midseason tv report card, part 2

Ok, part 2 of the TV report card!

Hellcats – C+
Yes, I’m still watching this show. Heh. It’s not much more than a typical college drama but it’s totally grown on me. I love Marti, Savannah and the rest of the Hellcats (Lewis, Darwin, even Alice!) and the random singing and/or dancing in each episode. I was even pleasantly surprised by the storylines until recently when the show did an about-face and broke up 2 couples (Savannah/Dan, Marti/Lewis) and possibly damaged a major friendship (Marti/Savannah) to develop a relationship between Marti/Dan. UGH. I’m a sucker for romance, I admit, but not when it comes at the expense of the characters’ integrity and their other relationships. Also, the adult characters need to go. They contribute… nothing. (And DB Woodside deserves better).

The Big Bang Theory – B-
I just started watching TBBT regularly this season so I sometimes feel like I’ve missed out on important character backstory by tuning in so late. I may try and catch up at some point. Regardless, the characters are enjoyable and I love all the quirky friendships (is it weird that my favorite relationship is Penny & Sheldon?). I love the show best when all the characters are interacting, like this past week’s episode where everyone (including Bernadette and Amy Farrah Fowler) takes a road trip to a science symposium. Gotta love the musical beds, lol.

Bones – B-
Still a good show but I feel like it’s slowly becoming another procedural. I know it technically is but the characters have always elevated the show beyond the traditional formula. Unfortunately the past few seasons they’ve all been running in place.

Grey’s Anatomy – C+
I go back and forth all the time with this show. While I love the characters, the ridiculous storylines make my head hurt. Last year it was Mark’s daughter (I stopped watching while she was around; she bugged me) and this year it’s Callie’s pregnancy AND Teddy marrying a patient (Scott Foley!) so he could have insurance (they’re totally going to fall in love, I just know it). ARGH. Cristina getting her surgical groove back took a tad too long but Sandra Oh is so awesome she made it work. Random — I saw McSteamy (aka Eric Dane) and his wife in LA a few weeks back. He looks smaller in real life somehow but just as cute. 🙂

Nikita – B
Honestly, I never thought I would still be watching at this point in the season… but I’m really liking it! It definitely needs some work but the show is improving each week. The winter finale, in particular, was a good episode — it set up Alex as an agent working on the outside and it FINALLY addressed my biggest issue when Nikita’s shell program was discovered. Seriously, to have Nikita and Alex basically chatting online whenever they felt like it required too much suspension of belief. Now, if only the show would bring back Owen and get rid of Jaden (ugh, she’s such a one-note character), I would be a very happy camper.

Smallville – C+
I might be an episode behind. Not sure. This season has been a little off for me — the storylines seem a little stale and overall there’s missing something. Maybe it’s the loss of Chloe? Or maybe it’s that the show takes itself way too seriously? I can’t put my finger on it. I also don’t know what happened to me because suddenly I like Lois/Clark. They’re actually kind of cute. I was really hoping that Kristin Kreuk and/or Michael Rosenbaum would reprise their roles as Lana and Lex since it’s the final season but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. It would have been a nice way to close out the series, especially for the fans.

White Collar – A-
Gawd, LOVE IT. It may not be the best or smartest show about the FBI (case in point – the larger mythology storyline involving the music box doesn’t always make sense) but it’s so light and fun that I don’t really care. Besides, it’s the chemistry between Neal and Peter that makes the show so great anyway. The reason it doesn’t get a straight A is that so much of Neal’s backstory is centered around his ex-girlfriend Kate who, unfortunately, is not very likable or sympathetic (thanks largely to the actress that plays her).

CSI Miami

No grades for these shows. I watch each week because it’s become a routine but I’m not too invested.

– *yawn*
Supernatural – Watched the first few episodes of the season and it felt a little “been there, done that.” Then the episodes kept piling up on the DVR until finally last month, Rob & I deleted all of them. I enjoyed the earlier seasons (and of course love Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) but honestly, I just got bored.

