Speaking of OTH, the cast was doing some sort of mall tour yesterday and guess who was here in San Francisco?! JAMES LAFFERTY. He was at Macy’s in Union Square. If I wasn’t sick, I probably would have thought about going. Maybe. 😀

Cashmere Mafia
I have to admit I watched this show for 2 reasons — 1) I love Lucy Liu, and 2) I miss Sex and the City. So I tuned in to the pilot. And let me tell you, this is no SatC. I was so disappointed. But I did learn that I just do not like Bonnie Sommerville. Totally irrational, I know. Now I’m waiting for Lipstick Jungle. Based on the promos, it looks like the superior show anyhow.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles also premiered, which Rob actually recorded, but when we tried to watch it, I just couldn’t pay attention. Oh well, I don’t really need another show to watch anyway.

Now I’m off to go medicate some more… :/

tv update

Is it just me or is this TV season kind of… blah? I haven’t been excited to watch my shows in the same way I used to be. I think the only show I really look forward to each week is Gossip Girl. I mean, Chuck and Reaper are solid but don’t really inspire the same giddiness I used to have when watching shows like Alias or Buffy, Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy just aren’t the same anymore, and let’s not even talk about Smallville. And with the writer’s strike taking place and reruns to look forward to for an undetermined amount of time… I just don’t see the season getting any better.

HOWEVER. One Tree Hill is coming back in January as a mid-season replacement and I am *ridiculously* excited, especially after finding this season 5 preview about Brooke. 😀 I think the “fast forward” is going to be AWESOME.

returning shows, part 2

OMG, I seriously need to start making cuts on my TV schedule. Cause I am SO backed up. There are a billion episodes on my Tivo!

I think Six Degrees may be my first casualty. I do have the third episode saved on the Tivo so that’ll be the deciding episode.

More comments on returning shows…


Really enjoyed the first 2 episodes… Catherine’s “rape” (the morning after scene gave me chills) and the Sam Braun storyline was intriguing. And I liked that Catherine turned to Sara for help. Finally! I like both characters a lot and I wish they would get along. :/ They always seem to be shown as adversaries. It’s like the writers don’t know how to write friendly relationships for female characters or something. Annoying.

Gilmore Girls
OMG. Lauren Graham is amazing. She makes me *feel* Lorelai’s pain. GUH. She is so good. Now, I know that the show will eventually make its way back to Luke/Lorelai but until then, I’d love to see more of Christopher (I’m sorry, I like him!). Good to see Lane again but I really hate that she’s pregnant. I feel like it’s such a cop-out storyline for her. Blah. On a shallow note, I absolutely love Alexis Bledel’s hair lately. I have hair envy.

One Tree Hill
I totally rolled my eyes after the cold open of the premiere. I mean, really. Nathan washing up on land holding Rachel. WHATEVER. I wish she would go away. And what’s with Nathan’s angst? That came out of nowhere. But I’m glad that Brooke and Lucas finally broke up. As much as I don’t like that pairing, I don’t like watching Chad and Sophia even more. The thought of their real life problems makes me cringe. I feel bad for Sophia. :/ It looks like the signs are pointing towards a relationship to develop between Lucas and Peyton. Yay. I’ve been waiting since season 1! And can I just say how happy I am to see Skillz in the credits? Antwon Tanner’s awesome.

Veronica Mars
Hee! There was a BSG reference! 😀 I thought the premiere was great… well, except for the whole Kendall/Cormac storyline. But that’s because I had no idea what was going on. Hopefully it’ll be explained in the upcoming episodes. Anyway, I normally don’t like new characters right off the bat but I really, really liked both Piz and Parker. They both have such different personalities from the rest of the characters yet they fit right in. Strangely enough, I wasn’t feeling Veronica. At all. She’s normally a know-it-all (in a good, lovable way) but she took it too far. I couldn’t even enjoy the Veronica/Logan scenes because I was so annoyed with her. KB did have rocking hair, though… that’s me, I’m all about the shallow.

Daddy Winchester!!! *sniff* The premiere rocked. Seriously, my mind was blown. Jensen, Jared and JDM were all so, so awesome. The ending killed me dead. The scene when Sam drops the coffee cup and runs to his dad… just, GUH.

Battlestar Galactica
The premiere was SO frakking GOOD. Gaeta rocked, the insurgent team of Chief/Helo/Tigh rocked, Lee and his angst rocked, Starbuck and her bad self rocked. Baltar and Ellen did not rock but that’s fine… it was all pretty damn amazing anyway. And the ending! I gasped when the prisoners were given a rest break and the cylons appeared. Noooo!

