2006/2007 meme

Meme stolen from Ashley

Looking back on 2006
About You…
Nickname: Kel
How old were you in 2006? 26
What was the most important thing you discovered in 2006? I need to get a good night’s rest every day. I used to be able to get away with 5-6 hours of sleep a day while I was in college. But it’s not cutting it anymore.
What will you always remember about 2006? Getting my driver’s license. FINALLY. 😀
In 2006, did you…
Keep your New Years resolutions?
Not really. The only one I accomplished was getting my driver’s license. But that was a big one! So it should count A LOT.
Go on a holiday? Yes… Rob and I went to Paris for a week in October, which was absolutely AMAZING.
Change jobs? I did! I’ve only been at my new job for 2 months but so far, so good.
Buy anything from eBay? No. Buying stuff from eBay is too much effort for me, lol.
Prank call someone? Nope.
Get drunk? With my low tolerance, one sip of a drink is as good as getting drunk. Heh.
Get high? No. Never have, actually.
Fall in love? I’m already in love.
Break up with someone? No.
Get married? Hahahaha. No.
Get divorced? No.
Stop speaking to someone? Uhhh… maybe indirectly? But not on purpose.
Kiss someone? Rob, of course.
Kiss someone whose name you can’t remember? No.
Make a new friend? Yup, my new co-worker, Steph.
Do anything embarassing? I tend to conveniently forget embarassing moments in my life… so I would share but I can’t remember any such moments from the past year. 😀
Do something that you thought that you would never do? Yup. Finally getting my driver’s license. I know I keep mentioning it but I can’t help it. It was a milestone!
Do something you have always wanted to do? Not really.
Do anything that you regret? Nothing major. I just wish I was better at calling and keeping in touch with friends and family.
Do anything illegal? Not that I can think of.
Break a promise? Yeah. :/
Lose something? I’m always losing little things, like lip balm, keys, my mind…
Go crazy? Not yet. 😀
Best of 2006…
The Devil Wears Prada
TV Show: Ugly Betty
Song: Irreplaceable – Beyonce
Album: FutureSex/Love Sounds – Justin Timberlake
Thing you bought: the Wii!
Memory: Riding a segway through the streets of Paris

Worst of 2006…
The Last Kiss. I don’t think I ever blogged about this movie but I HATED IT.
TV Show: 7th Heaven. I’m still pissed at it for taking Everwood’s spot on the CW’s line-up.
Song: White & Nerdy – Weird Al Yankovic
Album: I don’t really listen to full albums anymore unless I really *love* the artist (JT, John Mayer) so… pass.
Hangover: I don’t think I’ve ever been hung over.
Memory: Giving my boss my resignation notice. Wahhh. That was so hard.

About 2007…
What do you want in 2007?
I want to go to Disneyland. Seriously.
Is there anything you would do differently in 2007? I don’t want to be so uptight. I want to lose weight. And I want to blog more.
Do you think it will be a good year? I hope so. *crosses fingers*
What do you look forward to most about 2007? The feeling of a new year, a fresh start…

Hope everyone has a fabulous New Year’s Eve! 🙂