Need to Catch up on:
The Vampire Diaries
. I’m about 4 episodes behind but this show is SO good it automatically gets an A for being so AWESOME.

tv catch-up

I was trying to avoid them but those darn Girl Scouts found me today! I bought my usual Thin Mints and Samoas. 😀 YUM-O.

Rob was out of town last week so I took advantage of the fact that I had the TV all to myself and caught up on some of my girly shows! 🙂 Some brief thoughts…

Ugly Betty
I’m finding Amanda really grating and annoying this season. It might be her storyline bringing out the worst in her. Is it just me? And possibly another unpopular opinion but I think I’m starting to prefer Betty/Gio over Betty/Henry. Last season I adored Henry and was totally rooting for a relationship between him and Betty. But now that they’re a couple, they just don’t work for me anymore… they’re actually, dare I say it, a little boring. :/

One Tree Hill
I know that Peyton has been a completely unreasonable b*tch so far this season but I can’t help it… I’m still a Peyton apologist. I just love her and want her to be happy. And I take back what I said originally about Lindsey, I have decided that I am not a fan. Mostly because I don’t believe that her character is going to last long in the world of Tree Hill (I mean, come on) so quite honestly, I don’t feel the need to get invested. Anyway, I knew it — I knew Nanny Carrie was up to no good. I’m so pissed at Nathan for not doing anything or SAYING anything about her completely inappropriate behavior. ARGH. Why, Nathan?!? It’s totally going to come up again because there is no way that Carrie’s storyline is done. BOO.

Lipstick Jungle
I’ve only seen the pilot and the most recent episode and it’s marginally better than Cashmere Mafia. And that’s mostly because I like Brooke Shields, Kim Raver, and Lindsay Price (she looks exactly the same as she did on 90210) and find their friendship/personalities to be relatable and believable. (Except why is Lindsay’s character named Victory?! Really?) I never would have thought these 3 actresses would work so well together but they do. I’ll watch the show if I happen to remember that it’s on but I won’t go out of my way. It’s too bad… I really wanted to “click” with this show. Can you tell I miss Sex and the City?

I just realized that I haven’t watched the last 3 episodes of Smallville and I’m too lazy to download them… anyone want to fill me in? 🙂

YAY — NBC renewed Friday Night Lights! Woot.

Finally, voting for Diesel is still going on here. 😀

premiere week, part 2

Many thanks to Alyson for teaching me how to “add friends” on MySpace. 🙂 I only created it because a friend of mine made hers private so I could no longer read it! (You know who you are, hehe). I probably won’t use it very much but if any of you have one and want to be friends, let me know in the comments. Or you can find me here. No Facebook yet, Alie — I don’t need another site to become addicted to!

I am *so* dreading work tomorrow. 🙁 I’ve been having a rough few weeks. My boss recently had surgery so she hasn’t been in the office very much. Because of this, there are buying responsibilities for a major client that have filtered down to my desk that honestly, I’m not comfortable with handling. I’m only a junior Media Buyer — I really shouldn’t be making some of these decisions. And when I turn to upper management for help, I don’t think they take my concerns seriously. It’s unbelievably frustrating. To make things worse, the planners at the agency that we work with are some of the most uptight, unfriendly people I’ve ever had the (dis)pleasure of working with. It doesn’t make for a fun work environment. I think I’m going to look for a new job after the wedding. I just have absolutely no idea what I want to do. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to stay in media. I hate the long hours and the stress. But I’ve been in this industry for 5 years… I don’t really know anything else. Maybe I can be an assistant again (this is how I got my start after college)… is that weird? You’re supposed to move up the corporate ladder, not back. I just don’t know. *sigh*

Anyway, new TV always cheers me up! (Comments on Dirty Sexy Money, Private Practice, Gossip Girl, Smallville, CSI).

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tv wrap-up 3


The new fall TV season is right around the corner and I am GOING TO FINISH LAST SEASON’S WRAP-UP if it kills me.

