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Boo. I’m sick. My face is all red and my nose makes me look like Rudolph and I am plowing through my tissue box like there’s no tomorrow. Plus, it’s been super super hot lately. So instead of being happy and enjoying the weather, I’m actually miserable because the warm weather is making me all sweaty and uncomfortable. Awesome.

I think I may have found my new reality TV obsession for the summer — Fame. I was actually planning on watching the encore of the Dawson’s Creek finale (*sniff*) but I happened to be channel-hopping and found it. It’s some good stuff. Dancing was a huge part of my high school and college life so I love the dancing aspect to this show. I really liked Alex (I think?) from tonight’s group of 6 — he was the one that sang “Just Friends.” His voice was just gorgeous. Wowzers. He made me meeellllltttt. Mmmm.

Fandom meme (what *does* this word mean?) stolen from Jessica:

Fandom: Dawson’s Creek
What drew you to this fandom?
First, it was just the spoilers and then ultimately, it became about the people I met. Back in season 3, I was desperately searching the internet to find spoilers for the season 3 finale. I just *had* to know if it was going to end with Pacey and Joey. I found the spoilers by way of Fan Forum but I also discovered a really great community where I didn’t have to hide my obsessive fan!girly quirks.

Are you involved in the fanfic world for this fandom?
Does reading count? Cause I definitely don’t write fanfic, lol. For DC, I especially love Nik at Pages of True Love, Laura Smith at Never Thought I’d Be Here, and Kaytee (though she no longer has her work archived anywhere). I don’t really have a lot of time to be looking for fic so I usually have to depend on recs.

Are you involved in any (other) web community for this fandom?
I’m a member of the Creek Network. We’re just a group of Creek-loving webmasters who all run a variety of DC sites.

What are your three favorite episodes?
This actually changes all the time (hey, I’m fickle) but for now: Detention (106), True Love (323) and All Good Things…Must Come to An End (623/624).

What was your favorite story arc? (spanning at least three episodes, not necessarily in a row)
Pacey and Joey’s love story in late season 3 and season 4. They’re my most favorite TV couple ever.

Favorite character to love:
Jen. Michelle Williams was definitely the most under-used actor on the show but in the few scenes she did have, she always managed to convey a real depth and vulnerability to the character that made her so likeable.

Favorite character to hate:
Eddie. Gah. “Why won’t you get with me?” Ewwww.

Character who, throughout the series managed to surprise you the most:
Pacey. Always considered the “loser” of the bunch, he has consistently proved to the others and, more importantly, to himself, that he is capable of much more than anyone ever expected of him.

Favorite non-actor person on the set:
Gina Fattore, one of the writers. She has written some of the best Pacey/Joey episodes: Four to Tango (309), The Longest Day (320), True Love (323), and Future Tense (404)… to name a few.

Least favorite non-actor person on the set:
Jason Palmer, a writers’ assistant. He has been responsible for the “Ask Jason” section of the official site for the last 2 seasons, in which he consistently gives the worst answers to questions and he thinks he’s funny. He also wrote the horrific episode Lovelines (619). Just awful.

Strangest name you remember appearing on the screen after the opening credits:
Obi Ndefo. He played Bodie. I just think it’s a cool-looking name and I’ve always wondered how to pronounce it.

Best piece of dialogue:
“I remember everything.” — Pacey to Joey in The Anti-Prom (322). Such a beautiful scene that made me melt.

Best. moment. ever.
Joey running after Pacey to tell him she’s in love with him in True Love (323). I love the way Joey anxiously runs to the dock to catch Pacey before he can leave — and the way Pacey’s face lights up when she says that she’s in love with him.

Shippiest. moment. ever.
When Joey chooses Pacey in the series finale. YAY!

Of all your fandoms, why pick this one for the meme?
It’s the only one that I consider myself an active participant in. 🙂

sick AGAIN!

I got sick AGAIN! This will teach me never to work in the blazing hot sun on the Fourth of July again. My nose is all stuffed up and I’m running dangerously low on nice, puffy tissues. ::sigh:: Argh!

But regardless, I had a pretty good time — I was working the spin wheel and giving out free prizes so I got to see lots of erm… interesting people. There were some station groupies who kept hovering by the booth and staring at us. And they weren’t even trying to be nonchalant about it. I think news talk groupies are the worst. They devote their lives to listening to the station day in and day out and they consider the radio personalities to be their close friends. It’s really disturbing.

The fireworks at the end of the night though — wow. They were awesome. There was just something about being in a large crowd staring up at the sky with excitement that made me truly feel like I’m a part of something. I felt wildly patriotic especially when hearing part of President Bush’s 9/11 speech accompanied by music — “Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America.” ::shudders:: That alone gives me chills.

Gonna do the Friday Five: (on time for once!)

Where are you right now? I’m at home in my room — where I’ll probably be for the rest of the weekend cause I’m sick and lazy and right now, reading all the P/Jo fanfic I can find. 😛
What have you lost recently? Well, when I reformatted my hard drive, I lost all my programs and had to reinstall everything. What a pain. I hope that never happens again.
What was the first CD you ever purchased? Does that embarrass you now? You know, I have absolutely no idea — but I think it was Boyz II Men’s II. I’m not embarrassed by that CD at all. They’re like my first “boy band” love.
What is your favorite kind of writing pen? I love colored gel pens, especially the glittery colors. I’m such a girly girl. To be exact, they’re the Pentel gel rollers. I think I own every color.
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? I have more than one — Rocky Road and Pistachio Almond by Baskin Robbins and Strawberry by anybody. Yum. 😛
I also want to wish my friend Sara a very happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day sweetie. 🙂

blah – i’m sick

Blah — I’m sick. 🙁

I had a slight fever yesterday so I spent pretty much the entire night in bed after I returned home from work. *sigh* Being sick sucks.
To make matters worse, *N Sync is here in concert tomorrow (well, technically today cause it’s past midnight) and I’m not going. ::sobs:: The past 2 times they’ve come to Oakland, I’VE been there… I even flew to Las Vegas to see them during one of their arena tours. *I was die hard.* But now, I’m just broke. Argh.

BtVS was pretty good tonight… I loved all the angst and pained looks between Buffy and Spike. ::sigh:: They could have been great. And OMG, I feel so *horrible* for Anya — weird though, cause I’ve never felt anything for her before. Sure, I liked her — she’s funny and candid but I always thought of her as more of a peripheral character. ::shrugs:: But still, she must be hurting.