we cheer + disneyland again

Congrats to my friend Emma (and Mike) who gave birth to a baby girl this morning! Awww. 🙂

I missed the Girl Scouts this year. 🙁 I even found the dates/times of their booths on the OC Girl Scout website. Oh well. I suppose my waistline is thankful that I didn’t buy any Thin Mints or Samoas. Mmmm.

We bought a new Wii. The broken one was no longer booting up. 🙁 We looked up the “symptom” on the Nintendo site and it advised us to send in the old one for repair. Since we’ve had the console for 2+ years, it didn’t have a warranty anymore and would cost $75. We thought that wasn’t bad. THEN in the part where you enter your credit card info, we found out that they also charge $10 for shipping and tax on top of that, which brought the total to just under $100. LAME. Rob had $125 in Amazon rewards so buying a new Wii made more sense since the difference of $124.99 wasn’t much more than the repair cost.

So over the weekend, I bought We Cheer. OMG, I’m seriously addicted. It took me a few routines to get my moves synced to the game, which was a little frustrating at first, but after I got the hang of it, I was having so much fun! It does look a little cheesy (the cheerleaders remind me of Bratz dolls) and there’s no storylines (just random conversations between the characters that add nothing to the game) but whatever — I skip all that extra stuff and focus on clearing songs and unlocking stages. It’s a pretty good workout too. Thumbs up!

We also made an impromptu trip to Disneyland again on Sunday. I LOVE DISNEYLAND. I now want to spend my 30th (!!!) birthday weekend there. Anyway, we found out Saturday night that there was supposed to be a “storm” coming in the next day so we decided to play it by ear. I woke up at about 7am on Sunday morning and it wasn’t raining. WOOT. I really wanted to get to DL as close as possible to the 8am park opening. So I took a shower and when I got out, it was raining. HARD. UGH. So I didn’t even bother waking up Rob. I went back to sleep, lol. Then when I woke up again at about 9am, it was clear. It even looked like the sun was trying to peek through the clouds. This time I woke up Rob and we made it out of the apartment by 10am. Our first stop was across the street at Starbucks to get some coffee and while I was ordering inside, rain started pounding down again. GRRR. I was ready to go back home but Rob said we might as well drive to Anaheim (about 15 miles away) and see what the weather was like there. I’m glad we did because on the way, the rain stopped (again) and it turned out to be a great day to be at DL. The crowds were really light too, probably because locals didn’t want to brave the rain. We are troopers! 😀

Obligatory pics…

A new “sight” at Celebration Point. Not sure if I like it since it seems totally out of place on Main Street… good picture spot though!

We weren’t planning on spending the entire day at the park so we only did what are now our “must do’s.” First, we walked quickly to Space Mountain to get a Fast Pass. Then we made a beeline for Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters where Rob beat my score again. BOO.

We headed back to Main Street and killed some time by the Partners’ statue because we wanted to have fried chicken at the Plaza Inn for lunch and they don’t take reservations. We got there about 5 minutes before their noon opening and the line was already looooong. Crazy!

The fried chicken was excellent! Mmm, I’m drooling right now just thinking about it.

After lunch, it was time to head over to California Adventure. We walked alllllll the way to Toy Story Mania and found out the wait was 60 minutes. We decided to pass. Next time we’ll have to hit that ride right when CA opens.

So of course, we headed over to the Animation Academy. We found out that the next session at 1:30 is for Jack Skellington but the 2:00 session is for Piglet. Since we’ve drawn Jack before, we decided to wait for Piglet. We went outside to walk around and we found Goofy! The line to take pictures with him wasn’t too long so I convinced Rob to come with me. Hehehehe. My new goal is to find Sorceror Mickey so I can take my picture with him when I’m wearing my Sorceror Mickey ears.

Back at the Animation Academy, I found that Piglet is freaking hard to draw! My drawing is on the left and it suuuuucks. Rob’s is so much better. *pout*

Finally, we went back to DL to use Fast Passes for Space Mountain (my favorite ride EVER). And after a quick walk through Downtown Disney to check out the Lego store, we headed home. *happy* Can’t wait for my next trip.

february update

Random entry alert! I’ve wanted to do a “what I’ve been up to” post for awhile now (really an excuse to post some pics) but am always too lazy… here’s a quickie version. 🙂

Back on Valentine’s Day, Rob and I went to the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland. We bought annual passes for each other for Christmas and finally went to get them activated. The best thing about having annual passes is that we don’t feel the need to do EVERYTHING in one day. We can totally take our time, relax, and visit select attractions. The most important thing we wanted to do on this trip is ride Toy Story Mania at California Adventure. It’s an interactive midway ride and it is SO FUN. Seriously. It’s a MUST.

