this past week

Ugh, I have been so lazy lately. (What’s new, right?) And today it’s raining like crazy so I’m doubly lazy. 😀

So… what have I been up to? Let’s do this in list form because it’s easier.

1. Last weekend I saw Bolt. It wasn’t the best animated film I’ve seen but definitely entertaining. Bolt was so cute! I loved his little face when he was begging for food. Awww. Although, is it just me, or does Bolt NOT look like a German Shepherd? Anyway. Rhino was pretty awesome too.

2. Ever since I got my iPhone (squee!), I’ve been a little obsessed with downloading Apps from the iTunes store. Some of my favorites are Yelp, Amazon,, Lightsaber, RhinoBall, Pop Quiz. 🙂 Anyone have any other recommendations? It’s so hard to wade through all the options on iTunes. Admittedly, I’m cheap so free is best but I’m willing to pay for good apps.

3. Last Sunday, Rob and I went to our friend Shirley’s birthday cooking party. Such an awesome idea! There were about 20 of us (I think) and we were split up into teams working on separate parts of the meal. Rob and I worked on the dessert, which was a tangerine souffle. We were in charge of chopping up the tangerines, making juice out of the oranges, and boiling it all together. The rest of our team was separating the eggs and prepping the baking ramekins. The end result was fantastic (the souffle was so light and fluffy) but honestly, I kinda think it took way too much time and effort. :/ Or it could be the whole laziness thing again. 😛 A couple of pics of us courtesy of the birthday girl!

Rob making juice from the oranges!

Me cutting up the tangerines.

4. As organized as I like to think I was for the wedding, post-wedding wrap-up has been a completely different story. A lot of the “stuff” used at our wedding is still in boxes at my dad’s house (like extra programs, signage, baskets, etc), some duplicate presents we received still haven’t been returned/exchanged, we haven’t finalized the photo selections for our album. And we haven’t started our Thank You cards. EEEEEEKKKKK. Well, I finally designed the cards and had them printed and now Rob and I are starting to write them… WOW. It’s going to take us a little while. :/

5. We went to Home Depot yesterday to get some moving boxes. I know we’re not moving until the end of January but knowing us and the amount of “stuff” we own, we figured we should get a head start. Since it’s raining today, we got started with our books and DVDs. We already have about 6 boxes full and we’re not done packing them yet. !!! What can I say? We love our DVDs. Too bad our apartment looks like a hurricane plowed right through it. There are piles everywhere.

Hmmm. I thought I had more to write about but I guess that’s it. I can’t believe Christmas is next week. Just 7 more days of work. WOOT.


There is a freaking heat wave here in the Bay Area. The one day I would have preferred to stay in my nice air-conditioned office, I had to run out and do errands at the post office. UGH. It was about 90 degrees in the city today. It’s almost midnight now and it is STILL sweltering. YUCK.

I just realized that I forgot to mention a couple of recent milestones…

On April 12th, Rob and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. Can you believe he’s put up with me for that long? 😀 And then this past Monday, on May 12th, we celebrated our “engagement-versary.” (I don’t know what else to call it!) 😀 Time has flown by so quickly. It seriously feels like I just got engaged yesterday. And now there’s only 86 days until the wedding. (!!!) I feel really lucky that I have Rob in my life. He understands and loves me despite all my faults (see below entry for evidence). We share the same hopes for the future. We have interests that overlap (TV!) but we have our own things as well. But best of all, Rob can look at me and smile and I can still feel the butterflies. (Points for you if you get the reference :P).

< / end sappiness>

So. Iron Man was AWESOME. I totally want to go see it again (possible spoilers)…

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heat wave

I’m around. Just being absolutely lazy about blogging. I think it’s the heat wave. It’s seriously killing me. I don’t know what I’m going to do this weekend when I have to go down to LA for my cousin’s wedding. I can’t imagine the weather being any hotter than right now.

Speaking of things that are hot, check out this preview of Justin Timberlake’s new video. WHOA. That’s hot.

so so hot

Ugh, it’s so hot. So hot that it’s making me extremely lazy. I actually had a lot of time after work today to work on my sites but did I? Nope. I have absolutely no motivation to update my sites lately and I feel like closing some of them. Maybe.