Beware spoilers…

I don’t really remember much leading up to the season finale. OOPS. I do know that the second half of the season was *far* better than the first. As far as the finale, I vaguely remember the following:
— I liked Jack again. Mostly because he was crazy and suicidal.
— Hurley attacking the Others with the bus. That rocked.
— Future Kate is *gorgeous.*
— Jack and Juliet’s kiss bugged the heck out of me. *twitches* DO. NOT. BELONG. TOGETHER.
— It took Charlie’s death to make me like him. For probably the first time ever. I’m (surprisingly) going to miss the guy.
I have no idea where all the storylines are going but I’m actually enjoying the show again. YAY.

I used to be a huge Clark/Lana fan but at this point, their relationship is just silly. How many times are they going to be ripped apart and then thrown back together again?! UGH. The finale was pretty forgettable except for the fact that Lana’s car was blown up (is she dead or not?!?) and Chloe’s power was revealed (is she dead or not?!?). Oh, and I guess the Phantom Zoner took a piece of Clark’s DNA and is now masquerading around with his likeness. Good times.

One word: Awesome. Dean sacrificing himself to bring Sam back. Ellen and Bobby kicking ass. Dean shooting the demon with some help from Dad… I thought the finale brought a satisfying end to the demon storyline. But I’m totally anxious about the set up of next season’s arc. *bites fingernails* You know, I rarely blog about this show but GAWD, it’s so good and I love the Winchesters to pieces.

HUH. I just realized that I never watched the season finales for Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, and One Tree Hill so I guess I’m actually done with my TV reviews for now. Maybe I’ll get around to it in the future but knowing me, I won’t. I’ll probably just read the recaps on Television Without Pity and call it a day.

Next up: I’m going to plan my TV schedule for the season. I intend on scaling it WAY back. I tried to keep up with too many shows last season and as you can see, that totally flopped. 😛

tv on a 3-day weekend

I just LOVE 3-day weekends.

I usually have big plans like cleaning the apartment, doing laundry, going to the gym, etc. But what always happens is that I catch up with my TV and eat. A LOT. For example, I rarely ever eat donuts but this weekend, we passed by Krispy Kreme and I think I inhaled about 6. YIKES.

And I think I totally overdosed on TV too. I caught up with most shows (except Studio 60 and Gilmore Girls) and I blew through a cumulative total of 10+ episodes to get almost-but-not-quite caught up with Smallville and Friday Night Lights.

Honestly, I’m not sure why I still watch Smallville sometimes, lol. Lex and Lana (the characters and their relationship) are ruined to me and I’m finding myself really loving Chloe. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

But Friday Night Lights is a completely different show and gawd, I absolutely love it. I cry for Jason, I get angry at Smash, I am sad for Matt, I am horrified yet understanding about the Street/Taylor lawsuit, and I go “Awww” for Matt/Julie and Coach/Tami. This show? It sure makes me feel. I especially love all the men. They’re the ones that make this show work for me. The ladies are great too (except Tyra — after 13 episodes, I haven’t warmed up to her at all) but they don’t really hold a candle to Coach, Matt, Jason, Tim, Smash, and Landry. *hugs them all*

So I’m watching the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy and all of a sudden, I see an old friend of mine from high school!!! He was playing a paramedic at the beginning of the episode and he actually had a few lines talking to Derek. Is that weird OR WHAT?! Back in high school, he was always the one who tried out for school plays/musicals so I’m not surprised to find that he’s still working at it. I’m so happy for him. We weren’t super close or anything but we had a lot of mutual friends so we kinda ran around the same circles and went to school events together as part of a big group. (Robyn, if you’re reading this, it was Tim!) The other big surprise of the episode was the very end. You know what I’m talking about. Mmmm. 😀 Also, Izzie needs to learn when to keep her mouth shut. Chastising George about his marriage was SO not appropriate at that time. I used to love her so much. But now, I can’t stand her. I think I might even like George more than her. Which is saying a lot.

