life… briefly

Ahhh, I love October. Mostly because it’s my birthday month and I incessantly remind Rob about it every chance I get. 🙂

So work has pretty much taken over my life. Working until bedtime. Working on the weekends. Working while in Vancouver on vacation. Ugh, it’s been insane. I feel myself hitting a wall. There’s so much to do and no end in sight.

But this past Monday, I received a promotion along with a raise so… YAY! I guess? I don’t know how to feel about it. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

Vancouver was fantastic (gawd, I love it so – can I move there?) although Rob managed to injure his left foot while biking. Poor guy. :/ I’ll post some trip highlights and lowlights (I royally screwed up our plans in Whistler) once I download our pics.

Super behind with TV (what’s new). But I managed to watch the premiere of Hart of Dixie (so far my favorite new show) and caught up with the first 3 episodes of The New Girl (Jess is a little *too* quirky but the guys make me laugh).

I plan to use my upcoming 3-day weekend catching up with TV and finally getting around to unpacking (I know, so lazy).

How are you all doing?

in my head right now…

The weeks have been absolutely flying by. Seriously, how is it almost September?! I can’t keep up.

Random stuff I’ve been thinking about…

I changed the theme of my blog! It’s pink now and much more ME than the blue craziness.

Work life has been insane. One of my managers left (*sob*) and we hired a new assistant… so with all these changes, I had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco for a few days (my first time in over a year!). I was looking forward to the hustle and bustle and cool weather of the city. Imagine my surprise when I arrived on Monday morning and was greeted by the VERY SAME HEAT that I left behind. WTF. Despite the heat, it was a good trip — I had fun dinners with great friends, caught up with co-workers, window shopped downtown, picked up late night frozen yogurt to cool down, and even managed to get some work done. I feel very lucky to have experienced the city again. But when I landed in Orange County last night, I was ridiculously happy. It definitely doesn’t have the energy of a big city but it’s home. “There’s no place like home” is a cliche for a reason.

I watched an episode of The Good Wife the other day and LOVED it. Now it’s my mission to watch the entire first season before the second premieres. The pilot is free to download on iTunes this week so I think it’s fate.

The Burn Notice summer finale was INSANE. In a good way.

I recently discovered the wonder that is the Google Reader. I follow 100+ blogs (it’s an addiction, what can I say) and I finally have a streamlined way of always being caught up. SO. AWESOME.

Maybe I’m judge-y or whatever but I think it’s kind of weird when I see that someone’s Twitter feed consists primarily of work updates and links to work-related articles. Or maybe I’m jealous that there are people out there that truly feel like their work is an extension of them. Believe me, I would NEVER be caught reading trade publications in my free time. Time away from work is too precious a commodity.

I have iphone rage. I updated my 3G to the new OS a few weeks back and now it sucks balls. It’s slow and is prone to freezing. Damn you Apple. I bet this was your evil plot all along — to make me hate my phone so much that I’ll eventually break down and buy the new iphone 4. Bastards. I’m annoyed but will totally fall for it. Hook, line, and sinker.

Totally late but YAY for Lauren winning So You Think You Can Dance. She was my favorite of the final 3 (awesome personality and versatility) — and I totally loved that she foiled the judges hope of a male contemporary dancer winning. Ok, they never said that but I firmly believe there are behind the scenes manipulations that happen on this show to get the results they want. I guess I’m a TV conspiracy theorist?

That’s all I’ve got. Sorry for all the text. Next time I’ll include pics. 😀

30 Day Meme: Days 19 & 20 – A Talent & Hobby of Yours

I failed at the 30 day meme yesterday because it was a crappy work day. People take things SO. DAMN. SERIOUSLY. Sometimes I just want to say that it’s not the end of the world. Geesh.

Anyway… let’s continue on…

Day 19 — A Talent of Yours

Oh hell, I don’t know. I’m 30… my talented days are behind me. 😛 I guess ballet *used* to be a talent of mine. I started dancing when I was 3 and trained until I was 14. I even considered becoming a professional ballerina despite the lack of job stability. I only stopped because my mom passed away and ballet was “our” thing. It wasn’t the same without her. Anyway, it’s been 3+ years since I took any classes so due to non-practice, I’m positive my skill and technique are definitely lacking.

Otherwise, I’ve got nothing. No other talents.

Day 20 — A Hobby of Yours

My biggest hobby is obviously my blog. I started it back in 2002 and attempted to design and code it myself. I look back at some of my old layouts and cringe. LOL. In my old age, I have become laaaazy and now rely on WordPress themes so I can concentrate on just writing entries.

