fall tv 14

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you celebrate)!

Oh man. I haven’t blogged about TV in 2 years. TWO years! That’s insane.

I’m still watching A LOT of TV but not participating in online discussions or general fandom anymore. That’s what happens when you get older — no more time! But I still like sharing my random thoughts so thought I’d list my TV schedule here… 🙂

Brooklyn 99
– LOLARIOUS. I never used to be a sitcom person but I’ve come around lately. The characters make this show for me. They get into some of the most ridiculous situations but somehow it all works because they’re all so well drawn. My absolute favorite is Captain Holt. His deadpan delivery is AWESOME.

The Good Wife – Still one of my favorite shows on the air right now. But I’m bummed that they’re finally giving Cary a real storyline and it’s kind of killing his character.

I gave up on Once Upon a Time last season when they introduced Peter Pan. Didn’t work for me at all. I wonder if the new Frozen arc is worth trying to catch up.

– I want to like this show much more than I do. The idea of exploring Gotham before Batman is intriguing. Plus I have a soft spot for Ben McKenzie. Unfortunately this has not become appointment viewing. I can’t pinpoint exactly why that is — I guess a combination of the formulaic weekly procedural storylines and the show taking itself too seriously. Also not a fan of Barbara.

Stopped watching The Originals. I got all the way through the first season but it just wasn’t grabbing me (not even with the promise of seeing Elijah every week :P). Also gave up on The Blacklist. The characters drove me crazy.

One of my favorite nights of television!
The Mindy Project – THE BEST! I adore this show. And absolutely love the theme song. I do wish they could find more for Jeremy to do, though. I’m still not sure why they had to introduce Peter — they just sidelined Jeremy even more! Sigh.

New Girl – Still watching but it’s not my favorite. Mostly because they’ve gone SUPER over the top with the characterizations. Like, Schmidt is just straight up crazy now. He used to be my favorite!

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – Ahhh, this show. Last season was rough. It was promising in the beginning, then it hit a creative rut, and finally it reached its potential once it had the chance to capitalize on Captain America’s storyline over in the cinematic universe. That momentum has definitely carried over to this season — I just wish the creative resurgence would equal a rise in ratings too!

The Flash – My favorite new show of the season. This show spun out of my other favorite show Arrow. It’s considerably lighter and funnier and that’s a good thing. They need to loop in poor Iris, though — her pretty much being the only main character who doesn’t know about Barry’s alter ego makes her look really clueless.

I also watched the first episode of Selfie and didn’t love it (I guess lots of people felt the same way since it’s been cancelled). I love John Cho, though — why can’t he get cast on a good show?!

– Love this show. It’s probably my favorite right now. The storylines are entertaining and I really truly like the cast and characters. They make me root for the show so hard. I even like Laurel. I just wish they knew what to do with her.

ABC Comedy Block – Modern Family, Black-ish, The Goldbergs – Lately I’ve been enjoying sitcoms more and more — mostly because there’s less of a time commitment and almost no emotional investment, lol. I was a little worried Black-ish would be cringe-worthy but I think it balances thoughtful commentary with comedy really well. And The Goldbergs is just a gem.

Big Bang Theory – I do think they could do better by the female characters but I find the show entertaining so I guess I’m not that easily offended.

How To Get Away With Murder – UGH. This show is not good. AND YET I KEEP WATCHING. The mystery and terrible characters keep me coming back. I can’t help it. It’s a short season, 15 episodes, so I’m going to stick it out.

Scandal – I’m not sure why I watch this show either. I enjoyed the fast pace and shock value of the first two seasons but now I’m having a hard time rooting for anyone. I’m a sucker, though, so I’m sure I’ll finish off the season to satisfy my curiosity.

I’ve also been recording The Vampire Diaries but haven’t felt compelled to watch. I guess I have vampire fatigue.

Hawaii 5-0
– Yes, I still watch this show. The cases of the week are pretty weak but I’m here for the characters and their relationships anyway.

I’ll watch Glee, Hart of Dixie and Downton Abbey when they’re back on the air. I also want to check out Jane the Virgin.

Rob watches The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy so I know enough to have opinions (ie. Gemma suuuuucks and I can’t wait for Jax to confront her).

I also tried watching Breaking Bad but it was so depressing and intense I couldn’t make it past the first half of season one. Homeland seemed promising but I finished the first season and just never felt the urge to keep going.

So what are all of you watching? Anything I’m missing?

fall tv 12

I’ve been a little out of the TV loop lately. I haven’t even finished reading through my Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview issue…

But oh well, here we go with my TV schedule (and some brief comments)!

Once Upon a Time
@ 8pm (ABC) – I can’t help but love this take on beloved fairy tale characters.
The Good Wife @ 9pm (CBS) – My absolute favorite show on the air right now. I just wish they would give Cary a storyline. He deserves better. While I’m at it, Kalinda too. Her husband suuuuucks.
Revenge @ 9pm (ABC) – Soap-y goodness.