The series finale of The OC is just days away. The penultimate episode was great but I couldn’t watch it without feeling sad. I did love the following moments:

— Ryan: I suddenly have the urge to listen to Death Cab and….read comic books.
Seth: Really?
Ryan: No.
— the callbacks to prior storylines and characters… Lindsay/Sadie, making a list of everyone Ryan’s punched in Newport
— Taylor diving into the kitchen before shooting her mom. BWAH.
— Ryan: I don’t know if I mentioned…
Seth: You did.
— Ryan and Seth becoming blood brothers
— Seth: If we could’ve turned this into a body swap comedy, we could’ve squeezed another year or two out of this.

I have high hopes for the finale. *sobs*

I think I’m giving up America’s Next Top Model. I have too many shows to keep up with and something has to go. Especially since I’d like to give The Black Donnellys a try.

step up + smallville

Eeek. I don’t know if anyone noticed but I had a bit of a domain scare this past week. I arrived home on Wednesday to check on my blog and found one of those dreaded domain placeholder pages. I forgot to renew my domain. !!! Luckily, my registrar let me renew it even if I was past the deadline. Phew. What a way to celebrate e-l.net’s 5th anniversary. YAY!

Anyway, I saw the movie Step Up recently and while it was mediocre (the dancing saved the movie for me), I must say that Channing Tatum is HOT and I would gladly watch this movie over and over just for him. 😀 It also had a pretty rocking soundtrack, mostly Pop and R&B songs. Here are a few of my favorites for your downloading pleasure —

Right click, save as…
username: cookie
password: monster

Ciara ft. Chamillionaire – Get Up
Petey Pablo – Show Me the Money
Samantha Jade – Step Up
Chris Brown – Say Goodbye (this one’s a “slow jam,” if you will)

I also watched the Justice Leage episode of Smallville and it was SO MUCH FUN. Cheesy but totally awesome. I haven’t watched the 4 episodes prior to this one (they’re saved on the Tivo) but that didn’t matter. It wasn’t really necessary to follow the storyline. The BEST part was when the Justice Leaguers walked away in slow motion from the explosion. SQUEE. I would totally watch a spinoff. (And apparently I’m not the only one — someone already put together credits for a JL-centric show). But does this mean that Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow is officially gone? I LOVE HIM. HE ROCKS. And he’s a big reason why I’m enjoying this season. Please tell me he’ll still be around. I don’t know if SMVL will still hold my attention without him.

returning shows

I love October. Because it means my birthday’s coming. 😀

I keep seeing promos for Friday Night Lights. I wasn’t originally planning on watching this show but… I might. It looks pretty! And I love the Fort Minor song that plays over the promo. What is wrong with me?! I don’t even like football, people. *sigh*

Does anyone know any fansites where I can find hi-res photos for the new TV shows (ie. Studio 60, Heroes, etc)? I haven’t had much luck while searching today.
So, my thoughts on a few returning shows…

Prison Break
There’s something *off* this season for me. Maybe it’s because the prison isn’t the primary setting anymore. I’ve always enjoyed the prison politics and now that they’re outside, it’s not so exciting for me. Especially since I CANNOT STAND the thought of T-Bags loose in the world. It gives me the creeps. And I just can’t take Mahone seriously. He’s too smart. I mean, really. REALLY? But whatever, Michael in a suit keeps me coming back. Though how DOES he keep that suit so clean? 😀

America’s Next Top Model
BWAHAHAHA. This show is awesome. I don’t know everyone’s names yet except Monique. Girl is CRAZY. I thought Jade (from last cycle) was arrogant but Monique is about ten times worse. UGH. No favorites just yet but I am liking the twins. They’ve both had amazing pictures. Oh, and Anchal rocks because she was the only one to actually say something to Monique when she was monopolizing the phone.

Grey’s Anatomy
Whoa, McSteamy. Go Addison! Hehe. 😀 In all seriousness, I am SO GLAD it looks like Derek and Addison are headed towards separation. Actually, I am SO GLAD *Derek* has finally realized that their relationship is over. Addison really wanted to try and repair their marriage and he went along with it because he thought it was the right thing to do. Ugh, he just prolonged their pain. And made himself look like a complete weasel since he continued to string Meredith along. I really liked Meredith and Derek in the first season but season 2 left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Still loving Cristina. Still don’t like George. But I like Callie. Which is weird since her storyline (as of now) revolves around George. And am I the only one who doesn’t think Izzie should return to the surgical program? I love her BUT she got too emotionally involved with a patient, she worsened his condition to get him a heart… she pretty much broke every rule in the book. I’m willing to suspend belief for my shows but seriously? She would not be returning to surgery.

