TV ships meme

Hopping on the bandwagon…

1. Post a list of 10 TV shows you watch/ed (current or cancelled).
2. Have your friends list guess your favorite pairing from each show.
3. When guessed, bold the line & write a sentence about why you like that pairing.
4. Post in your own livejournal blog.

This should be pretty easy, right? Note that I only picked 1 pairing per show…

1. Dawson’s Creek – Pacey/Joey (guessed by Jessica, Robyn, and Nicola)
My ALL-TIME favorite ship. It’s the sweetness and the sarcasm. I just love how their rough edges break down when they’re together.

2. Everwood – Ephram/Amy (guessed by Jessica and Nicola)
Colin/Amy were my original ship on this show but Ephram/Amy were the ones who stayed with me.

3. American Dreams – Sam/Meg
4. 24 – Tony/Michelle (guessed by Jessica, Robyn, and Nicola)
He committed treason for her! That’s love, people!

5. One Tree Hill – Nathan/Haley (guessed by Jessica
I’m not completely loving them right now (stupid Haley!) but I do love their story. How he only went after her to make Lucas angry and ended up falling in love… Aww.

6. The O.C. – Seth/Summer (guessed by Robyn and Nicola)
I don’t know if it’s the prettiness or the playful banter, but they always make me smile.

7. Alias – Syd/Vaughn (guessed by Jessica and Robyn)
I know they’ve kinda fizzled out in the last season or so but… they’re so pretty! And they have such an easy chemistry with each other.

8. Smallville – Lex/Lana (guessed by Robyn)
They have so much potential! And they have far more in common than initially meets the eye. (Or maybe I’ve just read too many of Christie’s fics. Hee).

9. Felicity – Felicity/Noel

10. Friends – Chandler/Monica (guessed by Robyn)
Chandler and his dry wit. Monica and her neuroses. Fantastic.

Guess away! Yay, thanks for guessing! 🙂

smvl preview

Did anyone catch the preview for next week’s Smallville? What WAS that?! It’s like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon — Lana Style. OMG. I’m usually a Lana apologist but… there are no words. *shakes head* I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch it.

And WOOHOO!!! Sark FINALLY appears on next week’s Alias! Squee! It’s about time.

even more TV comments…

Rob and I just got a “Save the Date” postcard for our friends’ wedding in July. In Hawaii! Squee! I can’t wait to be on vacation… now I just have to get in shape so I can wear a bathing suit. Crap.

Anyway, so much TV to process (spoilers for the past week’s new episodes)…

The OC
I’m totally loving the development in Seth and Summer’s relationship. I think Zach is a great guy and I was just starting to really like him and Summer together. But that flew out the window when Summer saw Seth’s comic drawings of her — I got reeled back in. As for everything else, I’m not too crazy with what’s going on. Alex and Marissa are totally forgettable (what are the writers doing to poor Marissa anyway? I actually like the character and they can’t seem to figure out what the heck to do with her), Ryan and Lindsay are boring me (I’m sorry, I tried), and Kirsten and Sandy are stressing me out (I already have massive hate for this new Rebecca character — get away from Sandy!).

Jack and Bobby
MIKE ERWIN. !!! YaY. I’m so happy to have him back on my TV again. I thought I’d be giving up this show (4 shows on Wednesday nights is overkill) but between Mike and Bradley Cooper, this show will be staying on my schedule for as long as they are. Heh. Plus, I’m liking Courtney tons better now that they’ve paired her up with Mike Erwin. She’s so much more laidback and likable now. Don’t have much to say about the Jack and Missy break-up other than it was inevitable. Thank goodness — Missy’s breathy voice drove me crazy. Still don’t like Grace. Or Bobby. Especially Bobby.

One Tree Hill
Where was Peyton? And Jake? Was it mentioned that they were still picking up Jenny and I missed it? I hope the actors were unavailable for filming because I cannot believe that Brooke’s crazy crab storyline was more important. And I actually *like* Brooke. I don’t know if I can say the same for Haley right now. Her continued correspondence with Chris is so aggravating. GRR. Nathan is right there! And he loves you! And he’s so cute! I can’t believe this episode made me like Taylor more than Haley. I didn’t think it was possible.

