glee premiere + ugly betty finale

A beginning and an end…

YAY, it’s back! LOVE this show. But like my friend Sarah, I have to admit that I enjoy this show for the novelty of it. I love the musical numbers, get a kick out of the whiplash-inducing storylines (Rachel/Puck, Rachel/Finn, and now Rachel/Jesse), and adore the snappy dialogue (“Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?” – oh, Brittany) — but I’m not totally invested in any of the characters. I love them, sure — how can you not love Rachel’s self-absorbed ambition or Puck’s cockiness? I just don’t feel connected or protective of them the way I do with other characters.

As far as the episode…
— Is it just me or did (almost) everything that happened in Sectionals get bumped back to “normal?” Sue and Emma are back teaching (Sue I understand but what happened with Emma?), Finn and Rachel aren’t dating, and Brittany and Santana are scheming with Sue again. Like I said earlier, storyline whiplash. But for some reason, this kind of back and forth doesn’t bother me with this show.
— I like Rachel/Finn (though not enough to officially ship them) but I wanted to knock some sense into both of them! I get the feeling that Rachel only likes the idea of Finn (he’s popular, cute, sings). She doesn’t actually know him. I mean, I know it’s in her personality to be overly enthusiastic about things but Finn *just* found out his best friend and ex-girlfriend slept around behind his back. Cut him a little slack! Not that Finn is any better going out with Brittany and Santana. OMG, these two.
— I’m so torn about Will. I want to like him but he makes the absolute worst choices. Like… MAKING OUT WITH SHELBY WHEN HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND.
— I’ve never seen or heard Jonathan Groff in anything before and I thought he was great! It’s nice to finally have Lea Michele sing with someone who’s actually her vocal equal (sorry Cory). Too bad his scheming was totally projected in that one look he shared with Idina Menzel’s character. This show is so predictable.
— Loved seeing more Mike Chang! Maybe they’ll actually develop his character a little bit this season? If not, I’d be happy with more dancing. 😀

Can’t wait for next week’s Madonna episode!

Ugly Betty
I haven’t watched the last 2 seasons of Ugly Betty (it got a little too over the top for me) but I loved it once upon a time so I wanted to see how it all ended. There were many storylines that I didn’t understand (Amanda and her father, Wilhelmina having a boyfriend in jail, etc) but whatever, I still enjoyed seeing the characters get their happy endings. And yes, I totally cried at the end when Betty says goodbye to her family before leaving for London. Waahhhh.

Back when I watched the show, I DID NOT even think of Betty and Daniel as anything other than friends but after all the hints of Daniel’s feelings in this episode, I totally got on board that ship. When Daniel signs Betty’s contract release form, his quiet sadness about her leaving seriously killed me. I totally forgot how great Eric Mabius is.

And their final scene! It worked for me as an acknowledgment of the possibility of a future relationship. Their flirty banter, awkward hug, and Betty looking back as Daniel watches her walk away… well, that was all just icing on the cake.

Finally, loved the final title card. Just… BETTY. Perfect.

tv catch-up

I was trying to avoid them but those darn Girl Scouts found me today! I bought my usual Thin Mints and Samoas. 😀 YUM-O.

Rob was out of town last week so I took advantage of the fact that I had the TV all to myself and caught up on some of my girly shows! 🙂 Some brief thoughts…

Ugly Betty
I’m finding Amanda really grating and annoying this season. It might be her storyline bringing out the worst in her. Is it just me? And possibly another unpopular opinion but I think I’m starting to prefer Betty/Gio over Betty/Henry. Last season I adored Henry and was totally rooting for a relationship between him and Betty. But now that they’re a couple, they just don’t work for me anymore… they’re actually, dare I say it, a little boring. :/

One Tree Hill
I know that Peyton has been a completely unreasonable b*tch so far this season but I can’t help it… I’m still a Peyton apologist. I just love her and want her to be happy. And I take back what I said originally about Lindsey, I have decided that I am not a fan. Mostly because I don’t believe that her character is going to last long in the world of Tree Hill (I mean, come on) so quite honestly, I don’t feel the need to get invested. Anyway, I knew it — I knew Nanny Carrie was up to no good. I’m so pissed at Nathan for not doing anything or SAYING anything about her completely inappropriate behavior. ARGH. Why, Nathan?!? It’s totally going to come up again because there is no way that Carrie’s storyline is done. BOO.

Lipstick Jungle
I’ve only seen the pilot and the most recent episode and it’s marginally better than Cashmere Mafia. And that’s mostly because I like Brooke Shields, Kim Raver, and Lindsay Price (she looks exactly the same as she did on 90210) and find their friendship/personalities to be relatable and believable. (Except why is Lindsay’s character named Victory?! Really?) I never would have thought these 3 actresses would work so well together but they do. I’ll watch the show if I happen to remember that it’s on but I won’t go out of my way. It’s too bad… I really wanted to “click” with this show. Can you tell I miss Sex and the City?

I just realized that I haven’t watched the last 3 episodes of Smallville and I’m too lazy to download them… anyone want to fill me in? 🙂

YAY — NBC renewed Friday Night Lights! Woot.

Finally, voting for Diesel is still going on here. 😀

season premieres

I’m finally posting about the new TV season!!! First up, the new shows…


Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
I wasn’t that impressed with the premiere. Or even the second episode. The show’s a little too… preachy, maybe? I mean, I liked it but I kinda felt talked at, if that makes any sense. I’m also not crazy about Amanda Peet as Jordan. She comes across as too wide-eyed and innocent for me. And she only has 1 expression! The dialogue is sharp, though, and I absolutely adore the relationship between Matt and Danny (yay Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford!). I’ll keep watching for them alone. I just wish the show didn’t air at 10pm. That’s my bedtime, hehe. 😀

Six Degrees
This show had to be great for me to make it appointment TV since Thursday night is entirely too crowded as it is (SMVL, SN, Grey’s, OC). And it just didn’t quite get there. I liked the characters but not enough to *care.* Sure, Whitney’s fiance is appalling, Damian’s situation frustrating and Laura’s story tragic but… that’s it. Nothing’s drawing me back for another episode. Mostly because they’re all such cliched storylines… cheating fiance, good guy with gambling debt, etc. I did enjoy the newly formed friendship between Damian and Carlos, though. That’s a plus. I’ll stick around for another episode.

This is the best of the new shows I’ve seen so far. Reminds me of X-Men, which is probably why I like it so much. 😀 My favorites so far are Hiro (HEE!), Claire (her Dad is creeeepy), and Nathan (yes, even though he’s an a**hole). I wanted to like Niki but her bitchy attitude is such a turn-off. WHAT IS HER DEAL? I’m also on the fence about Pete. The mystery about his power is intriguing but I just don’t think Milo Ventimiglia’s a good actor. :/ Anyway, this show definitely has a place on my TV schedule. Greg Grunberg next week, yay!

Ugly Betty
I. LOVED. THIS. SHOW. Awww. 😀 (I was secretly hoping it would be awful so I’d have one less show to watch on Thursdays… no such luck). America Ferrera rocks. It was predictable but it was also over the top and campy and it worked! I’m hooked!

So out of the 4 shows above, I’ll probably be tuning in for 3 of them regularly. Oh boy.