weekend recap

Had a really mellow weekend. I took some random snaps so thought I’d post them here…

Wicked on Friday! (I know you hate it, Ricardo. :P) I loved it but overall I don’t think the singing voices of this touring cast (save for David Nathan Perlow as Fiyero) are as strong as the LA cast I saw a few years back at the Pantages. That’s ok, though. I totally have the original Broadway soundtrack on repeat right now anyway.

Rob got really sick on Saturday morning so he pretty much slept the entire day. I hung out with Diesel and watched The Romantics (it wasn’t very good – Katie Holmes was miscast; her role needed a more subtle and nuanced actress — she and Anna Paquin probably should have switched).

I recently downloaded the Instagram app for my iPhone and LOVE playing around with it. Diesel is my favorite subject. Of course.

Another Diesel pic from last week for good measure. He can be such a lazy bum sometimes.

Rob felt much better today so we ran some errands (Target, I love you!) and picked up frozen treats at Pinkberry.

To close out the weekend, we made a really yummy gumbo for dinner. My friend Jason used to cook this on cold, rainy nights in the Bay Area and while it was neither cold nor rainy here in SoCal today, this gumbo really brought me back to those days. Love that food can evoke good memories.

And that was my low-key weekend. How was yours? 🙂


I’ve decided to give up BOTH fried foods and desserts/pastries for Lent. There are ALWAYS yummy cupcakes, brownies, and cookies in the kitchen at work so staying away is going to be tough! Wish me luck.

In my excitement about food in my last entry, I forgot to mention that I also went to see Wicked while I was in LA. Finally! 🙂 I found out about a 50% discount for all Tuesday through Thursday shows in January and February so when I realized we’d be in town during the week, I jumped at the chance to go. And just as I expected, I LOVED it. Glinda was my absolute favorite — Megan Hilty played her to perfection. Caissie Levy as Elphaba was also solid. But sadly, I thought Kristoffer Cusick as Fiyero was a *tad* disappointing. His voice just wasn’t quite as powerful as the 2 leading ladies and he also wasn’t a very good dancer. Maybe he had an “off” night because he seems to be a really popular Fiyero (I was doing a search on reviews of the musical a few days ago). But whatever, it was an excellent show — definitely one that I could watch many, many times (if I could afford it :D).

I thought I would share a few of my favorite songs from Wicked

Right click, save as…
username: cookie
password: monster

Defying Gravity
For Good

I’m also reading the book at the moment… I do not love it nearly as much as the musical. It started off sloooow, and then picked up when Elphaba and Glinda went to college, and now it’s slowing down a bit again. I’m about halfway through so I’ll be sure to write some thoughts when I’m done.

Now I’m off to watch America’s Best Dance Crew. YAY. I love dance-related reality shows. 😀