Whew. Hope everyone has a good weekend. 😀

season finales, part 3

I just realized that I never finished up my season finale commentaries. Since the new season’s about to start, I figure I might as well knock these out. You know, for posterity.


One Tree Hill
HATED the ending. I mean, Haley screaming as Nathan jumps into the river to rescue Rachel and Uncle Cooper?!? What is THAT about? The poor girl just got married. Seeing the credits roll after that just about KILLED me. What if the show hadn’t been renewed? Grrr. And I’m so torn about the Peyton/Lucas/Brooke triangle. I love L/P but I completely understand Brooke’s feelings of betrayal. I really, really wish that the L/P storyline had played out differently… without Brooke getting hurt. Blah. Especially if it turns out that she’s pregnant. This is so my guilty pleasure show but we would be SO OVER if any other main female character besides Karen is pregnant.

Desperate Housewives
Susan got on my nerves, Betty Applewhite did nothing, and I… got so bored. I actually have about 4 (maybe more???) episodes saved on my Tivo but I know I’m never going to sit down and watch them. I don’t think I’ll be watching season 3.

Las Vegas
I want to see Danny in a relationship with Sam… but that’s just wishful thinking. Instead, he falls in love with Delinda (again) who is about to be married. WHY?!? Oh Josh Duhamel, the things I put up with for you. I read somewhere (maybe it was Ask Ausiello) that the upcoming season’s episode order was reduced. :/ It’s not looking good…

This is a great show but honestly it’s not one of those shows that I’m *obsessed* with… I haven’t watched all the episodes multiple times and I don’t plan on purchasing the DVDs. So sadly, I can’t really remember all the details from the finale. Something about the demon inhabiting John’s body? And Sam not shooting him? THIS is why I need to write up my commentaries right after watching the episode and not months after, heh. I do remember the image of the unconscious Winchesters after they were hit by the huge semi. 🙁 That crash totally took me by surprise.

I can’t believe that Michael left Kate, Jack and Sawyer with Henry Gale. HENRY GALE. Dude is seriously creepy. His eyes make him look possessed or something. *shudders* What about Eko, Desmond, and Locke?! The freaking hatch blew up! Why is Charlie still around? And he had to go and have a cute ending with Claire. Ugh. I don’t quite know why I dislike him so much. But I do. I’m still bitter that Boone had to die and I have to watch Charlie every week. :/ The whole Penelope ending went way over my head so I’ll obviously have to pay better attention next season.

Still have a few more commentaries to write… hopefully I’ll finish them this weekend. I need the closure. 😀

TV character responses

So this TV character “Favorite Moments” meme was MUCH harder than I anticipated. I have the absolute worst memory and I probably have more favorite moments… but I did my best!

1. Amy: I thought you’d be in New York already.
Ephram: I think I’m gonna skip New York this year. I mean, it’s the worst time to go anyway.
Amy: Really? I didn’t know that.
Ephram: Yeah, it’s super humid. Maybe for Christmas.
Amy: Yeah, it’d probably be nice to be home for the holidays.
Ephram: Yeah, maybe, but…
Amy: But what?
Ephram: I am home.
— Episode 1.23: Home
Awww. Happy Ephram rules.

2. Ephram (to Madison): I’m going to my car, when I turn around, you’ll be inside and that will be that.
— Episode 2.18: Last Looks
I’ve always thought this was a perfect break-up scene. Sad yet hopeful at the same. And Ephram’s face… he made me sad right along with him.

3. Ephram: Amy? I still love you.
— Episode 4.09: Getting to Know You
This broke my heart. Ephram found the courage to open his heart to Amy and it was beautiful.

1. [Amy and Colin are announced as Homecoming Couple but Colin is nowhere to be found. Bright takes Amy’s hand.]
Amy: What are you doing?
Bright: Standing in.
Amy: I can’t go up there, Bright. Not without Colin.
Bright: It’s OK. We’ll do this together.
— Episode 1.14: Colin the Second
One of my favorite Everwood scenes. It just captures who Bright is as a character.

2. When Bright gave up sex with Gemma to rescue Dr. Abbott who is asleep on a ski lift. He mutters to himself, “If I die tonight and don’t go to heaven, I’m gonna be so pissed.”
— Episode 1.15: Snow Job
Bwah! Bright rocks.

3. Bright renting the Promebago.
— Episode 2.20: Do Or Die.
No other reason than it’s classic Bright.

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oth 317

Anyone catch Bedford Diaries last night? I’m just wondering if it’s worth downloading.

So I originally planned to blog about Everwood tonight (Yay, it’s back!) but then I sat down and watched One Tree Hill.

OMG. OMG. !!! Spoilers ahead…

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