I *really* enjoyed the premiere. I can’t believe I’m so excited about this season. It might have been the promo picures I just stumbled on… or maybe it was because it was a solid episode. I loved the fight between Clark and Zod (“Kneel before Zod”). I loved that Chloe brushed off her kiss with Clark… and I actually believed her. I loved the open-ended Lex/Lana scene at the end (so angsty!). Plus, this episode introduced Jimmy Olsen! I think the show needed a fresh face. I’m definitely intrigued. It’ll be interesting to see where Clark is headed now that he’s pretty much all alone (can’t confide in Lex or Lana and Jor El and the Fortress are closed to him).

mid-season wrap-up

Time for my mid-season TV wrap-up (possible spoilers)… 🙂

09:00: Desperate Housewives
What happened?!? I’m pretty much snoozing right through this season. The only housewife I’m remotely interested in is Bree.

10:00: Grey’s Anatomy
Snappy dialogue, great music, and those crazy interns… SO MUCH LOVE for this show. Seriously, it just keeps getting better and better each week. And they did a Christmas-themed episode! What’s not to like here?

08:30: Kitchen Confidential
I’m glad I got to see the Michael Vartan episode before FOX pulled the plug on the show. That was freaking hilarious. *sniff* RIP KC. I hope Bradley Cooper finds another show soon. He’s too gorgeous not to be on TV!

09:00: Prison Break
I didn’t think this show would last on my schedule but it’s really grown on me. The eye candy (Wentworth Miller!) doesn’t hurt either. I’m finding the conspiracy against Lincoln really intriguing (even though I think Lincoln himself is annoying) and the prison break-out really suspenseful. I’ve even really grown to like the little band of inmates that Michael has put together, especially Sucre. Yay cellmates!

09:00: 24
YES!!! JACK BAUER IS BACK!!! I don’t care how implausible or unrealistic this show is… I LOVE IT.

09:00: Related
This is another show that I never ever thought would last more than a few episodes. It’s not all that well-written and 1 of the sisters bugs me (Rose — it’s like she’s too perfect or something, argh) but I find it really endearing. The sisters’ relationship definitely carries the show.

09:00: Las Vegas
My “fluff” show. I watch when I can but don’t really care all that much if I miss it. It’s all about Josh Duhamel for me, anyway. BUT. I can’t believe that Monica (Lara Flynn Boyle) died the way she did. It was very… anticlimactic. She flew off the roof of the Montecito, people. And it didn’t even look real. I’m ashamed to admit that I had to stifle a giggle.

08:00: Gilmore Girls
The season didn’t start out very strong (read: I was a little bored) but it’s turned itself around. I’m not too sure how I feel yet about Luke’s daughter storyline. My initial reaction was “WTF! This sucks” but I’m willing to see where it goes and how it affects the wedding. I don’t think the wedding will happen as planned, though. (And I hope Lorelai gets a new dress cause the one she bought is AWFUL). Still indifferent about Rory, though. She totally lost me this season with her brattiness.

08:00: America’s Next Top Model
Pretty happy with Nicole as the winner. She doesn’t really come off as a model in person but she really rocked her photos. And did an amazing job at the last runway show. I would have liked anyone but Lisa or Bre to win anyway. I was secretly rooting for Kim, though. And is anyone still wondering who the heck stole Bre’s nutrition bars? I want to know!

09:00: Supernatural
Another unexpected hit. I just love the snappy banter between the Brothers Winchester. SAM&DEANRSOCUTE. The urban horror legends do give me the creeps sometimes (hey! I’m a fraidy cat!) but I think that’s part of the fun.