Plus the heat is making my hair all frizzy. I hate that.

Anyway, whenever I’m in a funk, I go shopping. Retail therapy rocks. I bought a pink Coach bag and some cute bras and things at Victoria’s Secret. I was also looking for a pair of jeans suitable for work but I got frustrated and gave up. My short, curvy body just doesn’t look right in jeans made for tall, skinny people. Guh. Also saw this adorable wallet at the Paul Frank store. I almost bought it but I don’t *need* it. But really, when has that ever stopped me? Hee.

Doing the Friday Five:

What was…
1. …your first grade teacher’s name? Rosalie. I think. Or was that her last name? Well, we called her Miss Rosalie. That has to be her first name. Ugh, I have such a bad memory.

2. …your favorite Saturday morning cartoon? It’s a three-way tie between Smurfs, Jem and Beverly Hills Teens. Huh. Were any of those actually on Saturday mornings? I really have a bad memory.

3. …the name of your very first best friend? Robyn. And she’s still my friend to this day! 🙂

4. …your favorite breakfast cereal? Corn Pops

5. …your favorite thing to do after school? *sniff* Don’t remind me that I’m old! I’m not in school anymore. When I was in school, I usually ended up in front of the TV watching Oprah or catching the tail end of my favorite soaps.

Britney Spears concert tomorrow! YAY!

i hate the rain

Rain is evil. *shakes fist at rain* So this morning I wake up to absolutely miserable weather. The rain is insane! It’s pouring like crazy and the wind is so strong. Ugh. There’s seriously nothing worse than taking public transportation into San Francisco on a rainy day. When I get into the city, I figure that since my office is only 2 blocks away from the train station I should be okay since I’ve got my trusty Winnie the Pooh umbrella and my big puffy waterproof jacket to keep my safe. Uh, no. By the time I get to my building, I am SOAKED. Evil, evil rain. Luckily I am a paranoid freak and I keep an extra pair of pants at work so I can change and not have to spend the rest of the day all wet. I so hope it doesn’t rain like that tomorrow. I can’t take it.

So yeah. That was my day.

Quick TV commentary:
YAY for Colin on Everwood!!! I have missed him SO much. Not at all crazy about the hair (Cut it off!) but it was so, so great to see Mike Erwin again. Heisohsocute. 🙂 I’ve heard that he’s working on a pilot for next season. I don’t really care what the show is — I would just LOVE to see him on TV regularly again. I’m crossing my fingers that it gets picked up. 😉

Loved Seth and Summer onThe OC. Their kissing booth scene? So cute. Didn’t much care about the Ryan/Marissa/Theresa (or is it Teresa?) triangle. But I loved the whole uncomfortable dinner table scene — so much like Seth and his situation with Anna and Summer. Hee.

Finally, Sex and the City (don’t read if you don’t want to know about the finale)…

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airport stories

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! 🙂 Mine went by way too quickly — I’m so not in the mood to go back to work tomorrow. The thought makes me shudder. Gah.

My weekend started Friday night when I went to the airport for my flight to visit my dad for Father’s Day weekend. So I’m going through the security checkpoint and as I’m waiting to be told to go through the metal detector, this crazy woman behind me gets right up on my ass and says to me, “Hurry! I’m late for my flight — it’s going to leave in a few minutes!” I’m thinking why the heck did she wait until *now* to get to the airport and would she please get off my back! I mean, I *can’t* go anywhere until the nice security man tells me it’s okay. So we finally go through the metal detector and we’re waiting for our personal belongings to come down the conveyor belt and as the bin with my purse, jacket and backpack gets closer, the aforementioned crazy woman starts touching all my stuff. (!!!) I can’t stand it when people do that!

So anyway, I’m in SoCal and my dad and I are going out to eat and shopping and other fun father-daughter stuff, but I just can’t enjoy myself cause it’s so freakishly HOT! I had forgotten just how torturous summers in Cerritos can be. I was so uncomfortable and could feel the beginning of a headache so we went back home and I spent a good part of my Saturday sleeping. Heh. Aside from that, I had a good weekend — spent lots of quality time with the family.

