rent dvd

Picked up the Rent DVD this weekend! YAY. Is it possible to love it even more on second viewing? Cause I totally do. My only problem with the movie was the lack of Benny and the DVD totally fixes that. The deleted scenes include a few with Benny, in particular one where he and Roger talk about Mimi. This scene redeems Benny in my eyes and I wish they had left it in because the movie ends without really showing us his good side. They also included the deleted performances of Halloween and Goodbye Love (*sniff* I thought this was great, especially the parts between Mark and Roger).

I also watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and March of the Penguins. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t understand the hype for either movie. Charlie had its moments (some funny and some… not so funny) but mostly I thought it was strange. And I didn’t like Willy Wonka’s flashbacks to his childhood. At all. And then, March of the Penguins. I was kinda bored. And I just don’t understand why the penguins don’t evolve so their breeding ground is closer to the water. :/

Anyway, we just got Just Like Heaven from Netflix. I’m looking forward to a fun and fluffy romantic comedy. Plus, Reese!

rent rocks

I saw Rent today and absolutely loved it. It’s obviously not in the same league as the musical (which is my most favorite stage show ever) but it comes really close.

I was happily surprised by Rosario Dawson’s performance. Her voice sounded great… I have to admit that I had my doubts about her but she proved me wrong. I’ve never cared for Maureen but Idina Menzel is seriously amazing (she looked so cute in the catsuit on New Year’s Eve). I could listen to her sing all day. Tracie Thoms also blew me away… just WOW. Her voice is so powerful. I loved her version of Joanne. And who could forget Jesse Martin? I have a soft spot for him. But was it just me or did he play Collins as a bit of a drunk? I don’t remember the character being like that in the stage show… but then it’s been about 5 years since I’ve seen it so maybe I forgot? Whatever, Collins and Angel are still the best, and most meaningful, couple. *sob*

My favorite number was La Vie Boheme. Such a great group song. They’re all smiling, having fun, dancing on tables… such an awesome scene. My other favorite songs include Another Day, Without You, Finale B… and they definitely didn’t disappoint. All the songs were spectacular. I think the movie soundtrack has a much MUCH edgier/harsher sound to it than the Original Broadway Cast soundtrack… it sounds fantastic. I wasn’t planning on purchasing the movie soundtrack since I have the OBC but now I’m so tempted.

The one thing I was upset about was Benny’s diminished role. Again, maybe my memory is failing me but I remember seeing him more often in the stage show. Regardless, it was a GREAT movie (I’m so proud of Christopher Columbus). I highly recommend it. GO SEE IT!

I also bought my Christmas tree today. Whee! It’s so tall and fluffy and smells SO GOOD. Ahhh, the holidays rock.

no death cab for me

I woke up this morning to find out that the Death Cab for Cutie concert on 11/13 is sold out. WTF. The tickets went on sale at 10am and I logged on to Ticketmaster at 11:30. This sucks. I was looking forward to it — I haven’t been to a concert since Justin Timberlake and Matchbox 20 in 2003 (!!!). *sigh*

Oh well, at least there are other things to be happy about, like…

The new Harry Potter trailers!!! They are here and here. The Yule Ball and Triwizard Tournament scenes just make me incredibly happy. And I can’t help but fall in love with Viktor/Hermione. I adore the way he kisses her hand and twirls her around at the Yule Ball. SOCUTE. And seeing Harry all stutter-y and nervous as he’s talking to Cho Chang… SQUEE. I am SO. EXCITED.

The audio section of the official RENT site has been updated with clips of the entire soundtrack. YAY. I’ve been anxious to hear some of Rosario Dawson’s solos and I’m pleasantly surprised. Listening to the clips makes me want to pre-order the soundtrack. November’s going to be a great month for movies. 🙂

In TV news, I watched the series premiere of Everybody Hates Chris. There was a preview DVD in last week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly so I thought I would check it out. It is freaking HILARIOUS. The father is already my favorite character (he has the BEST lines) and the kid that plays Chris is a total natural. I hope the show does well — I would love to have a sitcom on my TV schedule again. Anyway, it premieres this coming Thursday so check it out!

I spent most of my Saturday watching my Popular season 1 DVDs. I think I watched maybe 2 episodes when the show was originally airing and I didn’t really care for it. But I got the DVDs as part of a free promotion almost a year ago so I thought it was time to finally take them out of the packaging. I popped the first disc into the DVD player and ended up watching 9 episodes… straight. It is *much* better than I remember. It’s funny, though, while I like the show, I don’t really love any of the characters. Well, maybe Harrison — he’s awesome. The girls are just so difficult to empathize with. Especially Sam (Carly Pope). I want to be on her side but then she does something so petty, I just want to smack her. She drives me crazy. Nicole (Tammy Lynn Michaels) and Mary Cherry (Leslie Grossman) are so awesomely bad, though. I can’t stand them but I can’t help but laugh at their antics. I read that the second season was a huge disappointment compared to season 1 (something about network involvement — stupid WB!). It’s such a great, campy show… it’s too bad.

Anyway, I’m excited for the Emmys tonight. I want to see Kristen Bell perform! Aww. 🙂

Forgot to mention that I added a few new wallpapers to last weekend. I finished those wallpapers *months* ago and recently found them on my hard drive. I really wish I had the motivation to make fanart. I haven’t made anything in ages. I miss it.

rent trailer!

Thanks to Sarah’s head’s up, I found and downloaded the Rent trailer. All I have to say is…

SQUEE. It is seriously AMAZING. There’s no dialogue (just clips pieced together with Seasons of Love playing over it) but it’s one powerful trailer… *sigh* I cannot wait til November. But for now, watching the trailer over and over and over will suffice. 😛

Quick meme…
1. Current fandoms: Everwood and Dawson’s Creek (yes, still). I consider myself a part of many other fandoms but I find it hard to really get involved. Fandoms can be SCARY.
2. My first fandom ever: Dawson’s Creek
3. My most recent fandoms: Grey’s Anatomy, Lost
4. 5 Fandoms that mean a lot to me: Dawson’s Creek, Everwood, Felicity, Roswell, and BtVS

I may get a chance to add Veronica Mars to the list of my many fandoms — apparently UPN really is rerunning season 1 starting June 14. I’m gonna see if the show actually lives up to the hype. Then I won’t feel so out of the loop anymore, lol.

Lastly, just wanted to share that Jennifer put up a new layout at High Anxiety and I’ve finally installed a new gallery… hope you all like the new look!