No Lex until 38 minutes into the episode?! Humph. Well, at least I was treated to a Lex/Jason scene. Hee. And Lois returned! I missed her! This episode was probably one of the better ones in recent memory. I didn’t like Alicia in her previous episodes but I warmed to her in this one (though I still don’t quite *get* her relationship with Clark). Too bad they had to kill her off. I also really liked Chloe discovering Clark’s secret. Allison Mack did a great job at conveying both confusion and shock — I wonder if the writers are going anywhere with this reveal? I kinda thought that Chloe might be more concerned with the fact that Lionel’s out of jail. Anyway, Chris Carmack (welcome to the OC bitch! heh) is on next week! But with horribly long and tangled hair. Huh.

And a fandom meme I snagged from Rachel

The fandom(s) that own your soul: Dawson’s Creek, Everwood, 24, Alias, The OC, CSI, American Dreams
The backup fandom(s): Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill|
The fandom(s) you’re just getting into: Desperate Housewives, Lost, Jack & Bobby
The fandom(s) you ran from, screaming: Charmed
The fandom(s) you’ve lost interest in but might still dabble in: American Idol, Las Vegas, The West Wing, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The fandom(s) you’re curious about but never got into: Joan of Arcadia (I don’t watch TV on Friday nights), Veronica Mars
The fandom(s) you think need more love: American Dreams, 24, Felicity (back in the day)
The fandom(s) that make you want to claw your eyes out: Smallville, 7th Heaven (I always see the previews before Everwood and they never fail to make me roll my eyes)

I have 50 GMail invites — anyone want one?

quick tv wrap-up

I snagged my favorite ivory scarf today. I’m so pissed.

Because I have yet to pack for my trip to SoCal tomorrow, some *very* quick TV comments…

I knew Mary Anne was evil! I hope she’s doesn’t actually turn out to be a reverse mole (like Gael in s3) because I want to be totally justified for hating her. Behrooz rocked. He was going to get killed and beat down Tariq with his shovel. Awesome. Too bad he left the dead bodies AND the shovel out in the open. He should have just finished burying them before taking off.

Gilmore Girls
I couldn’t tell you what happened. Something about snow being Lorelai’s boyfriend? I don’t know. I was seriously unable to concentrate on the episode. I used to like storylines that involved Christopher (don’t judge me!) but it’s like the millionth time he’s tried to manipulate himself back into the girls’ lives and it’s getting a little tired. Plus, there was no Lane, no Logan, and no Marty to speak of in this episode. What’s up with that?

One Tree Hill
This episode made me rethink my potential purchase of the s1 DVDs. s1 was trashy goodness. s2 has just been trashy. Anna and Felix need to pack up and move out of Tree Hill. Like right now. I’m so annoyed with their characters that I don’t care if Anna’s really a lesbian or if Felix truly cares about Brooke. What. Ever. Jules can go right along with them for all I care. It sucks that poor Keith is being dragged through this horrible storyline. I don’t even want to get into the characters I care about. Nathan and Haley aren’t acting like themselves. I can’t believe Haley even gave a second thought to leaving with Chris (what is wrong with her?!) or that Nathan can allow himself to be manipulated by Taylor. I don’t understand why we can’t see them go through the trials of getting married so young. Instead we’re treated to external nuisances that cause problems for them. UGH. As for Lucas and Brooke, I guess I’m delusional cause I never for one second thought that their relationship in s1 was anything more than a fling. The writers have some serious backtracking to do if they want me to believe that they had something more. Oh well. At least Jake is back. He was the one bright spot of the episode.

Please bring Lois back. kthxbye.

I still have Alias and OC thoughts but those’ll have to wait. Time for me to get packing!


TV catch-up

Verrryyy quick TV post…

Gilmore Girls
Yay Rory and Marty! I think they’d actually be really cute together. Too bad it won’t happen. Poor Marty.