Here I am in my Mickey ears and the Toy Story 3-D glasses. Spiffy.

Of course a trip to CA is not complete without visiting the Animation Academy. This time we drew Goofy. My drawing is on the right.

Lunch was at Cafe Orleans. We shared French Onion soup, Pommes Frites (garlic fries with the yummiest aioli ever), and a Monte Cristo sandwich (turkey, ham and cheese fried in a light batter with berry puree). Not the healthiest lunch but SO GOOD.

Before we left, we made sure to get on Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters. I had a measly 46,300 points. Rob totally beat me with 93,700. Too bad for Rob the picture got our scores mixed up. OOPSIE. Hehe.

The following weekend we celebrated our friend Sebastian’s birthday with pizza at Round Table (his choice) and dessert at Guppy House. There were 9 of us and we shared a large mixed fruit shave ice. It was GINORMOUS. We barely finished it.

I’ve been going through lots of Netflix movies lately too…

Eagle Eye
Entertaining but not very good. :/ Reminded me too much of I, Robot. Not very original. Also, I guess Transformers didn’t really require much acting from him because this movie made me realize Shia LaBeouf is a pretty good actor. I liked him a lot here.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Another Shia LaBeouf movie! Only meh. Lots of potential too. I just didn’t care for the storyline AT ALL. And the dialogue was so predictable. I lost count at how many lines Rob would guess before the words even came out of the characters’ mouths. Disappointing.

I had no expectations before watching this movie so it was a pleasant surprise to find myself really enjoying it! Lots of thrilling action sequences and a well-constructed storyline. Plus, James McAvoy!

What else? Hmm… a couple of random things…

I love when DVDs have digital copies included. I load them right onto my iPod to take with me to the gym. As much as I love listening to music when doing cardio, my mind inevitably wanders, I get bored, and I stare at the clock. Watching and listening to episodes or movies definitely keeps me occupied.

Our Wii broke. 🙁 I tried to use it yesterday but the console was eerily quiet (you couldn’t hear it booting up) and the TV just had a blank screen. After checking all the connections and looking up the problem on the Nintendo site, we determined that we had to send it back. Unfortunately, the repair would cost $75, $10 shipping, and CA tax, which was almost $100. !!! We might as well buy a new one. UGH UGH UGH.

intj + isfj

I’m back from my long weekend in LA. And of course, I return to find that a stinky virus hit a ton of Coppermine sites — one of which is CreekCaps.com. UGH. A few people have emailed me about the problem and it’ll probably take me a few days to get the site cleaned up. I so don’t want to do this right now. Don’t these people have better things to do than mess with personal sites?!? I mean, REALLY. GAWD. Huge thanks to Mandy at Josh-Jackson.net for letting me know about the attacks.

What a pain.


Rob and I had a good weekend in LA visiting family and meeting with our wedding vendors. Here’s a quick rundown…

In the morning, I visited Candi Merle, a super popular SoCal veil maker, to discuss veils (obviously). Trying on veils made me feel even more “bridal” than trying on dresses. I tried on a bunch of options from short to looooooong. The short veils seemed to make me look even shorter than I already am and the really looooooong ones had way too much fabric for me to handle. I settled on one that cascades along the side and just barely touches the floor. SQUEE. It’s supposed to arrive in a few weeks. I can’t wait to prance around the apartment in it. 😀 Just kidding. Kind of.

That night we had dinner with Rob’s friends at Hometown Buffet in honor of a late friend’s birthday. The buffet was nothing spectacular but they had some amazing cornbread. Mmm. Too bad they ran out before I had the chance to snag another piece. I think that was a sign that I should be scaling back on the carbs. 😛
We also opened the presents we’ve received so far — they’re all being delivered to Rob’s parent’s house since there is just no room here. Our friends are such generous people. *sniff* Here’s Rob with the Kitchenaid Mixer! I never thought we’d actually get this…

Rob and I had our first Marriage Prep class. A 4 hour session on a Sunday! But as much as we were dreading it, I really feel like we got a lot out of it. We started off with the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, which is a personality test designed to tell you about your yourself. I discovered that I am an ISFJ (quiet, likes order, good at responsibilities, thoughtful) and Rob is an INTJ (analytical, logical, mentally quick). The descriptions fit us perfectly. We learned how our personality types work together and were, again, totally blown away by the accuracy of the advice. For example, with my personality, I need more affection from Rob so it is suggested that he smile and look at me lovingly, especially when seeing me for the first time. BWAH! But totally on point. Seriously.