Doing the Seven on Sunday:

1. What was the last album you purchased? What did you think of it?
No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls by Simple Plan. It’s a good CD — nothing to gush about or anything. It’s just something fun I enjoy listening to while I’m hard at work surfing the net or making wallpapers.

2. Is there one album in your collection that even you can’t believe you own? If so, why did you buy it? Eh… any of my 98 Degrees CDs. I thought Jeff was really cute so I expressed my fangirliness by purchasing their CDs. I’m really embarassed about the Christmas one, which is actually a really horrible CD. Oy vey.

3. What new/fairly new song are you currently loving
I’m all about Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake. It’s one of those songs that gets in your head, you know? Plus, it’s an all-around groovy song.

4. Found a song you love and it’s the only one you know by that artist… Do you buy the whole CD and hope some of it’s as good as the one, or download the one and forget the rest?
It depends on the artist — if it’s some random rap/hip hop song, then I’ll download it but if it’s anything else, chances are I’ll buy the CD.

5. Are there any songs you can listen to over and over again and just not get sick of?
I’m one of those people who doesn’t get sick of songs easily — I can listen to something forever. Seriously. But if I’m forced to pick then… it would have to be anything by Dashboard Confessional and David Gray.

6. Any songs you wouldn’t mind never ever hearing again?
Mmmm… the only thing that comes to mind right now is Baby Got Back. I’m sure there are others though.

7. Where do you like to listen to your music?
In my room. Usually when I’m working on my computer or cleaning my room.

Argh!!! The NJ Nets lost! Grrr.

Oh, whee! My new roomie is moving in and he has a TIVO! Score!

Kate, how does tomorrow sound? I’m SO sorry. *flashes sweet smile*

long ass survey

Thanks to everyone for the awesome comments about the DC finale fanlisting! I really appreciate it. 🙂

It’s June. It should be hot. But NO. I walk out of my office building this evening and it’s raining! Well, more like sprinkling, but still. It shouldn’t be raining in the summertime. I should be able to wear a tank top and flips flops not a big old peacoat and boots. Guh.

Anyway, for lack of blog topics, here’s a loooong survey stolen from Kate:

Last Questions:
Last Movie You Saw In The Theatre: Matrix: Reloaded
Last Movie You Rented: eh, it’s been awhile… Unfaithful, i think.
Last Movie You Bought: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Last Song You Listened To: If by Dragmatic
Last Song That Was Stuck In Your Head: Dirty by Christina Aguilera
Last Song You Downloaded: Are You Happy Now? by Michelle Branch
Last CD You Bought: No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls – Simple Plan
Last CD You Listened To: Stripped – Christina Aguilera
Last Person You Called: Rob
Last Person That Called You: my cousin Riz
Last TV Show You Watched: Boy Meets World
Last Person You Were Thinking Of: eh… no one

Do you…
Do You Have A Crush On Someone? nope
Do You Wish You Could Live Anywhere But Here, If So, Where? I love the Bay Area but I would also enjoy living in Hawaii.
Do You Get Along With Your Parents? most of the time
Do You Believe In Love At First Sight? no
Do You Think About Suicide? no
Do You Believe In Online Relationships? no
Do You Have A GF Or A BF? yes. 🙂
Do You Currently Love Anyone? yes, very much so
Do You Find Yourself Attractive? not really — I’m really critical of myself.
Do You Find Yourself Ugly? When I’m going through that time of the month (you know what I’m talking about!), I always think I look all bloated and fat and generally unattractive.
Do Others Find You Attractive? I have no clue.
Do You Do Drugs? never have and probably never will
Do You Smoke? nope
Do You Like Fishing? no
Do You Like Cleaning? not really, but I go through phases when I’m like Monica on Friends and everything in my apartment needs to be immaculate, lol.
Do You Like Roller Coasters? Definitely! Space Mountain at Disneyland is my favorite.