One Tree Hill
Nathan is so awesome — he planned the carriage ride and wanted to surprise Haley with a great formal. Just… aww. But Haley had to ruin it! Grrr. And then I see the promo for next week! $#@! That Chris/Haley kiss better be some kind of twisted dream sequence. As for the others, I’m still annoyed with Peyton’s storyline (she deserves better!), and I could care less about Brooke (she went way overboard yelling at Mouth) and Lucas (he’s in for a big surprise if I understand the hints they’re throwing around about Anna’s sexuality).

Even though Bound was a Lex-centric episode, I can’t say I enjoyed it. It barely held my attention. What is going on?! I had such high hopes for this season. *sigh* The only thing that interests me right now is finding out what kind of connection Jason’s mom has to Lana.

And I’m *still* not caught up with Lost. 2 episodes to watch… I hate being behind! Guh.

more TV comments

More TV comments…

Spell was… a waste of time. And to think I was actually looking forward to it because I enjoyed the previous episode Transference so much. It was good to see Lois again, though. It’s only been a few episodes but I missed her! Lex playing the piano with bloody fingers is an image I want to burn from my mind. *shivers* But it looks like Christie’s right — the writers are totally moving steadily towards some kind of Lex/Lana relationship. I’ve been waiting for this storyline but now I’m torn cause I have a soft spot for Lana/Jason. Though that’s probably just due to the fact that I have a crush on Jensen Ackles. Hee. Anyway, the one scene that I absolutely loved (and made the entire episode worth it) was when possessed!Clark was dancing with Lana at the barn party. BWAH! That was so awesome.

I don’t watch Charmed but I’ll have to catch the next episode cause… Kerr Smith! Mmm.

The West Wing
I *obviously* haven’t watched this show in a loooong time. Cause I finally tune in tonight and all of a sudden, CJ’s Chief of Staff! Which means Leo’s not around. *sniff* There’s also some new character (Annabeth, I think?) who I did not care for. She reminded me of Mandy and that’s not a good sign. I need to find recaps of the previous episodes because it completely drove me crazy that I didn’t know what the heck was going on.

American Dreams
This show kills me. Last week had me in tears. From the very beginning when the Pryors were trying to regain a sense of normalcy after being informed that JJ was MIA… to the very end when they received JJ’s tape and heard his own voice telling them that he may no longer be alive. Agghhh, I know that JJ’s perfectly fine but I can’t help it! I just want JJ to be back home. Specifically with Beth and his baby. Speaking of couples, this show is really testing my shipping loyalty with all these new characters as love interests for the regulars. I don’t like Cal, or Angela, or Chris (I don’t know if it’s Milo’s acting or what but his portrayal of Chris reminds me too much of Jess from Gilmore Girls). I don’t like anybody getting in the way of JJ/Beth and Meg/Sam.

Gilmore Girls
I’m very likely the only person who’ll say this but I’m kinda sad that Rory and Dean broke up. I know, I know… the storyline’s been dragged out and it’s getting tired and sad. I know all that. But I’m irrational when it comes to couples I love. I do like Logan though so I’m looking forward to their inevitable romantic relationship. After all, he *is* on all the GG billboards.

I still have to catch up on a few episodes of Lost. But that’ll probably have to wait until the weekend. There’s just not enough time in the day for all the TV that I watch. Hee.

new TV

Watched lots of new TV these past few days… a (very) quick rundown with minor spoilers for the episodes…

Gilmore Girls
Lorelai and Rory are upset with each other, Emily and Richard are separated… it’s all so depressing. There were a few bright spots in the episode though — Lane and her whispering about sex was awesome and Luke’s multiple phone messages for Lorelai were OMGSOCUTE. I don’t even want to talk about Rory because she totally pained me (even if she had the most fabulous Marc Jacobs handbag). Although I have to say that I *am* a Rory/Dean shipper and this whole affair storyline kind of intrigues me (in a weird, twisted way). I’m looking forward to next week.