08:00: One Tree Hill
Every week I vow to stop watching (I hate Brooke/Lucas and I wish they would give Peyton a better storyline) but then they give me an episode like How A Resurrection Really Feels and I get sucked right back in. I mean, Nathan/Chris hijinks and Nathan/Haley lovin’? I can’t resist. I will be an even happier camper if Brooke/Lucas break up. Pretty please?

08:00: The Apprentice: Martha Stewart
Sadly, I never got around to watching this show. HEHE.

09:00: Lost
I don’t like the tail-enders. Well, except for Eko. Everyone else… ehhh. Especially Ana Lucia. She killed Shannon! Yes, I am still BITTER.

10:00: Alias
I’ve enjoyed the season so far and I really like the new additions of Rachel and Tom (it’s kinda too bad the show is ending because I really would have liked to learn more about them). It looks like the show is going to go out with a bang, though, which I’m really happy about. Loved the surprise of Irina in the last episode and I hope to see more familiar faces before the end (Will, Sark, Nadia, Weiss, Vaughn).

08:00: Smallville
I’m enjoying this show more than I have in… oh, about 3 seasons. Lex’s turn to the dark side and James Marsters’s guest spot can really do that to a show. PLUS. They had the BEST Christmas-themed episode this season. Really. Lexmas was amazing. Not just for the ridiculously happy Lex/Lana or the return of the Clark/Lex friendship but for the whole revelation about Lex and why he chose the path he did. *wibble*

08:00: Everybody Hates Chris
I watched the premiere and it was DAMN funny. But unfortunately, I just kept forgetting about it. :/ When the show comes out on DVD, I’m definitely going to pick it up.

09:00: The O.C.
Can Johnny go away?! PLEASE? He BUGS. I’ve been a huge Marissa apologist for the past few seasons but I think she may have reached the end of my patience. Her displaced loyalty to Johnny gets on my nerves (Poor Ryan). Now Taylor… didn’t like her at first but I take it back. She totally rocks. I hope we get to see more of her. I’m pretty wary about Kaitlin’s return. I mean, do we really need another snotty teen drama queen? I’d love for them to bring back Teresa instead. I want to know what’s going on with her, damn it!

09:00: CSI
My only complaint is that there has been very little follow through with Nick’s kidnapping/buried alive storyline. We got little hints when the tape revealed an accomplice in the premiere and then when Kelly visited Nick at the lab but that’s it. They just keep stringing us along! I hope it’s worth it.

09:00: Everwood
It’s been so good this season. *happy sigh* Getting To Know You was so great with Ephram telling Amy he’s still in love with her. Awww! However, Reid is still around I’m sure that Amy is someday going to find out that Ephram asked him not to date Amy anymore… EEEK. I wish it would come back sooner than March, though. Stupid WB.

09:00: Reunion
Damn FOX. Why’d they have to cancel the show?! I want to know who killed Sam! And why Craig is in a wheelchair when he can walk! And why Jenna is mad at Craig! They had to cancel it right when the mystery was getting interesting. So frustrating. 🙁 And now I’ll probably never get the answers to my questions.

And that’s that. 😀

Yay Golden Globes tonight! Go Michelle Williams!

tv catch-up

I love October… because October means my birthday! Woot!


I’m spending the weekend by myself (aaahhhh, alone time is so great) so I managed to do some TV catch-up. Possible spoilers ahead…

Gilmore Girls 1.02, Fight Face and 1.03, The UnGraduate
*yawn* There’s stuff going on but I am so bored. I’m waiting for something exciting to happen. And that does not include Rory getting a new hairdo (which I really, really like, actually) or doing anything involving the DAR. At least there was Lane! Finally. Very excited to see her even though I hate her storyline.

Alias 5.01, Prophet Five
%$#@! It better be a big fake-out or I will cry. I know Syd/Vaughn peaked in season 2 and never really got back on track but I can’t help it… I still adore them. And I’m so disappointed in this storyline. Why do they have to kill off all the people Syd loves? Danny, Francie, now Vaughn. 🙁 I was so sad when Vaughn was getting shot and Syd was trying to run over to him. Guh. Don’t even get me started on the whole double agent thing. Everything I loved about Vaughn is… GONE. I wish I could say that I’ll wash my hands of the show but I know I won’t. What is wrong with me?!?