I guess you can also count watching TV, scrapbooking, reading, and collecting Starbucks mugs as other hobbies. 😀

welcome to the oc

Rob and I are now officially Orange County residents! Crazy. 😀

The move went pretty well — the movers arrived on time last Wednesday and man, they were FAST. We had about 30 moving boxes and 13 large pieces of furniture and they hauled everything out in a few hours. SO WORTH IT. All our stuff arrived intact on Super Bowl Sunday. Well, ok, one of my decorative Halloween plates broke in transit but whatever… at least they didn’t lose a box of my clothes or something. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!? I would have died. Anyway, we’ve been organizing and putting things away since Sunday but there’s still tons of boxes everywhere. All I can say is that we have WAY too much stuff.

I finished my third day of working from home and… I like it! I was a little worried that I’d be too tempted not to work and watch TV all day. Hee. Not the case, though. Who knew I could be such a disciplined person! 😀 Since Rob and I are both working from home now, we have our second bedroom set up as an office with our individual workstations. So even though we’re at home, we’ve tried to make a real distinction between the “office” and the “living” spaces. And it works!

I’m hoping we can get the apartment in some kind of working order by the weekend so we can go out and explore “The OC!” YES.

moving update

Moving day is coming up so FAST! We still have so much packing to do! ACK. The movers are set to pick up our stuff on Wednesday and we’re going to drive down to Orange County on Thursday morning. CRAZY. I really can’t believe it’s almost here. It doesn’t seem real somehow. A lot of people are asking if I’m more excited or sad. Definitely both. In equal amounts. I’ve lived in the Bay Area for almost 12 years — since I was 17. So my “adult” life is rooted here but Southern CA will always be “home.”

So I haven’t mentioned it here because I was waiting for official confirmation and I got it on Friday… my company is letting me keep my job and work remotely from home! YAY. When I gave notice back in December, I mentioned to my boss that I would be interested in working from home if she was willing to try it out. She sent a recommendation to corporate weeks ago and they finally approved it. 😀 Right in the nick of time since my last day in the office is tomorrow (Tuesday). I’m so relieved I don’t have to look for a job! Phew. Plus, I can wear jeans every day. WOOT. It’s always the little things that make me so happy.

Anyway, Rob and I have been plugging away at our “To Do” list and as expected, we have hit all the foodie items. 😀 OINK OINK. Here’s what we managed to do:

1. Have the BEST RAMEN EVER at Santa Ramen. CHECK!
2. Have 1 really nice (but not necessarily expensive) dinner in San Francisco. CHECK!
We went to Michael Mina this past Saturday night and it was amazing. I was too chicken to take pictures (hee!) so here’s a rundown of our meal (we both got the 3 course dinner):
Appetizers – Ahi Tuna Tartare (mmm, melt in your mouth good) and the Trio of Dungeness Crab
Entrees – Maine Lobster Pot Pie (this was mine and it was so good I wanted to lick the plate) and the Trio of Brandt Farm Beef
Desserts – I opted for the Trio of Chocolate (the white chocolate panna cotta was the only memorable item) and Rob picked the Root Beer Float (awww)
3. Have ice cream at Sketch. CHECK!
4. Walk around 4th Street in Berkeley. CHECK!
5. Have the most AMAZING chicken and waffles breakfast at 900 Grayson. CHECK!
6. Visit the UC Berkeley campus, look at the view of the Bay from the top of the Campanile, and purchase as much school paraphernalia as possible. CHECK! And I have pictures too!

The Campanile!

It was pretty hazy so we couldn’t really see across the Bay but we could see the “Big C!”

US. 😀

Finally, last weekend Rob and I were treated to our very own farewell BBQ. Thanks to Jimmy, Eleen (happy anniversary to you two!), Victor and Susie for organizing and hosting! We will miss all of you very much! *sniff*

first family

I felt a little disconnected from the world today. While my whole office was watching the inauguration from the TVs in the lobby and the conference rooms, I was stuck at my cube. Doing work. Nope, I’m not bitter.

Ok, fine. I TOTALLY AM.

So I’m watching the highlights now on CNN. My computer must suck because the videos keep stalling and the images don’t always correspond with the sound but that doesn’t stop the overwhelming feeling of emotion from welling up inside me. The hope and optimism of everyone involved and everyone in attendance jumps right through the screen. It’s a good day for America. *sniff*

In shallow news, I just love the Obama girls (Michelle, Malia, and Sasha)!

Photo courtesy of Daylife

And I especially love this cute video of Sasha after President Obama’s inaugural address. CUTE!

Moving Update: 8 DAYS! Holy moly. Gotta get moving on the packing…

feeling random

UGH. Last Friday, I discovered that I made a HUGE mistake at work and even though I’ve already told my boss (the most fair and understanding boss EVER), the situation keeps running through my head causing me to second-guess myself and be totally paranoid about every little thing. It’s such a mindf**k. ARGH.