One Tree Hill
Ahhhh, the WB’s guilty pleasure is back. My favorite part of the episode was the revelation that Lucas thought Nathan was a reason to return to Tree Hill. Aww. Aside from that, Nathan/Haley are still as cute as ever (aside from that whole marriage thing), Jake’s still gone, and Brooke/Peyton are still pretending to be friends. Oh, and Haley has rocking parents. Good times.

I guess I’m a total and complete sucker for JJ Abrams cause I thought this was a really cool show. Good storyline, pacing, acting, suspense, music — all there. Plus, Merry! Charlie Salinger! Tess! Kendall! Weiss! And Hamilton! It’s like a fandom explosion, hehe.

LOVED it. I haven’t *loved* an episode of Smallville in a long time so this is HUGE, people! I especially loved the 2 new cast additions. Erica Durance plays Lois with a lot of personality and I totally smiled when she said that she prefers nerds with glasses. Hee! And Jensen Ackles… is a hottie. YUM. Lana is one lucky lady, heh. I’m a Lana apologist so I’m glad she’s showing a little more spunk — plus, Kristin Kreuk actually seems to be enjoying herself. I don’t know what’s going on with her storyline, though. That was weird. I’m sad that Allison Mack seems to be missing from the opening credits (or did I happen to blink?) but yay for Jensen making the cut! That means we’ll be seeing more of him. Fantastic.

A decent spin-off (Las Vegas is still best, of course). I’d rank it better than Miami (with the added bonus of no David Caruso!) but the cast didn’t grip me in any way, the sets had no personality, and it was shot way too dark. I don’t know if I’ll watch it regularly — maybe if I don’t have anything better to do.

Tired now. Off to bed. 🙂


Wednesday night TV tired me out. My ramblings here (beware of Smallville, Angel, American Idol spoilers)…

Probably the best season finale of this show’s 3 seasons. The opera montage at the end was fantastic. It’s weird seeing Lionel without his signature hair, though. But — Chloe! Nooooo!!! 🙁 She’s not one of the main leads of the show so I’m worried. *bites nails* And as a closeted Lex/Lana shipper, I loved their airport goodbye scene. MR and KK seem really comfortable together which comes across in their scenes as Lex and Lana. I can buy that they’ve become good friends. As for Clark and Lex, I can’t say I’m torn up about the fall of their friendship (though they are my favorite ‘ship) because they really haven’t been acting like friends all season long. Also, Kara? Not a good actress.

*sigh* I haven’t watched Angel regularly in a long time but I really wanted to see how the show would end. My initial reaction is that the episode was really rather depressing. I mean, the open ending? Just left me incredibly dissatisfied. Plus, by the time the end rolled around, I was already sad about Wes’s death. Guh. I loved Wes.

American Idol
So… a Diana/Fantasia showdown, huh? Meh.

tv catch-up

I’ve only fixed the php coding on 2 of my fanlistings and I’m already getting lazy. *yawn*

So, of course, I decided to play a little catch-up with my TV commentaries…

American Idol
Wow. That’s really all I can say. I was *so* surprised that LaToya, Fantasia and Jennifer comprised the bottom three. I was secretly hoping it would have been Fantasia, Diana and John. Le sigh. I guess that means I’ll have to endure those three for another few weeks. I’m still shocked that Jennifer was eliminated. I didn’t really like her at the beginning of the finals but she’s grown on me. She consistently did better and better each week and I don’t really think she deserved to go. But AI really is just one big popularity contest these days. Oh, and making George pick the top group was SO cruel and tacky. Ugh. The poor guy. The 3 divas were all cheering and then to find out that they’re the bottom three? Evil.

I only managed to see the first half hour because I switched over to FOX to watch the horror that is American Idol. I wish I hadn’t. What I saw of Truth was excellent — it was Chloe-focused and she was totally rocking that truth serum. Plus, Pete! He likes Chloe! Aww. I have to download this episode — it’s killing me that I don’t know what happened at the end, lol.

