tired as hell

Work has seriously been kicking my butt.

My boss was in town these past few days (she’s a West Coast Manager so she divides her time between LA and SF) so she’s been piling project after project on my desk. I’m not really complaining — it’s nice to be busy but… geesh. Ever since Wednesday morning, when she walked in the door, I’ve had this horrible knot in the back of my neck. And throughout the day, it progressively becomes a full-on headache. Not the most pleasant feeling while you’re trying to do lots of things at once. Boo.

Survey stolen from Nicola who stole it from Christie

6 most common website referrals:
1. Nicola
2. Linda
3. Crush
4. Envision
5. Sam
6. Cat

5 most recent search engine queries:
eh… mine are so boring
1. mandy moore
2. joshua jackson
3. pacey and joey
4. smallville videos
5. r2d2

4 sites I visit almost every day:
1. Google
2. Fan Forum
3. Project-Nookie… it’s Pacey/Joey! Really!
4. my own blog… of course

3 sites with amazing designs:
1. Innocente
2. Echo-Pepper
3. On the Fringe

2 sites that never fail to put a smile on my face:
1. Television Without Pity
2. Crispy Tomato

1 site I couldn’t do without:
1. Google — there really is nothing better. 😉