Smallville 5.01, Arrival
Oooohhh, new credits! I like. But why is Erica Durance (yay, love Lois) before Allison Mack? They did that last season with Jensen Ackles coming before AM… why do they that? She’s a series regular and has been since the beginning, GEESH. I have to admit that I didn’t pay close attention to what was going on last season so I’m a little confused about… well, everything. Like Lex. Was it just me or was his turn to evil a little abrupt? And what the heck is wrong with Lionel? I’ve been planning on getting the s4 DVDs — I suppose I should do that sooner than later. Anyway, the Brainiac’s (squee, James Marsters!) introduction at the end was very cool. I’m excited to see him on this show. He should be a great addition.

Reunion, 1988
This show pains me. I wanted so badly for it to be good (partly because the concept intrigued me and partly because of Will Estes) but… it’s not. After the premiere, it’s been on a steady decline. And since it’s on a short hiatus for baseball, I don’t know that I’ll still care when it returns. I may just resort to spoilers so I can find out who died and who’s responsible. It’ll be less painful than watching the show, that’s for sure.

I wish the WB would stop showing promos for Related. I DON’T need another show to watch. But knowing me, I’ll probably tune in for the premiere. Let’s hope it’s completely awful so I can quickly forget about it. 😛

Still have The OC and Everwood to catch up on… but I should probably go to sleep since it’s 3 AM! HEE.

moving, music and more

So the moving has started. Words cannot express how much I despise packing, moving and then unpacking. Ack. Plus, I’m a huge packrat so I have TONS of stuff to sort through. I’m hoping to get rid of most of the “junk” I’ve accumulated so that I end up tossing most of it rather than schlepping it to my new place. I’m just glad we have another 5 weeks before we officially have to be out of our current apartment. I can take my time and not get all stressed out. I get enough stress from work, thankyouverymuch.

More TV comments…
President Logan sucks. Chloe is a badass. Also, Jack and Audrey are SO. OVER.

America’s Next Top Model
Did anyone see Tyra go off on Tiffany a few episodes back?!? That was classic. I heart this show. Too bad I don’t really care for any of the girls. I can’t stand Brittany and Tatiana… I like Rebecca and Kahlen well enough… but there’s no one I LOVE. I guess I’m just watching for the drama. And the show definitely delivers.

Finally watched Onyx, which I really, really enjoyed (maybe because it was Lex-centric?). I actually sat through the entire episode without getting distracted or fast-forwarding through scenes. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to say that about Smallville. Plus, Lex/Lana!!! Squee. I haven’t watched Spirit yet so don’t go bursting my bubble. I bet the storyline will drift back to Clark/Lana soon enough so let me live in my dream world for awhile.

Grey’s Anatomy
Yup, still watching (and loving) the show. And especially after last night’s episode. Christina/Burke flirtation! I seriously thought I was just imagining the sexual tension between them in last week’s scene in the stairwell. But I wasn’t! YAY. And it looks like the storyline continues next week. Score.

Doing the Friday Five (yes, I realize it’s late :P)…

1. What is the first record/tape/CD that you bought?
I don’t remember for certain but it was probably an album by either Tiffany or Debbie Gibson. And it was definitely a tape.
2. Who is your favorite all time band/singer?
Britney Spears. No laughing. I just love her. She’s a marketing genius. I just wish she hadn’t married that Kevin Federline character. I mourn old Britney.
3. What have you been listening to lately?
The Postal Service. I’m ADDICTED to Such Great Heights, Sleeping In and Recycled Air.
4. What is your favorite radio station, what do they play, and where do they broadcast?
I don’t listen to the radio anymore. My iPod has spoiled me.
5. Can you recommend a good song or CD that everyone should listen to?
My current “songs of the moment” are — Such Great Heights by The Postal Service, Collide by Howie Day and Signs by Snoop Dogg.