Aaaahhh, just got back from a long weekend in LA for my cousin’s wedding. It was so HOT down there! EEEK. It made me so irritable… despite that, though, I had a really great (but busy!) time. I’ll put together a longer post and upload some pics tomorrow. Hopefully. I feel totally beat from the weekend. All I want to do is go to sleep…

the past week

Aaaahhh, it’s nice to be home. I feel like I’ve been “on the go” forever. But It’s been an awesome week. Here’s a rundown…

Fri, 6/23 – Start of Girls Weekend with my best friends. We went down to Palm Springs (115 degree weather! Crazy!) and stayed at the Miramonte Resort, which was fantastic. We spent Saturday relaxing, getting pampered (I had a massage… mmmm), and hanging out by the pool (well, that was me since I forgot to bring a bathing suit — I know, I know). I think we’ve pretty much decided to make Girls Weekend an annual (at the very least) tradition. I’m so looking forward to our next trip. 😀

Wed, 6/28 – Trip to LA for work. Met a client for dinner at Roy’s Restaurant in downtown LA. I had the Ahi and then shared the chocolate souffle. Phenomenal food. Headed over to The Standard in West Hollywood to check-in for the night. This hotel is a TRIP. The lobby had shag carpet and bubble chairs and my room had floral curtains and an inflatable rubber chair. Pretty awesome. My co-worker and I decided to have a drink before heading to bed and while we’re sitting in the lounge, I see a friend of mine from high school that I haven’t seen in *years.* It really is a small world.

Thurs, 6/29 – Worked out of the LA office. Nothing of significance to report.

Fri, 6/30 – Drove down to San Diego for my friend’s wedding (Rob was a groomsman). Attended the wedding rehearsal and found out that I was in charge of distributing the corsages/boutonnieres to the wedding party the next day. Fun! I love being in charge of stuff. Then a bunch of us went out for drinks with the groom. I had my signature drink (Amaretto Sour), finished the entire thing (a huge feat for me), and managed not to become a giggling mess.

Sat, 7/1 – Mike’s Wedding Day! It was an absolutely *gorgeous* wedding (the colors were teal and brown – so pretty). It was held outside at the Prado at Balboa Park. The only drawback of holding the ceremony outside was the HEAT. OMG. It was close to 100 degrees and there wasn’t much shade. To make matters worse, I apparently thought it was smart to wear a black dress. 😛 The best part of the reception was the slideshow because Mike and Emma actually put together a karaoke video! HEE. That was SO awesome. The whole wedding was incredibly well-executed. And I had such a fun time.

Sun, 7/2 – After brunch with the newlyweds, we headed back to Cerritos. Tried to take a nap but it was too hot to sleep. Had dinner with my dad (and saw 2 more people from high school! Cerritos is *such* a small town) and then went to see Nacho Libre. Sadly, I was tired from the weekend and I fell asleep too many times to count. I watched about half of the movie, I think. What I saw was pretty freaking hilarious, though.

Mon, 7/3 – Flight back to the Bay Area. You know, after all the flying I’ve done in the past week and a half, I realized that there is seriously a TON of noise on airplanes. Usually I fall asleep right away so I don’t notice the noise but the past few flights, I tried to listen to my iPod and I had to turn the volume way up. I would LOVE to get some noise-cancelling headphones. Too bad they cost an arm and a leg. Anyway, when we got home, we headed straight to the TV to watch Entourage season 1. We rented the DVDs from Netflix based on recs from both online and offline friends. We breezed right through all the episodes, heh. My favorite character is Johnny Drama with Eric a close second. Can’t wait to get season 2. I also watched High School Musical. Absolutely adored this movie. It was so cheesy but SO GOOD. I have Breaking Free on repeat right now… go here to download the song (username: cookie/password: monster — don’t forget to right click, save as…).