Next we took the FOCCUS, which is a survey of 189 questions(!) designed to help facilitate discussion between engaged couples. This totally made me realize that while we’re on the same page with regards to most issues, there are still some things we need to talk about, like religion and family planning. Who knew that getting married isn’t just planning a party? 😛

Finally, we had a private meeting with the Father officiating our wedding to go over the structure of the ceremony. OMG. This was the meeting that gave me the whole “butterflies” feeling. Choosing which vows we wanted to read, practicing where we’re going to stand… it’s the weirdest thing, I tell you.

We had a couple of meetings in the morning — one with our fab coordinator Angel and another at our venue to go over the details, like linens, miscellaneous stationery, timeline of the reception, lighting, etc, etc, etc. OMG, you guys. There is SO MUCH STUFF to think about. Just a year ago I had NO IDEA. Wowzers.

As a sweet treat before the drive back to the Bay, we stopped by the Pinkberry in Huntington Beach. Here I am with a LARGE (don’t worry, Rob had some too) Original Yogurt with strawberries, Captain Crunch, and mochi. Heaven.

Why is my face so ROUND? UGH.

And that was my weekend! Phew. Sorry for all the rambling… I didn’t really want to monopolize my blog with wedding planning entries but I realized that it’s taking over my life right now and my blog should reflect that…

Random — I just noticed that Mario Kart for the Nintendo Wii is being released next week. I’m SO going to get it. I love racing games. Even though I’m totally awful at them.



Our Nintendo Wii has been collecting dust… until today. Rob and I went to Target and came home with both Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. (And we’re supposed to be saving money. OOPS). I haven’t tried Guitar Hero yet but I completely suck at DDR. HEE. 😛

return to normal

So I’m back in the Bay. The past week I spent in LA went by way too quickly. WHY DOES IT ALWAYS DO THAT?

Some highlights…

— Attending my cousin’s college graduation. Finally, she graduates! Hehe.
— Christmas shopping for 12+ hours with my dad at 2 different malls. He decided to wait until the last minute to buy ALL his gifts.
— Playing with the Wii for 6 hours on Christmas Eve. Rob brought it over to my family’s get-together and instead of dozing off like we normally do while waiting for midnight, we played video games. LOL. Even my dad!
— Spending 2 days with my best friends in LA.
— Receiving holiday cards in the mail from Alie, Sarah, Marianne, Jill, and Kelly.

And, of course, PRESENTS! I had a pretty darn awesome haul…
— diamond heart necklace from my dad. Awww.
— massage gift certificate to Burke Williams
— $100 Victoria’s Secret gift card
— $100 American Express gift check
— $50 Target gift card
— $50 Banana Republic gift card
— $50 Macy’s gift card
— $25 Amazon gift certificate
— a few Starbucks gift cards
— AMC movie gift certificates
— some cash
— black goose down jacket
— red sherpa robe. Mmmm, so soft.
— VS PINK velour lounge pants
— Anne of Green Gables book set
— South Beach Diet recipe book
— Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger
— Eragon by Christopher Paolini
— Beverly Hills 90210 s1 DVDs
— 24 s5 DVDs
— The Devil Wears Prada DVD
— 2 pairs of fingerless gloves. LOVE THESE.
— trouser socks
— scarf
— Harry Potter scene it

I don’t want the holidays (and my vacation) to end!!! *sniff* Only 3 more days til… WORK. ARGH.

But first, New Year’s Eve! I’m almost positive Rob and I are going to have a low key night at home as usual. Do any of you have fun plans? 🙂

wii and the tree

We got the Nintendo Wii! Rob found out there were going to be 23 available at a nearby Circuit City so we dragged ourselves out of bed at 6:15am, picked up coffee at Starbucks (peppermint mocha – heaven!), and then found ourselves in line at 6:45am. WE ARE CRAZY. We were close to the front of the line so we figured we were guaranteed a console. Too bad Circuit City didn’t open until 10am and we had 3 hours to wait to find out for sure. AND it was totally freezing outside! OMG. But surprisingly the wait went by quickly (mostly due to the nearby McDonald’s and Barnes and Noble for food and a bathroom, lol) and at 15 minutes to 10am, we got our vouchers. I was #15 (we each bought one — one for us and the other as a favor for a friend)! 😀

The Wii is technically Rob’s Christmas present from me but I couldn’t torture him and make him wait until then to open it. We’ve set it up and played a few of the Sports games… it’s fun! I beat him at bowling (hehe) but he killed me in tennis and boxing. When we were playing tennis, I got all into it and I totally wacked Rob in the arm as I was swinging the remote. BWAH. We couldn’t stop laughing after that. I can’t wait to try the Zelda game.