For or Against:
Long Distance Relationships: against — I had a horrible personal experience.
High School Long Term Relationships: eh, I’m on the fence.
Using someone for personal pleasure: against
Killing People: against
Assisted Suicide: against
Skipping school: for — I ditched classes many a time in college. Hee.
Teenage smoking: against — my boyfriend smokes though so I guess I’m flexible on this one.
Doing Drugs: against
Driving Drunk: against
Gay/Lesbian Relationships: for
Jerry Springer: against — I can’t stand him and his silly show.
Soap Operas: for — I love that you can stop watching for months and then catch an episode and be able to pick up where you left off.

Best Questions:
Best Friend(s): Rob, Robyn, and Carmen
Best Person To Talk To: my cousin Riz
Best Gum: Wrigley’s Doublemint
Best TV Show Of All Time: Dawson’s Creek
Best Online Friend: Marianne
Best Thing That’s Happened To You: graduating from college
Best School Subject: Journalism
Best Thing In The World: fuzzy blankets
Best Thing To Collect: Disney plush animals
Best Color Of All Time: burgundy
Best Piece Of Clothing You Own: my long denim skirt — it’s flattering and goes with everything from tees to fancier tops
Best Thing To Do On A Rainy Day: cuddle with a blanket in front of the TV
Best Stuffed Animal You’ve Owned: any of my Cookie Monsters
Best Feeling In The World: being loved

Fav Questions:
Fav Food: spaghetti
Fav Song: right now, it’s Motivation Proclamation by Good Charlotte
Fav Thing To Do: sleep
Fav Thing To Talk About: TV shows
Fav Thing To Watch: Dawson’s Creek
Fav Sport To Play: eh, I’m not athletic at all
Fav Sport To Watch: basketball
Fav Sports Player(s): Richard Jefferson (New Jersey Nets) and Michelle Kwan
Fav Thing To Drink (non-alcoholic): Shirley Temple
Fav Thing To Drink (alcoholic): pina colada
Fav Thing To Wear: pj pants
Fav Thing To Sleep With: my fuzzy blanket
Fav Person To Talk To: Rob or Riz
Fav Thing(s) In Your Room: my bed and my computers
Fav Picture: any picture of Pacey and Joey 😛
Fav Movies: Anne of Green Gables, Titanic, Bring It On, Harry Potter… so many!

Have You Ever…
Have You Ever Cybered? no way
Have You Ever Smoked? nope
Have You Ever Done drugs? nope
Have You Ever Drank alchohol? yes
Have You Ever Gotten Drunk? I’ve never gotten really trashed but I’ve drank enough to get all giggly and eventually vomit at the end of the night.
Have You Ever Been In Love? yes, I am currently
Have You Ever Felt Completely Happy Even Though Things Aren’t So Great? yes — I feel like that now actually. I feel really content with my life even though there are things that I still crave and want.
Have You Ever Cried Because Of A Member Of The Opposite Sex? oh gosh, yes
Have You Ever Been So Awake Yet Tired At The Same Time: yup, all-nighters in college made me feel this way — it’s the adrenaline and all the caffeine.
Have You Ever Read A Book That Was So Good That You Couldn’t Put It Down? yes, all the Harry Potter books
Have You Even Given Or Received Flowers? yup
Have You Ever Lied To Someone? yes
Have You Ever Got In A Serious Fight? yup, with the boyfriend
Have You Ever Been Arrested? no

How Questions:
How Many TV’s Do You Have? 2
How Many Computers Do You Have? 2, 1 desktop that’s pretty old and slow and 1 laptop (my baby!)
How Many Phones Do You Have? 2 cordless phones and 1 cell phone
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? ehhhhhh… lots. 🙂

scorching over here

Ugh, it’s so disgustingly HOT over here. My apartment is all stuffy and the air just *sits* — there’s no wind whatsoever. Bah. Go away stupid sun!

Anyway, Rob’s back! Yay for me. 😛 I know I must sound like ever the codependent girlfriend but I really miss him when he’s not around. Awww. 😉