Tues, 7/4 – Happy 4th of July! Slept in. Felt SO good to do that. Went to see Superman Returns. SUCH a good movie. And to think when the trailer was first released this time last year, I thought the movie would be horrible. I was so wrong. Brandon Routh (what a hottie!), Kevin Spacey and even Kate Bosworth (I was most skeptical about her) were great. Yay Bryan Singer! Did I mention Brandon Routh is hot? Cause he totally is.

OMG. I just found this link to the new light pink Nintendo DS. I WANT IT SO BAD. Guh. Too bad I’m trying to go on a “spending diet” so I can save money for a vacation. Maybe for my birthday? 😀

UGH. I’m so bummed about going to work tomorrow. At least it’s a 3-day week.


Oh man, I had a busy (but good!) weekend. Sometimes I feel like I need a weekend from my weekend!

On Friday I learned that you should not attempt to buy guacamole on Cinco de Mayo. Rob and I were going to a friend’s for dinner (he was making carnitas, grilled shrimp, watermelon margaritas and agua fresca — YUM!) and I was in charge of bringing guacamole. OF COURSE I thought I could pick it up right before we headed over but we hit 2 grocery stores and couldn’t find a single package of guacamole. How was I supposed to know that guacamole would be sold out?!? HEH.

On Saturday morning, I headed over to Bliss Spa for a facial (Rob’s treat!). Mmmm. I also figured I should get a brow wax since I’ve never had one before and wanted to see if it would make a difference. OMG. I can’t handle the pain. I am SUCH a wimp. I liked the results (made my eyes less “droopy” looking) but… EEEKK. I don’t know if I can do that again.

Then today, Rob and I had a wedding to attend. Is it just me or is it a little strange to hold a wedding on a Sunday and at 5:00pm at that?! Maybe if it’s a long weekend or something… but people have work the next day! Well whatever, it was a great event. The ceremony and the reception were at the Mitchell Katz Winery in Pleasanton, which was so pretty. Acres and acres of grapevines surrounded the event center and the roses in the gardens were so bright and colorful. I’m such a sap that as the bridal party walked down the aisle, I started tearing up. I can’t help it! I love weddings.

vegas wedding

I’ve decided that IF/WHEN I get married, I’m gonna do it in Las Vegas. Seriously.

That way I could pay some hotel to put together the ceremony, flowers, cake, photography, etc. for a package price instead of spending an entire year stressing over the budget and running around trying to get everything done. I just don’t think I’m cut out to handle the headache.

When I was younger, I used to think I wanted the “fantasy” wedding with hundreds of guests in attendance. Now, not so much. The time and most importantly, MONEY just don’t seem worth it anymore. Especially after seeing the 610 (!!!) guests at my friend’s wedding yesterday. There were sooo many people and the reception was PACKED. It was lots of fun but a little chaotic and maybe even a tad bit impersonal and that’s not really how I want to remember my wedding day (that’s providing I ever have one :P).

Speaking of weddings, my cousin Reymund is engaged! Well… kind of. It’s a weird situation. There is a ring… his girlfriend knows about it… but there hasn’t been an official proposal. Don’t ask. I don’t really know what’s going on there but YAY for them! Aww. 🙂

Not looking forward to work tomorrow. I didn’t even feel like I got to relax at all this weekend. Bah.

victor and susie’s wedding

Had a fantastic weekend. Victor and Susie’s wedding was just beautiful. The ceremony had me crying — I’m such a sucker. 🙂 The reception was a lot of fun too, especially since I was seated with all of Rob’s crazy friends. Hehehe, they were so drunk. And loud. And pretty damn hilarious.

I ended up “catching” the bouquet which was cool cause I’ll have a special picture with Susie in her wedding photo book. I say “catching” because I actually picked it up off the floor. When Susie threw her bouquet, all of us girls moved out of its way to avoid actually catching it so it fell straight to the ground and broke into a few different pieces. We all kind of stared at it for a few minutes and then I finally just decided to pick it up since I felt bad.