Rob marathon-ed all of The Walking Dead over the summer so I’ll probably also get sucked into that show…

Gossip Girl
@ 9pm (CW) – Last season! *sniff* The show has seriously gone off the rails the last few seasons (and they tangled Dan/Blair in front of me and took them away) but I love it. I will miss Blair and her headbands.
Revolution @ 10pm (NBC) – I DON’T KNOW. The premise of this show has potential. But I CANNOT stand Charlie. One of the leads. This does not bode well. This one probably won’t make it past the most recent episode…
Hawaii 5-0 @ 10pm (CBS)

I stopped watching Bones and don’t miss it in the least. It was getting a little tired.

Hart of Dixie
@ 8pm (CW) – LOVE
Go On @ 9pm (NBC) – I don’t really find this sitcom that funny but Matthew Perry is the BEST. I want him to do well.
Emily Owens, MD @ 9pm (CW) – Watching for Justin Hartley.
The Mindy Project @ 9:30pm (FOX) – My favorite new show of the season.

@ 8pm (CW) – Intrigued.
Modern Family @ 9pm (ABC)
Nashville @ 10pm (ABC) – I’m at least going to check out the pilot. For Mrs. Coach (Connie Britton).

Big Bang Theory
@ 8pm (CBS)
The Vampire Diaries @ 8pm (CW)
Last Resort @ 8pm (ABC) – Enjoying this show so far. I’m hoping they start revealing more about the conspiracy — I hate when shows keep audiences in the dark too long (FlashForward and The Event come to mind). Also, how does Jessy Schram keep getting cast in shows? Is that mean of me?
Glee @ 9pm (FOX) – Still just watching solely for the musical performances. If I think about continuity or characterization or storyline at all, my head hurts from the whiplash.
Scandal @ 10pm (ABC)

@ 9pm (CW)

I also plan to watch Dexter when we can get our hands on the latest episodes. Heh.

Also, Rob and I started watching season 1 of Homeland and it is SO GOOD. We’ll have to hurry up and finish so we can get caught up.

So what are all of you planning to watch? 🙂

midseason TV

Ugh, so lazy lately. Not that I’ve been super busy. Just nothing particularly noteworthy to blog about.

BUT. I’ve been watching lots of new TV. YAY! So some thoughts…

HAHAHA. SO typical that I would watch this show. But I swear I had no idea it was a Shonda Rhimes creation. Until I watched the pilot. The rapid-fire dialogue, cliched phrases (“gladiator in a suit”) and quirky characters are a dead giveaway. And yet. I liked it. I always seem to be drawn to legal/political dramas, though. Interestingly enough, I haven’t warmed up to any of the characters. Not even Olivia (Kerry Washington). Ok, maybe Stephen (Henry Ian Cusick). I WANT to like Harrison (Columbus Short is a cutie) but ugh, he definitely needs to be developed because right now he’s all exposition and no substance. Anyway, what’s kept me around so far are the storylines. I’m intrigued by Olivia’s relationship with the President, his recent alleged affair with an aide (also, why can’t he seem to keep it in his pants? heh), and the firm’s war with the White House. Just the perfect guilty pleasure for me.

From a political drama to a comedy… I thought the pilot of Veep was solid. Smart. Funny. A hilarious take on the power of the Vice Presidency (or in this case, the lack of power). And oh man, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s line delivery is classic. My favorite lines –

– “Glasses make me look weak. It’s like a wheelchair for the eyes.”
– “Are you kidding? Do these not bend the fuck back?” – about her melted corn starch spoon
– “Did you just pencil fuck my speech?” HAHAHA

Only 1 episode so far but I have high hopes!

But OMG, maybe it’s just me but seeing Anna Chlumsky makes me REALLY feel my age. I will always remember her as Vada from My Girl (Thomas J!).

I’m torn. I like the premise of the show but it’s almost too… #first world problems. The girls, especially the lead character Hannah, aren’t likable at all. And actually come across as super entitled. Hannah’s reaction to getting cut off financially by her parents killed me (“I could be a drug addict! Do you realize how lucky you are?”). Argh. So frustrating. But I guess that’s the point. When you’re that young, and just out of college, your view of the world is still pretty narrow. I do like that the show “goes there” and isn’t afraid to cast the characters in an unattractive light. There’s definitely potential here (despite the cringe-worthy sex scenes) and I like the tone and voice of the show enough to continue watching.

Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23
I only tuned in to this show because after YEARS of hating Dawson (and by extension James Van Der Beek), I’m actually coming around. I think it was this Funny or Die video that finally made me separate him from Dawson. Heh. I’m only watching this show for him and it’s been worth it. I especially loved his attempt to out teach James Franco at NYU and his coffee shop act that ended with Dawson’s Creek questions (I want to know the answer to the question about him and Joshua Jackson being drunk during takes). The storylines with the girls are ok — a little over the top (Chloe setting up June with her dad) but entertaining. I do like Krysten Ritter so I’ll stick around at least for the rest of this season.

So that’s it. I’m also looking forward to HBO’s new Aaron Sorkin show, Newsroom. The trailer looks promising.

I’m behind on the rest of my shows… gotta catch up and write a big end of season wrap-up someday.

Any other shows I should be watching? 🙂