I need to think about positive things…

First. It is now October, which means it’s my birthday month. Woot. 10 more days til 29.

Second. Rob, Diesel and I are heading to LA in 2 weeks for our friends’ Eric and Amy’s wedding. I’m taking the Friday off beforehand to have some extra time to spend with family.

Third. High School Musical 3 arrives in theatres on 10/24. AND I AM TOTALLY GOING TO SEE IT. I think I can convince Rob to watch it with me. 😀
Fourth. My best friends and I have our annual Girls’ weekend scheduled for the end of the month. It’ll be an awesome weekend of spa treatments and girly time.

Hmmm. Now that I see it all listed here, I have lots of good things to look forward to this month. I’m excited!

the 2 w’s

The 2 W’s have taken over my life… Work and the Wedding.

Work has been absolutely crazy lately. It’s the dreaded “planning” season, which means looooooong days. SUCKS to be me. But our team just got approval to hire an Assistant so that’ll definitely help whenever we find the time to actually recruit and interview candidates. :/ I really, really, really want my hours to be “normal.”

But the craziness doesn’t stop at work. Oh no. I get home and go into Wedding mode. Rob and I spent the past 2 weeks working on getting all our invitations out the door. We finally got them all mailed out over the weekend. YAY! Once I get confirmation that our out of state guests have received theirs, I’ll share pics!
Now I’ve moved on to other projects — like designing the programs and menus, figuring out if I can handle putting together a slideshow to play at the reception or not, selecting our ceremony music, etc etc etc. OMG.

Not going to think about ALL THAT STUFF right now.

Anyway, this past Saturday I went to my very first Bridal Shower for my good friend Shirley. Despite the heat, it was a really fun-filled day. Her bridesmaids did a great job coordinating everything. We all met at Shirley’s place for breakfast and introductions, then we went to Napa for massages (mmm, so nice), and finally ended up at V. Sattui winery for food, games, and gifts! Shirls, I can’t wait for your wedding — 1 more month! 😀

In TV news, I have not been keeping up with any current shows, except for Lost. It’s too hard. I did manage to get caught up with Gossip Girl (minus the season finale) while I was working on the invitations. But I have tons of One Tree Hill, Brothers and Sisters, Smallville, Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy episodes saved on the Tivo. I don’t know guys. It looks like I might have to start deleting these. Smallville will probably be the first to go.

Too bad I’ll probably have even more TV piling up because I was reading the new show descriptions from the recent Upfronts and I’m totally eyeing the new 90210 series that the CW picked up (WHAT? I grew up with 90210!) and OF COURSE, the new JJ Abrams show, Fringe, that Joshua Jackson is starring in. The show doesn’t really look *that* appealing but whatever, PACEY!!!


I’m delirious and it’s past my bedtime.

netflix weekend

I finally have some good work news to share… I got a raise! WOOT. It’s not much (6%) but anything is better than nothing, especially with the wedding coming up. I wasn’t even expecting it, so YAY.

Watched a few movies this weekend…
Bourne Ultimatum
Love Matt Damon. Love the Bourne series. Good, solid fun. I love the way this movie takes off and doesn’t let up until the end… the quick editing and fast-paced shooting style definitely contributes to the thrill of the story. Recommended.

American Gangster
Another solid movie. But it was a tad too long. I got distracted a few times. At the same time, though, I thought that the collaboration between Frank and Richie came too soon. It just seemed like there was so much time spent establishing the players and the setting but when it was time for the resolution, the story became rushed. I’d still recommend the movie, particularly because Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington deliver strong performances.

Two Days in Paris
Ok, I rented this movie because it’s set in Paris and I’m obsessed with the city. So sue me. 😛 I wanted to love this movie but didn’t. :/ After a “romantic” trip to Italy, Marion (Julie Delpy) and Jack (Adam Goldberg) stop in Paris for 2 days to visit Marion’s parents before returning home to New York. While there, they deal with culture shock and Marion’s romantic past. The dialogue is snappy and witty but I just didn’t find it very funny. I guess I’d recommend it with reservations.

Haven’t done this in awhile… the Fannish Five
What were your five favorite series finales? This could be a TV series finale, the end of a series of books or a comics run, or the finish of any other serial media.
1. Dawson’s Creek. Just a roller coaster of emotions from Jen’s death to Pacey and Joey’s reunion. And I love every minute of it.
2. Everwood. Ephram and Amy!
3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. A beautiful culmination to a very special series.
4. Sex and the City. I’m looking forward to the movie!
5. The OC. I love the sneak peeks we got to each character’s future.

Hope everyone has a good week!

work suuuucks

It’s 11:30 on a Thursday night and I just finished… WORKING.
I don’t get paid enough for this sh*t.


In other news, I am ridiculously excited for Britney’s new CD. I cannot wait. Woot!