Anyway, a few pics just for kicks…


The picture on the left is of Rob (the boyfriend!), Susie and Victor. This was after the ceremony. The middle picture is Rob and ME! We look totally shiny. Hey, it is HOT in southern CA. I forgot how hot it can be down there. The picture on the right is Rob and his friends (and mine too!) that he’s known forever. Crazies.

Good times, good times.


So I finally watched the pilot episode of Wonderfalls and huh, I actually kinda liked it. Caroline Dhavernas managed to carry what would otherwise be an incredibly lame and corny plot. She was great at playing sarcastic, funny and quirky. Plus! The Sheriff from Roswell plays Jaye’s dad. Hee, I love it when all my shows merge together. I just finished downloading the second episode — let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint! I just wish it didn’t air on Friday nights. Horrible, horrible time slot.

Gawd, the timestamp on my blog entries are totally wrong (points to Amanda and Alie for noticing!). It’s 3 hours ahead. I just tried changing it to PST so I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll work.

Oh, and for any real life friends that are reading — Ricardo proposed to Leah this past weekend! Aww. Yay for them. 🙂

$4 million dollars?!?


Did anyone watch Trista and Ryan’s Wedding on ABC?!? OMG. I can’t believe the wedding cost $4 million dollars! Holy crap. And it was ALL PINK. EVERYTHING. I like pink and all but geesh, she went overboard.

Anyway, I still can’t believe how close it is to Christmas! I still have so much Christmas shopping to do! *sigh* And I have to do my cards. I only have another week and a half to get all this done before I go on my mini-vacation. I don’t think I mentioned it here but my family and I are going to the Philippines and Thailand to spend the holidays with my grandma. I’m pretty excited — it’ll be nice to get away from work. 😀

Doing the Sunday Brunch because it goes along with the whole Christmas/holiday thing…

How many Christmas parties will you be attending between now and Christmas?
Just 1. I work with a small team of people so we’re going to have a Champagne Brunch at The Palace Hotel this coming Sunday.

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? If so, have you finished, or when do you expect to finish?
I’ve started but I’m definitely not finished yet. I think I’ve only gotten through a third of my list. Oy. I really wanted to avoid all the crowds that are sure to be at the mall in the next week or so. Guess not.

Who is your favorite person to shop for?
All the people on my list are difficult and time-consuming! hehe.

Have you decorated your house yet? (inside or outside)
I live in an apartment so we don’t do exterior decorations. Inside the apartment, the Christmas tree dominates the living room so that’s pretty much the scope of the interior decorations.

When did/do you put up your Christmas tree?
We put it up last Saturday. So much fun. I love trimming the tree.

caps, caps –get your caps!

I can’t believe I’ve just spent the last hour or so thinking about my wedding.

No, I’m not getting married or anything, lol — but my best friend and I have just been discussing potential color schemes and floral arrangements. *sigh* It’s such a girly thing but oh so fun, hee. I was telling my boyfriend about our conversation and he proceeded to tell me that his ideal colors would be purple and gold, he would wear a purple tux and the wedding would be held at the Staples Center. Can you tell he’s an LA Lakers fan? Gah, that would be the wedding of my NIGHTMARES!

Stolen from Nicola:

5 TV Boyfriends:
1. Pacey, Dawson’s Creek — “I remember everything.” *swoons*
2. Colin, Everwood
3. Lex, Smallville
4. Chandler, Friends — Can he BE any cuter?!?
5. Noel, Felicity

5 TV Girlfriends:
1. Jen, Dawson’s Creek
2. Maria, Roswell
3. Lane, Gilmore Girls — she kinda already reminds me of one my best friends 🙂
4. Felicity, Felicity
5. Charlotte, Sex and the City

Oh! Fields of Gold now has DC dvd caps for Nicola, Linda and Angie. Just click on the “screen caps” section. I have some other random scenes but I developed a bad case of laziness when I was uploading them, lol. Becca, I will email you soon. 🙂