Anyway, we also got our Christmas tree! Woot! It smells so good in our apartment with the tree in here. Mmmm. Now it’s definitely the holidays. I’ll have to take pictures once it’s all decorated.

So… a meme I stole from Nicola.

10 Things Currently On Your Desk
1. iPod Nano
2. iPod speakers
3. Framed photo of my best friends, Carmen and Robyn, and me
4. Mini Cooper figurine
5. Address book
6. External hard drive
7. Justin Timberlake CD
8. December issue of Teen Vogue
9. Country Apple candle from Bath and Body Works
10. Tassle from my college graduation

9 Favorite Ships
1. Pacey/Joey (Dawson’s Creek) – yes, still!
2. Ephram/Amy (Everwood)
3. Nathan/Haley (One Tree Hill)
4. Gil/Anne (Anne of Green Gables)
5. Harry/Hermione (Harry Potter)
6. Tony/Michelle (24)
7. Lucas/Peyton (One Tree Hill)
8. Ryan/Taylor (The OC)
9. Lex/Lana (Smallville) – sadly, the reality isn’t working for me :/

8 of Your Current Favorite Songs
1. Howie Day – Collide (always)
2. The All-American Rejects – It Ends Tonight
3. Beyonce – Irreplaceable
4. Ciara – Get Up
5. Diddy – Tell Me
6. Justin Timberlake – My Love
7. John Mayer – Waiting on the World to Change
8. Snow Patrol – Chocolate

7 People You Talk to The Most
1. Rob
2. My Manager Linda
3. My other Manager Stephanie
4. My Dad
5. My friend (and now my sales rep) Jason
6. My friend Ruby
7. My cousin Riz

6 Favorite Kinds of Candy and/or Chocolate
1. Sour Patch Kids
2. Lindt truffles (especially the mint chocolate ones. YUM)
3. Scotchmallows from See’s candies
4. Snickers
5. Cherry Jolly Ranchers
6. Candy Canes

(5) 4 Favorite Bands and ONE Artist
1. *NSync
2. Death Cab for Cutie
3. Fall Out Boy
4. Linkin Park
5. Justin Timberlake

4 Websites You Visit Daily
1. Google/GMail
2. SFGate.com
3. TelevisionWithoutPity.com
4. Live Journal

3 Favorite Fictional Characters
1. Pacey Witter (Dawson’s Creek)
2. Amy Abbott (Everwood)
3. Summer Roberts (The OC)

2 Favorite Sayings
1. “Seriously?”
2. “I don’t know about that…”

1 Favorite Movie
1. Anne of Green Gables

Hope everyone had a good weekend. 😀

john tucker must die

We didn’t get our Christmas tree over the weekend since it started RAINING. We headed over to the tree lot on Sunday anyway but all the trees were *drenched.* GRRR. We’re going to try again this weekend… I want my tree already!

Rob is so obsessed with the Nintendo Wii… we even STOOD IN LINE at Best Buy last Sunday. Like those people you see on TV. THAT WAS US. We didn’t get one, though, since they only had 50 for sale and we were just too late (people had been waiting since 6am and we got in line at 9am). But seriously. We stood in line. For a video game system. That’s nuts, right? 😛

I watched John Tucker Must Die yesterday. I enjoyed it, of course. Plot holes and all. But then, you guys know me by now… I love fluffy teen movies. And this one stars Brittany Snow and Sophia Bush! Brittany totally carries the movie — I miss seeing her on TV every week (I’m still mourning the premature cancellation of American Dreams). Fun way to spend an hour and a half.

Just finished watching America’s Next Top Model. I’m so disappointed in the top 3 finalists. BLAH.

thanksgiving weekend

Happy [belated] Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

I am absolutely loving this 4-day Thanksgiving weekend. Work has made me so tired recently… I definitely needed the break. Plus, I’m enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers as I type (pumpkin pie!) and really, there’s not much that’s better than that. 😀

Yesterday Rob and I hit some of the Black Friday sales to pick up toys and DVDs for Christmas presents. We went to 2 Best Buys, 2 Circuit Citys, 2 Targets, and 1 K-Mart. LOL. Aside from presents, I finally bought myself a photo printer — this Photosmart 475 by HP for only $49 at Circuit City. I’ve been itching to print out some of my Paris pictures and now I can! Whee. Rob was also looking for a Nintendo Wii but it was sold out absolutely *everywhere* we went. I hope he finds one… the interactive games look like so much fun!

I’m going to try and convince Rob that we need to buy our Christmas tree tonight. *hopes*

I also need to finish my Paris diary…

Hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend. 🙂