The only thing that would have made this episode better for me would have been more Michelle. Is it just me or is it a little unrealistic that she’s not yet showing symptoms of the virus? I mean, she’s been walking around the hotel exposing herself to it! And so many of the hotel guests already have nose bleeds. Maybe I’m just trying to be optimistic. *crosses fingers for Michelle* The best part of the episode was when Kim, Jack and Tony were in the conference room screaming at each other about the operation. Talk about tense! I’ve enjoyed Kim this season so I’m hoping that the writers don’t turn her into a hopeless victim again in the next few hours. And didn’t it seem like Chapelle’s death just happened and nobody really absorbed it? That was really jarring. Anyway, yay for the official renewal for season 4!

One Tree Hill
Ok, so I’m firmly on board the Peyton-love train now. I just loved all her interaction with Jake and Jenny and her smackdown of Nikki — “All the eyeliner in the world doesn’t not make you into a psycho-stalker bitch!” OMG, Peyton rocks. I’ve also done a complete turn-around on Brooke. I thought she was tons of fun when she didn’t care what anyone else thought about her. But now, with the whole lying to Lucas about the pregnancy thing? I’m just not feeling her anymore. I know she’s hurting but the whole lie was just too calculated for me to have any kind of sympathy for her. Still loving Nathan and Haley (they *lurve* each other!) and Dan is still an evil, evil man. I can’t believe he told Lucas that he wanted Karen to have an abortion. But I almost felt sorry for him at the end when he was looking at Lucas’s pictures. Almost.

I also watched The O.C. and Friends but I think I’ve rambled on long enough. *g* Plus, I need to start cleaning my apartment. My cousin is coming to visit next week and this place is not ready for guests. Eeek!

in n out on the OC

Watched The O.C. tonight and…

Seth and Summer were eating IN N OUT!!! YUM. I love IN N OUT. So good. They totally had me craving a cheesburger… and fries… and a strawberry shake… Mmm.

Some random thoughts on the rest of the episode…

— Julie/Luke
The thought of this relationship squicks me out. BUT the execution (so far) has been hilarious. I mean, Luke offering to fix Julie’s DSL?!? BWAH! Gotta love the double meaning.

— Ryan/Theresa/Marissa
I knew that having Theresa around was too good to be true so I tried not get invested in her relationship with Ryan. But geesh! All their interaction in this episode was so great — the uncertainty, the tension, the happiness, the morning after glow! Then the writers just rip her away. I wish they wouldn’t rush storylines, especially one that might have given us more insight on Chino Ryan. Blah. Now it’s back to Ryan/Marissa. I like them just fine but I think that horrible Oliver storyline really scarred them. It’s so hard to be supportive of Marissa after that whole debacle.

— Kirsten/Sandy
“If anyone’s going to take you away in handcuffs, it’s gonna be me.” (Or something like that — I’m paraphrasing). Hee! I barely paid attention to the whole case against the Newport Group but whatever — Sandy will do anything for Kirsten! *sigh* They rock. They’re my most favorite couple on this show. (Well, they’re tied with Ryan/Seth…)

— Seth/Anna
“Confidence, Cohen.” Aww. For once, I actually really liked Anna. I thought her airport goodbye scene with Seth was so sweet. I’ve never been impressed by Samaire’s acting but she really rocked this scene. It really felt like watching two friends who were scared to let the other go.

Other quotes I liked…
Summer: “Kidding! I’m not that dumb, just shallow.”

Seth: “In vino veritas, know what I mean?”
Ryan: “Hardly ever.”

Anna: “Goodbye Blanche.”
Summer: “See ya Rose.”

Seth: “80 is the new 75!”

Seth” “What is up with the AC? My jewfro is frizzing out, I look like Screech!”

Seth: “I don’t know. Discovering fire? Hunting and gathering? Shaving his chest with a butter knife? You could always do that together…”
Ryan: “I do do that…”

Guh. I can’t believe it’s 3 weeks until the next new episode. There’s like absolutely no new TV for me to watch in the next month. What to do, what to do? 😀

Also, is it just me or was it like the millionth time someone tried to kill Lana on Smallville? Good grief.